Real Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams Of Blindness

What does it mean to dream of blindness?  Is it a good or bad dream? Please Read the following article for detailed explanation.

General Explanation Of Dreaming About Blindness

To dream of blindness is to remind you not to look at your surroundings with your eyes but your heart. You should try to feel who is good to you and who is not . Don’t stay on the surface or else you can no longer feel what is wrong in the interpersonal relationship.To dream that you are blind also indicates that you do not understand or know part of yourself.You should try to get to know yourself more.

Dream of Blindness Explanation For Different People

Man dreams of blindness

Man dreams of blindness indicates that you should analyze the financial income and expenditure of the previous stage. Don’t spend too much money on consumption. It is a good time for to do investment. You will make huge bucks you couldn’t even think of.

Pregnant woman dreaming of blindness

If a pregnant woman dreams of blindness or not being able to see clearly predicts that the you are afraid of the incoming giving birth process. Actually, this dream is a good omen , it indicates that you will have a healthy baby girl.

Businessman dreaming of blindness

This dream implies that you may be deceived and betrayed by someone you trust. Don’t do big investment or lend money is a good way to avoid the bad luck.

Temporary blindness in dream

A pregnant person dreams of temporary blindness, which indicates that she will give birth to a daughter.

People in love dream about being blind temporarily, indicating that they respect each other, and have a promising marriage.

If a business person dreams of being temporarily blind, it predicts that things are not going well, property will be lost, and he should be cautious about fire disasters.

Leading a blind man in a dream

This dream indicates that a friend will ask you for help in the near future, but this is not something you can do within your abilities. It will probably put you in great danger.

Dreams about going blind while driving

A car is a highly autonomous ways of transportation in real life,. Driving a car represents the dreamer’s own desire for freedom in life. Blindness  while driving a car indicates that you are confused about the direction of your life.This dream is a warning, it reminds the dreamer do not drive in the near future to avoid car cash.

Biblical meaning of being blind in a dream

Blindness in dream does not mean that you cannot see anything . It indicates that the eyes of your soul have lost the ability to discern. The people close to you are not worthy of your trust.Biblical meaning of being blind in a dream means that you lack understanding of yourself. You are confused about certain aspects of yourself. You should challenge yourself and don’t make excuses to avoid your responsibility for life.

Spiritual meaning of blindness in a dream

Dreaming that you are blind, or see things vaguely, may also predicts that you don’t understand part of yourself and you are confused; You lost your direction sensibility, you cannot see the truth clearly, and you cannot see your potential; or that you are not subconsciously. Besides, to dream about blindness might just remind that your eyesight is declining. You should pay more attention to your eyes.

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