True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dream about Moon

Whenever you look up the sky at night and see the moon, you can’t help but be in awe with its beauty. Similar to whenever someone talks about it, what automatically comes to mind are mystery, darkness, and sometimes supernatural beings. Since the moon goes through phases, a lot of symbolism and references are actually associated with it.

For instance, in the movie “Twilight”, werewolves usually come out or attack during full moon. There is also an astrology book that is solely dedicated to the moon’s various phases. Even in games, it is also being used, just like the role-playing game entitled “Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon.” The moon itself has influenced a lot in the past and the present times.

When it comes to dreams, moon dreams are one of the most common ones that humans have. Although it is usually related to femininity and intuition, men can also dream about moons. You probably want to know the moon symbolism behind your own dream, that is why you’re reading this. Continue skimming through the paragraphs below and you might just find what you’re looking for.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Moon

Motherly Care

Dreaming about the moon signifies a motherly love. It may be a reminder of the relationship that you have with your mother. Take the dream as a sign that the bond you two have will even strengthen and deepen throughout the months and years to come, hence, cherish every moment that you share.

New Romance

Dreaming about the moon is a sign of a budding romance in the future. You might think you are not yet ready for anything romantic, but when you meet the one, you might be surprised at what you’re willing to sacrifice just to see it through.


Dreaming about the moon reflects the contentment you are experiencing in your waking life. You do not seek for things that you don’t need anymore, and you’re being extra mindful of your actions. Keep it up and you’ll eventually learn to live a minimalistic and peaceful life.


Sometimes dreaming about the moon can also mean confusion within yourself. There may be something that you are not sure yet about your personality. Try good meditation and journal practices as those might help you get to know yourself better.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Moons – Common Moon Dream Meaning

Dream about Moons in General

Generally, dreaming about moons represents a feminine side, a strong intuition, or sometimes a mother. On the other hand, a moon can also be related to one’s emotions and varying moods. You might want to take your dream as a warning that you should start looking after your own well-being.

Just like any other dreams, moon dreams also have its good and bad side. It is a good dream if it symbolizes prosperity and romance, however, it’s a bad one when it connotes confusion and danger.

Dream about Full Moon

A full moon might sound scary, but a full moon meaning in a dream is actually a positive omen. It means that the odds are in your favor. There may be things or circumstances you aspire in life, but they don’t affect you that much anymore, even if you don’t achieve them. Your satisfaction with what you currently have is the reason behind it. Just continue appreciating and enjoying the things you’re provided with.

Dream about Crescent Moon

A crescent moon meaning in dreams may vary widely, but it is usually considered as a sign of the beginning of things or events in your waking life. For a couple who are trying to conceive, it could mean that they will succeed in having a baby soon. For a career-focused individual, it means that she will finally start her dream project soon. For her to be able to achieve continuous success, she must listen and follow her intuition. For a guy who’s in a new relationship, just like the moon which goes into different cycles, he must take everything slow because he and his partner are definitely on the right path.

Dream about the Halo Around the Moon

In the olden days, a halo is usually found in images of a Divine Being like Jesus. Angels also have them and similar others whose names are found in the bible and are considered holy. However, does that also mean that there is a biblical meaning of the halo around the moon as well?

Technically, there is no correlation between the two, since when a halo around the moon is seen, it signals an upcoming rain or a snow. Therefore, dreaming about the moon halo means that you will be experiencing tough days in the future, but just like the rain that stops, you too will get over those obstacles soon.

Dream about the Orange Moon

Dreaming about an orange moon represents a negative meaning. It foretells a danger in your waking life which involves a family member or a dear friend. Just be extra careful and take the dream as a warning because things might get out of control.

Dream about the Blood moon

Similar to dreaming about the orange moon, to dream of the blood moon also acts as a warning for you. A blood moon, or commonly known as the red moon, usually symbolizes misunderstandings, obstacles, or war. To dream of three moons or more pertains to your problems in your current life. You may be facing a war with yourself or experiencing chaos in your surroundings. Find a way to fix any issues soon, so it won’t bother you again.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Moons

Now that you’ve found the answer to the question “What does the moon symbolize?”, how do you feel? Are you satisfied with the meaning behind your dream? Remember not to be too overwhelmed with the interpretations presented to you, because those will only be applicable if they are somewhat connected to the circumstances you are currently in.  

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