What Does The Horrible Corpse Dreams Really Mean?

Everybody fears of death and people are unwilling to face it . It usually makes people feel uncomfortable to see a dead animal body. While to see a dead human body makes people feel even worse. Witness corpse is something we think it is very bad and will bring us bad luck.Therefore, when someone dreams of an animal or human corpse, we usually think it’s a very unlucky omen. Is this really the case? Let’s read the following passages to get a better understanding of what it means to dream of corpse.

General Meaning Of Dream About Corpses

To dream of the corpses of people or animal itself is a symbol of bad luck. You may encounter some things in your life that make you feel very incomprehensible. The things you have been expecting for a long time may be in vain.

17 Common dreams about corpse Interpretation-Dream Dictionary

1、If a person who is about to take the college entrance examination dreams of a human body, implying that your test results are not bad but still won’t meet your expectation。

2、Dream of rotting human corpse implies that what you want to do recently will not be very smooth, and bankruptcy may occur to you.

3、Dream of decaying animal corpse indicates that something you never imagined before will appear in front of your eyes, and you will be especially resistant in life.

4、To dream that the body of a person is frozen, there are some dangerous thing,which you are not aware, is lurking beside you. You will be in a particularly dangerous situation because of this.

5、Dreaming that the carcass of an animal is taken away by a bird indicates that you have encountered someone who can help you solve your difficult situation, and your life will especially bright because of this.

6、dreaming of dead body eaten by a dog implies that there is a person in your life who can help you throughout your life. You two are likely to get married If different of gender. 

7、A married woman dreams of a human corpse may be a little bit stressful recently, but the things that cause this cause pain also brings happiness to you.

8、Unmarried women dream of human corpses or animal corpses indicates that there will be some blind date which wil make you feel very disgusting, and you will feel insulted because of this.

9、Professional white-collar workers dream of human corpses or animal corpses denotes that you may have been framed recently. People around you will feel very pitiful for you.

10、If a doctor dreamed of a dead human body may suggest that your mental stress has been excessive recently, and your life will be affected by some people or things that have no special meaning.

11、A businessman dreams of a human corpse means that there will be some thing appear in you life which you think is boring, and you will be particularly sad because of this .

12、Dreaming of multiple dead bodies may symbolize that you’re struggling with the death of a loved one, worried about the death of a loved one, or just concerned with how someone’s feeling, physically or mentally.

13、If young people dream of human or animal corpses, it means that their idea was very successful, but it was especially difficult to apply it in reality. Therefore, this matter is particularly unbearable for them.

14、If a middle-aged woman dreams of a human corpse indicates that you have been frightened recently, and your life is especially difficult to be calm because of this.  Your spirit may be affected by this.

15、Dream of disposing dead body implies that you may hear rumors about a friend’s marriage or you may have encountered something similar. If a man dream of disposing dead body means that you will meet a girl who makes your heart palpitating . If a pregnant person dreams of a human or animal corpse implies that there will be some things bad appear in your life and it will make you pretty sad. You will be ridiculed by others , which will make you a little autistic for a while.

16、Dream of corpse coming back to life is a good omen, it means that you are going to forget something unpleasant and pull yourself together from dismay. If you are happy in your dream, this is actually a very luck sign.

Real Case Analysis Of Dream About Corpse

Dreamland One

 A remarried woman who was pregnant for 6 months. She had a very strange dream. She dreamed of a corpse. The face of this corpse was the face of her ex-husband. The body was packed in a bag and she dragged the body to another place in her dream. she was very worried after waking up, .

Dream interpretation: This dream is an auspicious dream in fact. Dreaming of a dead person means that the dreamer intends to forget some unpleasant past events and is ready to stand up again from frustration. So don’t be afraid. 

Dreamland Two

 I was dead in my dream, and the body smelled rotten, but the friends, neighbors, and family around me turned a blind eye to this scene. (Male, 30 years old)

Dream interpretation: This dream reflects your psychological desire to escape. Maybe you have encountered something that you are afraid of, or you don’t want to deal with something that you can’t bear, so you hide your future with death in your dream. At the same time, this dream also reflects your desire to be discovered and valued in your real life, but all this is counterproductive, so that in the dream you expect the corpse to emit decay and stench to make everyone pay attention to you. 

Dreamland Three

 Generally speaking, dreaming of a corpse is scary, but when I dreamed of a corpse, I didn’t feel any fear at all. The person I dreamed of was a stranger. She was lying quietly among the flowers, with a peaceful expression, as if she was asleep. (Female, 28 years old)

Dream interpretation: The dream of the corpse is a typical anti-meaning dream, representing happiness, friendship and success. The appearance of a corpse in the dream proves that you have a passion for life in your heart.The corpse of a stranger means that your life will be happy and fulfilling.If you dream of the corpse of an acquaintance, it indicates that you will have the friendship of friends.

Dreamland Four

 In my dream, I didn’t understand whose Memorial service I was attending as the face of the dead person was very strange to me.  I didn’t know him at all, but when I presented him with flowers, he suddenly grabbed my hand! I shook off hard and ran to my parents’ room to ask for help. (Female, 27 years old)

Dream interpretation: Death in this dream is more symbolic of your special psychology. You may have a very important thing to solve. It seems to be very troublesome. If you want to hide or escape, it may be full of flaws. It is best to open your heart and deal with it calmly.The death in the dream also symbolizes that you will have a very important transformation in your real life. Death actually means to start again.The dead symbolizes your past memories. This memory may be bad, but it may also be perfect. In any case, it must be a memory you want to forget. The stranger in the dream grabs your hand and holds on, which means that the problem you are trying to avoid has never been solved.

Reference: Dream About Corpses youtube

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