What Do Dreams About Scary Zombies Really Mean

Zombies have gained popularity not only in urban legends but also in movies, TV series, books and other media outlets. It is no wonder that there has been an increase in the number of dream reports about zombies across the globe. Zombie dreams often carry underlying messages about the dreamer or dreamer’s life aspects. Continue reading to find out what does dream about zombies mean ?

What Are Zombies?

Being familiar with the origin of zombie concepts will help interpret your zombie dreams. According to History.com, zombies are undead creatures with ravenous appetite that possibly terrorized the civilization of Ancient Greek. It is assumed that the skeletons were pinned with heavy objects to avoid the zombies from coming back to life.

Aside from that, it is believed that zombies originate from the Haitian Voodoo culture where a Voodoo priest known as Bokor revives a person with black magic and a powder called coup padre. According to folklore, zombies are people who deeply angered his/her family or the townspeople causing them to request the Bokor to turn them into zombies. It is said that zombies are thoughtless beings with no memories intact, which are completely manipulated by the Bokor.

General Meaning Of Dreams About Zombies

“In dreams, zombies can represent negative attachments and bad habits that just ‘just won’t die’ in waking life”, says Dr. Angel Morgan via DreamsCloud.com. Sometimes, there are personal habits that you are continuously doing even if you know that you have to let go of these habits in your waking life. It is best to seek advice from your family, friends, or an expert to help you in letting go of the unnecessary aspects of your life.

Dream about zombies is an indication of transformation and self-realization in your waking life. Also, undead creatures in your dreams are reflections of certain situations in your reality. However, not all dreams about zombies have hidden meanings. It is just that you dream about zombies because you probably have watched different films or read various stories about them.

Common Dreams About Zombies  Meaning

It is said that you dream about zombies when you start to mindlessly lead your life to nowhere. At any point in your life, you may encounter zombies in your dreams in different ways. Remembering the exact situation of your dreams will help you to determine your zombie dream meaning. Here are detailed zombie dreams interpretations.

Seeing Zombies In Dreams

Dreams about seeing zombies convey different meanings. Firstly, you are physically alive but emotionally dead in your waking life. Secondly, you are being controlled by the standards of the community you live in. You are always focused on the opinions of other people that results to self-deprivation.

Thirdly, you are thinking dependently and irrationally. Fourthly, you may be losing control of yourself and your life. Lastly, you are letting yourself be physically and emotionally detached with the people around you. Also, you sometimes avoid socialization because you are afraid that you will be forcibly changed into someone you don’t want to be.

Killing Zombies In Dreams

Dream of killing zombies is a positive sign, which shows that you will successfully defeat your enemies and struggles in your waking life. You will be able to let go of the negativities that are holding you from becoming a better person. Make sure to grab the good opportunities that will knock on your door.

Turning Into A Zombie In Dreams

This dream has both positive and negative interpretations. The negative side is that you may possibly face health issues in your waking life. On the positive side, you are likely to succeed different challenges that come your way. Also, great changes and self-transformation are underway.

Talking With A Zombie In Dreams

Dreams about being able to converse with zombies are signs of conflicts with your loved ones or friends that may arise in your waking life. This argument will be the key to destroying or restoring your relationship. On the other hand, you may be feeling guilty of the things you have said or done to someone close to you. It is the time to make amends and live with a happy and healthy relationship.

Being Surrounded By Zombies In Dreams

Being surrounded by zombies in dreams are reflections of your emptiness in reality. You are keeping the façade of being happy with your life but the truth is you are thirsty for love and attention. Also, dreams of being surrounded by zombies represent health issues that you are afraid of.

Attacked By Zombies In Dreams

Zombies attacking you signify your worries and stressors. You are stressed out and devoured by the problems you face in reality. You are suggested to have a moment of peace and relaxation in your waking life.

Eating A Zombie In Dreams

Dreaming about eating a zombie in your dreams represents your attachment with your past. You are still trying to hold on your past and unwilling to let go of the feelings that have already died in your waking life. You have the tendency to reject someone who will truly love you because of your undying desire of reviving your past relationship.

Running Away From Zombies In Dreams

Dreams of running away from zombies are indications of avoiding your problems in your waking life. You are trying to run away from people who are stressing you out. You are also intentionally avoiding stressful situations making your problems hard to endure.

