The Hidden Meaning Of Dreams about Praying

People pray to communicate to the Divine Being. There are different ways of how people worship or pray to what they believe in, and it all depends on their religion. People pray whenever they feel powerless and they need help or guidance. Some people pray to say thank you for being alive, while others pray to ask for forgiveness. There are, indeed, many purposes behind each person’s prayer.

Just like when you dream about praying, there could also be different interpretation behind your dream. Have you encountered an event lately wherein you felt helpless and vulnerable? Is there something that you badly want at the moment? Ask yourself those kinds of questions because they might also be rooted to the reason behind your dream about praying. For you to know more about the possible interpretation of your specific dream, continue reading the paragraphs below.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Praying

Dream About Praying Reflects Spiritual Need

Dreaming about praying can mean that you are in dire need of a Divine Being to listen and cater to your prayers in your waking life. Your fear of being judged is hindering you from asking your family and friends’ assistance, hence, you pray hard instead.

Dream About Praying Reflects Distress And Powerless

Dreaming of praying is a way of telling you about your emotional state. You might not want to admit it but in your subconscious, you are actually calling for help because you feel powerless at the moment. Reach out to your family members for they might be able to redirect you to the right path.

Dream About Praying Reflects uneagerness

Dreaming about praying is telling you that you have been too complacent lately. You may be feeling demotivated and lazy sometimes that you rely too much on miracles. However, it doesn’t always work that way. Keep in mind that you have to do your part as well by being active in pursuing your goals.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Praying – Common Praying Dream Meaning Dictionary

Dream of Praying in General

Generally, if you dream about praying but you can’t remember the exact details, it can be considered a positive omen. The dream might be telling you that you will soon fulfill your plans, so you don’t have to be too anxious of the future.

In addition to that, dreaming about praying reflects your intuitions and aspirations. Oftentimes, the dream is also a way to make you feel regretful and guilty of something that you have done in your waking life. When having this dream, you need to practice the art of patience, just so you could appreciate the process as well as the outcome.

Dream of Praying for Someone

Dreaming of praying for someone reflects your kindhearted and compassionate attitude. There could be an important person in your waking life that you want to protect and secure, however, you don’t know how to accomplish it. Your frustration of not being able to help the person can also be the reason behind your dream. Do not stress yourself too much because, sometimes, just letting the person know that you are there for them is already enough.

Dream of Praying with Someone

Dreaming of praying with someone is a good sign. The dream is somewhat telling you that you’re blessed to have a supportive and loving family and friends. You’re probably surrounded by people who are loyal and in favor of your cause. Do not forget to acknowledge and appreciate them for they will always be there for you whenever you need guidance.

Dream of Praying in Tongues

Dreaming of praying in tongues reflects your desire to stand out in terms of your faith. You could be under the pressure of your peers who are too faithful and open in their beliefs. That is the reason why you try your best to level with them, or lead them even. Try not to be too stressed out on those things. Your friends will definitely still be there even if you’re just starting to discover your faith. Remember, great things take time.

Dream of Praying for a Sick Person

Generally, to dream of praying for a sick person connotes that the person you’re praying for has a behavior or an attitude that you want to rectify in your waking life. Your desire to correct that person’s doings, however, is not to embarrass him but to develop and make him a better human. Hence, the dream mirrors your care and concern for the people you love.

Dream of Praying in Church

When you dream about praying in church, you are probably at the state of your life wherein you feel unhappy and discouraged. Nevertheless, the dream is actually a good one. Dreaming about praying in church is telling you that your desperation will end soon, and you will eventually be hopeful and motivated again. Therefore, you shall not give up easily.

Dream of Praying and Losing my Voice

Dreaming of praying and losing your voice could mean losing your control over certain aspects in your life. Although you are aware of the problem, you don’t know how to overcome it, hence, it is still creeping in your subconscious. The dream might be telling you that it’s time to face your fear and take some action.

Dream of Praying Mantis

A praying mantis dream indicates that you  have a problematic relationship. You may be in a romantic relationship that’s very toxic and you are planning to get out. Do not be too suspicious of your partner though, because it could be you that is causing the damage. Assess your actions and have an open communication with your partner, so you can agree on things that benefit the both of you.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream about Praying

Your dream about praying can be a good or a bad thing, depending on the context. Whatever the meaning is, always remember that dreams are just there to guide you, but you still make the final decision. Pray and act accordingly and everything in your life will eventually go as planned.

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