Right Interpretation And True Meaning of Dream About Quarrel

What does it mean to dream of quarreling with others ?

1.In a quarrel , people express their opinions loudly but frankly, it’s not  a good way of communication in real life. But quarrel in dream is different, it indicates that differences between each other will be mended .

2 .To dream of quarreling with others indicates that the dreamer is a considerate people . The dreamer will solve the troubles he come across . Although the troubles exert stress on the dreamer. Being kind  to others will help solve the problem eventually . The dreamer will be praised  and respected by others for kindness.

3. A new worker dreamed of quarreling with workmates, which indicates that the dreamer is easy to be affected by others at work, and lack of security. It also hints that the dremer is prone to psychological problems.

4. To Dream about arguing with strangers dennotes that you treat others with bias. If you arguedg with a knowledgeable person in you dreams, it means that you are likely to gain good talents . If the dreamer is an sigle girls , it means that you are going to have a very romatic relationship.

13 common dreams about quarrels and their specific meaning

1.To dream of quarreling with your husband/wife, which means that the couple will live a good life.

2.To dream about quarreling with your relatives implies that family members love each other .

3. She will soon marry a man from a wealthy family if a unmarried woman dreams of quarreling with her parents

4.If a woman dreams about quarreling with the neighbor,it indicates that the dreamer is getting along well with people around her.

5.old man dreamed about quarreling with his children, implying that the dreamer is living a comfortable and happy  life . He will live longer than expected.

6.Dreaming of arguing with strangers on the road is an interesting omen, it predicts that some friend will invite you to a party.

7.To dream about quarreling with your enemy predicts that you will have a fight with your opponent soon.

8.Quarreling with the dead in dream implies that you are strong and healthy right now.

9. If A businessman dreamed of quarreling with customers, this dream predicts that the business is going from good to excellent.

10.If a patient dreamed about arguing with a doctor, it means that the patient will restore health very soon.

11.To dream about quarrel with a friend is a not a good sign, it predicts that your have lost your trust of your friend.

12.It is a good sign if accused people dreamed of quarreling with the judge at court, it predicts that the dreamer is innocent and will be set free.

13.If a traveller dreamed about arguing with his companies, the trip is going to be sound and safe in the end. 

Psychological analysis of dreaming about quarrel

Quarrel Dreams may imply that the dreamer’s potential psychological pressure is too great, the dreamer may have received too much pressure in work or love.He may have been wronged by unfair things, and has accumulated much negative emotions for a long time.The injustices may also arouse emotions and release in dream. The dreamer is probably a gentleman who always supress his temper.People who often suppress emotions tend to have quarreling dreams. We usually disapprove of quarrel, but quarrel in dream will hep the dreamer vent out negative emotions and find inner balance in real life.

Real Case Analysis of dreaming about quarrel

Dream description

We only had small confilcts since we married. We do not quarrel with each other . I dreamed of quarrel with him last night. The quarrel was very fierce and cried out in dream. When I woke up, I realized it was just a dream. (Female, 41 years old)

Dream analysis

You never quarreled with your lover , it doesn’t mean you don’t want to.You have complaints about your lover but you supress it. If the emotion accumates , it goes deep into your subconsicous. Quarrel in the dream is a way of releasing your emotion.. Dreaming of fighting or quarreling, although it might not sound like a good dream, it is in fact a good omen. This dream indicates that you two love each other and are willing to sacrifice for the counterpart. 

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