Fighting A Zombie In Dreams

Dreams about fighting a zombie signify an enemy caused by jealousy. Someone is jealous of the things you achieved in your waking life. It can be someone from your school, work, or even family.

Zombie-Infected Parents In Dreams

Your parents are your first best friends. If they are infected in your dreams, it means you will experience unavoidable conflicts with them and as well as peer pressure. You also tend to be jealous of other people over small matters.

Dreams About Being Afraid Of Zombies

Being afraid of zombies in dreams is completely normal. However, this dream actually symbolizes your real-life fears. You are struggling to conquer your fears and remains scared in every situation you are put in.

Dreams About Someone Else Becoming A Zombie

Other people turning into zombies indicate problems to arise in your waking life. You will be in the middle of an argument or conflict that will not be easy to fix. You may be in a period of struggles where things will not go according to plan.

Dreams About Being Bitten By Zombies

Being bitten by zombies in dreams symbolizes your helplessness over a situation in your life. You may be forced to give up something you have in exchange of your goals. You are also physically and mentally unstable due to different stressors in your environment.

Dreams About Cosplaying A Zombie

Dressing as a zombie in dreams represents your hidden feelings towards other people. You are always trying to be please every people around you even though you are hurting deep inside. Also, you are easily manipulated, including your decisions in life, by other people.

Dreams About Zombie Outbreak

Zombie outbreak in dreams indicates your fear of losing something in your waking life. You may be afraid that something bad may happen to your loved ones or friends. It can also indicate your strong desire to love a certain person despite of many challenges you may face.

Dreams About Mob Of Zombies

Mob of zombies in dreams reflects your overwhelmed feeling in life. You tend to overwork and stress over different things. You may also experience internal conflicts causing you to be under depression or anxiety in your waking life.

Dreams About A World Of Zombies

Dreaming of a world of zombies is a symbol of losing self-control in your waking life. You are blindly thinking and rashly doing things. You are also unable to control your emotions in front of other people.

Dreams About Zombie Virus

Dreams about zombie virus warn you to be cautious of your surroundings. You may feel vulnerable at times in your waking life. You also appear to be weak in front of other people causing them to take advantage of you and your situation.

Dreams About Hiding From Zombies

This is a negative dream for dreamers. Hiding from zombies in dreams signifies your desire of transformation but unable to do so because you don’t want to let go of the negative traits you have. You are unable to move forward because there are bad habits that you like to keep with you and hide from other people.

Dreams About Shooting Zombies

Shooting zombies in dreams is a positive omen. You will be able to achieve the things you are longing for in the near future of your waking life. If you shoot and miss the zombie in your dreams, it means that you are aiming for unreachable or unrealistic goals in life.

Dream Of Zombies And The Apocalypse

You may dream of the apocalypse with zombies around when you are currently struggling in your waking life. You desire to end the challenges you face and create a better world for yourself. Apocalypse with zombies in dreams symbolizes a new beginning waiting for you.

Dream Of A Zombie Biting Someone Else

Witnessing someone else in dreams being bitten by a zombie shows your lack of understanding. You are blinded by jealousy and always put people under you. You think highly of yourself and do not make an effort to connect to other people.

Dream Of Cutting A Zombie’s Head

Cutting off a zombie’s head in dreams indicates your poor relationship with the people around you. Misunderstandings always arise among your family members or group of friends or colleagues. You are suggested to reassess yourself and change your bad habits or behaviors that are causing troubles.  

Dream Of Running Across A Zombie

If you run across a zombie in your dreams, you are probably going to meet someone who will help you in achieving your goals in life. You will be needing help from other people, either at home, school or work. However, it is not a guarantee that this person will only give you positivity because some help may give you problems in your waking life.

Dream Of Directing A Film About Zombies

This dream is actually on the positive side of your zombie dream meaning. To create an interesting concept or storyline about zombies requires creativity. Dreaming of actually creating a movie about zombies indicates the possible success that will come your way. There are different opportunities you may grab to progress in your waking life.

What Do We Learn After Knowing what Does Dream About Zombies mean?

Zombie dream meaning can be understood by knowing the cause of your dreams about zombies. Dream about zombies may appear as a nightmare but at some point brings a positive output in your life. Let go of all your negativities to avoid an epidemic surge of mistakes and failures coming your way. A dream about zombies is a waking call dream for you to learn how to deal with yourself and your life problems.

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