What Do Dreams of scary Nightmares Really Meaning

Nightmares are detailed and sometimes personal, but don’t worry because you are not alone. Everyone has experienced unpleasant dreams, which can be associated with stress and anxieties in your waking life. You may have wondered about the meaning of your disturbing dreams, especially if it is a recurring nightmare. Continue reading to find about your common nightmare interpretations.

What Are Nightmares?

Nightmares are vivid dreams that are associated with the bad and extreme feelings and emotions of terror, fear, disgust, and anxiety. Nightmares are usually accompanied by rapid heartbeat, cold sweats, and uncontrollable actions when you wake up. Some nightmares leave a lasting impression on the dreamers’ minds causing anxiousness and fear in the conscious minds.W

What does dream about Nightmares mean? Common Nightmares Interpretation

According to Caroline Burke, dreams are believed to be connected with your thoughts in your consciousness. Nightmares can happen from time to time and may reflect the dreamers or dreamers’ life aspects. Here are the most common nightmares encountered by dreamers.

Dreams About Being Kidnapped

Kidnapping in dreams is one of the most common reported nightmares. Whether it is you, your loved ones, friends, or someone else being kidnapped in dreams, a dream about being kidnapped is associated with certain aspects of your life that are “out of control”, “manipulated”, “hidden”, and “uncomfortable.” You dream about being kidnapped because you feel like a puppet that is easily influenced by people or situations in your waking life. People who dream about being kidnapped always feel alone, insecure, worried, and afraid of losing freedom, causing them to feel and act weak and vulnerable in real life.

Dreams About Getting Shot

Have you ever wondered about what does it mean when you dream about being shot? You dream of being shot as a sign of being hurt and afraid of some sort of confrontations in your reality. Dream about getting shot symbolizes conflicts, either with your family, friends, colleagues, or partner. Dreams about getting shot are one of the most terrifying nightmares you may have but you can also dream of being shot at but not hit, which reflects your behavior of avoiding your problems and arguments in your waking life.

Dreams About Killing Someone

A dream about killing someone is an indication of suppressed anger, and aggression over a person or situation in your conscious mind. Recurring dreams of killing someone is a sign of depression and losing control of yourself. You may also dream about killing someone when you want to kill or get rid of the negative aspects of your life that represents the person you killed in dreams. A dream about killing someone in self-defense reflects your behavior of always putting your guards up because you are afraid of getting attacked and hurt by other people, physically, mentally, and/or emotionally.

Dreams About Killing Snakes

Killing snakes in dreams bears a positive and negative meaning for dreamers. You dream about killing a snake when you get rid of all the negative thoughts in your waking life. You are also in the period of growth, and transformation that indicates success in everything you do. However, a dream about killing a snake may also represent karma which means you have done something bad to be punished by the consequences of your actions.

Dreams About Killing Spiders

Generally, a dream about killing spiders signifies your success of getting rid of problems, or people who are “weaving webs” in your life. You may think of giving up because of the hardships you face, but you will be successfully overcome bad situations that come your way. Also, it is a sign of financial growth, improvement, and stability in your waking life. On the negative side, a dream about killing spiders means misfortune and bad luck you may encounter in the near future.

Dreams About Falling Elevators

Dream about falling elevator symbolizes fear of losing control of your life and leading yourself to dangerous situations. You may also dream about falling elevator when you think you are not worthy of your success, or you feel helpless even if you know that you worked hard for it. Falling elevators in dreams shows your fear of losing security, either with relationships or at work, in your waking life.

Dreams About Ghost

Ghosts in dreams appear in various ways such as spirits of the deceased, monsters, or just dark or blurred figures that terrify you in your sleep. Dream about ghost is considered as visitation dream where the spirits of the dead connects with you to give you messages through dreams. If you feel scared and uncomfortable with your dream about ghost, it shows that you are dealing with issues and difficulties that appear to be impossible to solve in your waking life.

Dreams About Earthquake

Earthquakes are the shaking of the Earth’s surface due to sudden shifts or movements of plates. Experiencing earthquakes in dreams indicates a period of chaos and problems. A dream about earthquake is an indication of changes that are bound to happen in your waking life. You will experience transitions in your life, usually difficult at first but will lead you to new opportunities and chances in reality.

A dream about earthquake represents a major issue or disastrous situation that will wreak havoc in some aspects of your life. You may face problems with your relationships, friends or family. Also, a dream about earthquake stands for your shocking behavior that may put you in deep troubles in your waking life. It is also a representation of your worries about losing self-control, or losing something or someone important in your life like your family or career.

