True Meaning and Right Interpretation of Suffocating Dreams

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Have you ever experienced waking up covered in sweat because you dreamed of yourself suffocating? Dreamers who often have suffocating dreams have trouble sleeping. However, what does it mean when you dream of suffocating? A dream of suffocating is a sign that you are emotionally stressed out because of your environment. You may be struggling to adapt to every situation you face, causing you emotional and physical problems. 

General Meaning Behind Dream of Suffocating

Fear and Anxiety

A dream of suffocating indicates your fear and anxiety over certain situations in your waking life most of the time. You may be surrounded by toxic people, ungrateful friends, family, controlling superiors, or even your ill-tempered self. All of these may cause you stress, resulting in complicated thinking and behavior in your waking life. 


Dreams of suffocating usually indicate some issues or challenges that are coming your way. These warn dreamers to take appropriate actions to avoid facing significant consequences in the long run. 


Suffocation dreams aren’t all bad. Sometimes, they mean change. You need to shift your perspective or change the way you act or behave in your waking life. It could also refer to a period of growth and development in reality. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream of Suffocating – Suffocating Dream Meaning Dictionary

1.Dream of someone suffocating you

Dreaming about someone suffocating you symbolizes your struggles in your  life. You may be in a situation wherein you feel helpless and cornered. Moreover, this dream is a symbol of being powerless over someone or a situation . 

For example, your boss or colleague is getting on your nerves. However, you have to keep it cool to ensure your position at work. This scenario in your waking life may cause you to dream of someone suffocating you. Additionally, if you feel trapped in a particular situation, especially for a long time, suffocation dreams are always possible. 

2.Dream of suffocating a baby

Suffocating a baby in your dreams doesn’t mean that you have killed or strangled one in reality. A baby in this kind of dream could possibly direct to your hidden potential. You may be in the process of self-development but are doubtful of your skills and capability. 

So, if you dream of suffocating a baby, this could mean that you are suppressing an inevitable part of yourself that you are not aware of. It could be a talent you haven’t discovered yet or a passion you left behind for the sake of your goals or current needs.

Alternatively, a baby in your dreams denotes your weaknesses. Suffocating a baby in dreams could point to your willingness to put an end to your fragility. However, this could also mean a problem in your  life that you keep on neglecting. 

3.Dream of suffocating someone

If you suffocate someone in dreams, it could suggest your way of thinking or behavior towards someone in reality. You feel like you are stepped on and want to plot revenge against someone. More so, you are so mad at someone that you act roughly towards everyone. Feeling extremely irritated and mistreated in your waking life could cause you to dream of suffocating someone. 

4.Dreams of someone else suffocating

Dreams of someone else suffocating tell you to look at some aspects of your life that you keep on setting aside. These dreams are a warning to be prepared for the problems that may come your way if you continue to pretend that nothing’s wrong or bothering you in your waking life. 

5.Dreams of suffocating in water 

Water dreams are usually connected to your emotions in your  life. Thus, dreams of suffocating in the water reflect your fears and anxieties caused by various situations in reality. You may be overwhelmed with the things happening around you, to the point that you feel powerless or useless. 

6.Dreams of suffocating an animal

Dreaming of suffocating an animal tells that you are in the midst of emotional changes. You are unsure of what to feel or do in a specific situation. To dream of suffocating a dog could mean that you are trying to unlock a part of yourself that is kept hidden from everyone.

7.Dreaming about an animal suffocating you

If an animal is suffocating you in your dreams, then it could point at your desire to escape from your psychological restrictions. You may also want to break free from all the stress you are currently facing, even though it seems like there’s nothing you can do in reality. 

8.Dreaming about suffocating yourself

Dreaming about suffocating yourself indicates your need or desire to change yourself. You may have undergone self-evaluation and noticed some aspects that you need to modify. However, these changes may affect or hurt the people around you. Although this may happen, do not fret because you’ll still be able to redeem yourself once your new self has been reborn. 

9.Dreams about feeling suffocated

Being suffocated and feeling suffocated in dreams are two different things. However, both dreams lead to physical and emotional battles in your waking life. If you feel suffocated in dreams, this is a warning to be cautious of the people around you as they may unknowingly inflict you. They may also bring you to a situation wherein you may feel trapped and lost. 

10.Dreams about food suffocation

Dreams about food suffocation are indications of your greedy or ambitious personality. You are willing to risk everything just to get what you want. This attitude may bring your downfall and cause you to lose your friends, partner, or someone important in your life. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream Of Suffocating

You tend to feel uneasy and scared when you dream of suffocating. Thus, it is essential to look for its meaning and let your fear dissolve along the way. Dreams about suffocation depend on each person, and their meaning varies from one another. Hence, it is advisable to assess yourself in your waking life to point out the things you need to alter for a better life and relationship with your loved ones. 

Real Dreamland Scenario and Interpretation

A woman dreamed of suffocating someone as part of her self-defense. This dream tells her that she is trapped in a situation, whether at work, school, or in a relationship, wherein she can do something to escape from it but refuses to do so. Instead, she lashes out at someone to release all her stress and anxiety. Her dream suggests, to be honest with her own feelings and start facing her problems.