Right Interpretation of Dreams About Throwing Up

Vomiting is among the most unappealing dreams you may have. No one wants to undergo this process of removing body toxins, but it happens in real life—could be spontaneous or intentional. However, dreaming about throwing up tells something about the things you need to do in your reality. So, what does it mean to dream about vomiting? Find out more about its meaning and interpretations below. 

General Meaning Behind Dream About Vomiting

Dreams about vomiting represent your elimination of negative and unwanted energies or aspects in your waking life. To dream about throwing up is a sign of getting rid of toxicity, so that you may experience success, happiness, and peace. Some vomit dreams are related to your physical condition, while some are connected to your spiritual life. You may be under lots of pressure that your mind tells you to stop and refresh. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream About Throwing Up – Common Vomiting Dream Meaning and Occurrences 

1.Dream about throwing up blood

In most cases, dreams about throwing up blood are closely related to your health. You may have some underlying condition that needs to be treated right away. Thus, it would be best to get yourself checked by professionals. On the other hand, vomiting blood in dreams is a sign of vulnerability. You may have experienced some traumatizing event that causes you to feel weak and depend on someone else. 

2.Dream about throwing up unusual objects

Dreaming about vomiting unusual objects like money, silver, or jewelry may be unappealing and awful. However, this dream is a symbol of luck. You may experience sudden fortune and growth when you dream of throwing up different objects. Good news and success are coming your way. For women, vomiting silver foretells pregnancy.

3.Dream about throwing up on clothes

Your assistance and advice would be the most helpful gift you can give to someone when you dream about throwing up on clothes. However, you may feel drained and exhausted by helping the people around you. It is okay to lend a helping hand, but make sure that you are strong enough to avoid getting hurt too along the way. 

4.Dream about animals throwing up

If you dream of an animal vomiting, then it shows your inner feelings towards someone or something. Take a look at what animal you have dreamed of. If it is a dog, then it means that you are pondering about your relationship with a friend. To see a lion vomiting in dreams shows that you are sick and tired of carrying the burden for others. 

5.Dream about vomiting in public places

Dreaming about throwing up in public places means you are about to do something that may hurt someone’s reputation. You will receive criticisms and violent reactions from many people because of this incident. Although it is not your fault, you will still take the fall because someone will place the blame on you. Therefore, always be cautious with your words and actions when you have this dream. 

6.Dream about child/baby vomit

You are the kind of person who anticipates a lot about your future when you dream of a child vomiting. You have many things going in your mind, to the point that you become unsure of what to do and what to expect. What’s more , you always feel pressured by the things that are happening in your waking life. 

On the good side, a baby vomit is a sign of new opportunities or a fresh start. You may be able to break free from the horrible situations you have. It is also possible to get rid of the painful memories of your past when you have this dream.

7.Dream about holding yourself to vomit

Dreaming of trying not to vomit suggests lack of courage. You are not brave enough to let others know how you truly feel. More so, you are afraid of rejection and going against other’s opinions. Although hiding your feelings and emotions may seem like a good idea, it is still better to be honest and transparent towards the people around you. Expressing yourself is a good way to socialize and strengthen your relationship with others. 

8.Dream about vomiting while drunk

To dream of a drunk person throwing up is a symbol of deception and disappointment. Someone may deceive you and give you false hope. Therefore, it would be best to know your true friends. You may also experience broken promises when you see a drunk person vomiting in your dreams. It could be related to your professional or personal life. So, always put your guards up.

9.Dream about cleaning up vomit

Cleaning up vomit in dreams symbolizes success, gain, and wealth. Seeing yourself clean up vomit is a sign that you are eliminating the negative aspects in your waking life, which opens up various opportunities. If you see someone else is cleaning, then it means you will need the help of other people to experience good things. 

10.Dream about vomiting food

Eating too much or inhaling foods that are bad for you may lead you to throw up in your waking life. Similarly, dreams about vomiting food are generally related to the things happening in your life, which you can’t handle. You may be experiencing financial problems, causing you stress and anxiety. In this case, it would be better to seek assistance from your support system.

In some cases, throwing up fruits in dreams may indicate a new beginning in your life—career, relationship, or hobbies. However, it may also signify guilt and realization. To throw up vegetables in dreams is a sign of growth and development. You may also receive help and advice from someone. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Throwing Up/Vomiting

There are vomit dreams that require immediate actions to prevent further damages while others are waking call dreams. However, no matter what dream about throwing up you had, it would be best to evaluate yourself. Identify the problems you are going through lately. From there, ask yourself how you would solve your problems. If unsure of what to do, do not hesitate to reach out to your support system. 

Real Dreamland Scenario and Interpretation

A woman dreams of throwing up at home while preparing for work. This dream tells her that she’s been struggling at work lately, yet she’s not aware of it. She thinks that it is normal to feel depressed and suffocated. More so, she keeps her problems to herself because she thinks her social standing can’t be on par with other people. Thus, this dream suggests to change her perspective and be more outgoing. Try to relax and learn to open up with the people around her.