Dreams About Volcano

Your volcano dream is associated with your anger, hidden feelings, and unstable emotions caused by pressure, stress, and challenging person or situations in your waking life. A volcano dream reminds you to stay composed and focused in times of challenges or difficulties in your life. It also reflects your resiliency and attitude of restraining your feelings and emotions to avoid hurting the people around you.

Nightmares about volcano are connected with the eruptive actions of volcano in your dreams. The meaning of volcano eruption in dreams is the lack of control in your emotions, especially when angered or stressed. Dreams of volcanic eruption are signs of getting annoyed over people and situations in your waking life. Escaping a volcanic eruption in dreams signify a period of seeing a rainbow after a storm.

Dreams About Being Chased

Being chased in dreams is one of the most common nightmares of people. Just like your dream of being shot at but not hit, you are being chased in dreams because you are running away from problems or issues in your waking life. Dreams about being chased also shows that something from your past is preventing you from moving forward with your life.

Dreams Of Being Naked

Dreams of being naked symbolize your vulnerability, insecurity, and fears. You are afraid of humiliation and rejection if you dream of being naked in public. Although being naked is considered a nightmare, it is sometimes a good sign for the dreamers as it shows your strengths when you feel happy in your dreams.

Dreams Of Being Trapped

Being trapped in dreams can be literally interpreted. Dreams of being trapped represent your feeling of being trapped in a situation. You are facing difficult situations, and problems that seem to have no solution at all, leading you to feel weak and helpless.

Dreams Of Being Late

Dreams of being late indicate your difficulty in facing new changes or directions in your life. You are afraid to make new decisions because you always feel that time is chasing you. Also, being late in dreams suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed of the path that you have taken.

Dreams Of Teeth Falling Out

Dreams of teeth falling out are common nightmares as it is believed to be associated with death in real life. Not all dreams of teeth falling out signify death but a loss of a certain aspect of your life such as your power, authority, or self-control. It also shows your worries and fear of losing something or someone important in your life.

Dreams Of Silent Scream

Screaming without voice in dreams signifies your feeling of helplessness in your waking life. Dreams of silent scream are reflections of your frustrations and weakness in reality. You also have situations where your opinions do not matter to anyone else.

Dreams Of Out Of Control Vehicles

Dreams about out of control vehicles symbolize that you are losing control of yourself. Vehicles or any mode of transportation appearing in your dreams are symbols of life journey. If the vehicle is out of control in your dreams, it means that you are getting off the right path in your waking life.

Dreams Of Being Unprepared For Exams

Dreams about being unprepared for exams may seem realistic and stressful. You may be feeling overwhelmed with your life situations causing you to losing your focus on the things that you have to do. Andreaobzerova says that being unprepared for an exam in dreams is a representation of low self-confidence. You are doubting your ability in moving forward with your life.

Dreams Of Being At War

Dreams of being at war are connected to your dream of getting shot. You dream of being at war as a symbol of having conflicts or battles in your waking life. It can be a sign of your inner struggles in settling arguments in reality.

Dreams Of Dying

Death in dreams is alarming and disturbing. However, it does not always symbolize your death or someone else’s life in reality. Generally, dreams of dying are symbols of ending a cycle, phase, or situation in your waking life.

Falling In Dreams

One of the most terrifying dreams is falling. Dreams of falling anywhere indicate your insecurities, vulnerabilities, and anxieties in your waking life. Similar to your dream about falling elevator, falling in dreams is an indication of losing control of your life and feeling helpless.  

Getting Injured In Dreams

Dreams of getting injured reflect your weaknesses and powerlessness. Injury in dreams may happen in various ways with different intensity of pain and seriousness of situations. Regardless of the injury, this nightmare is actually a waking call dream for you to reassess your life and address your vulnerabilities to avoid failure and mistakes in the future.

Drowning In Dreams

Drowning in dreams is like a dream about killing someone. You have repressed emotions such as anger, excitement, fear, and the like. You are struggling to keep up with your life because you start to lose control of yourself due to overwhelming problems, issues, and situations in your waking life.  

Being Paralyzed In Dreams

Being paralyzed in dreams is somehow similar to your dream about ghost where you are in a situation that feels like there is nothing you can do. You are completely being held by a situation with no doors of solutions. You feel stuck in a situation in your waking life.

The Conclusion Of Common Nightmares Interpretation

Nightmares such as dream of being kidnapped, dream about earthquake, or dream about killing someone may be distinct but has general interpretations for dreamers. According to Katherine Hurst, nightmares appear in various forms that will definitely give you troubles in sleeping. To avoid further problems, locate your nightmare inspiration to easily decode your common nightmare interpretations.

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