True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Colors

The meaning of colors in reality can overlap the meaning of colors in dreams. The difference is you interpret the meaning of your color dreams based on your perception. In this article, you will find out the meaning and interpretation of colors in dreams that suit your personality and preference. 

What Does Dream Of Colors Reflects Generally?

To dream colors symbolizes not only the dreamer’s traits, qualities, and personality but also his/her emotional state. According to Sue B., colors in dreams are reflections of the dreamer’s inner thoughts and desire. Aside from that, Whitney Hopler says that colors in dreams are associated with your personal connection with that certain color in your waking life. You will understand more about this as you read further.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Colors?-Different Colors In Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming about colors is sometimes tricky because when you dream, various colors may be present. However, you can interpret your color dreams when a specific color catches your attention until you wake up. Here are different colors that may appear in your dreams and their interpretations. 

Dreams About White

Dreams about color white denote purity, innocence, cleanliness, acceptance, and new beginnings. You may experience new things that will cause you to put everything behind and move forward with life. The only downside is that you may encounter situations associated with grief. 

Dream About Black

Color black in dreams represents depression, sorrow, grief, mystery, danger, or your other hidden feelings and emotions. Black is always a symbol of negative energy in real life but in dreams it may mean positive things. Black is a universal color that is widely accepted as a standard of high fashion and beauty. So, the next time you dream of black color do not think too negatively. 

Dream About Blue

Color blue in dreams is a symbol of spirituality, peacefulness, religious beliefs, wisdom, loyalty, or clarity. Some view the color blue positively if the blue appears bright, light, or sky-like but some negatively especially if it is dark blue. The negative meaning of color blue in dreams is depression, anxiety, or sadness.

Dream About  Yellow

The color yellow in a dream represents warmth, happiness, wisdom, hope, and energy. This color is a representation of your feelings, experiences, and emotions in your conscious life. However, no matter how bright the color yellow is, it may be chased away by darkness which can signify illnesses, betrayal, or fears you may encounter in your consciousness. 

Dream About Red

Red is a powerful color that symbolizes many things depending on the dreamer’s impression of the color red in real life. If you perceive red as a positive color, then red in dreams may mean love, romance, passion, life energy, sexual desire, attraction, healing, or transformation. Otherwise, color red may mean anger, conflicts, violence, or danger that you may encounter in reality. 

Dream About Green

Green is the color of nature which signifies positive meaning especially when it appears in your dreams. This color is a sign of healing, transformation, positive changes, new beginnings, or peace. The only downside of this color is that it signifies lack of experience or too much youthfulness even when maturity is needed. 

Dream About Orange

Color orange in dreams is related to your need and desire of expanding your horizons and getting out of your comfort zone. Orange suggests your playfulness, cheerfulness, vitality, creativity, balancing-nature, and ambitious personality in real life. On the negative note, orange in dreams shows that you are stubborn and slightly immature. 

Dream About Gray

Color gray can be associated with maturity and aging. You may be feeling old or the things happening around you start to bore you. It may also be related to depression, fear, sickness, and emotional detachment. You may be experiencing situations that make you weak and vulnerable. 

Dream About Pink

Dreams of color pink reflect your love, kindness, sweetness, affection, and joy. On the brighter side, pink in dreams represents the love of God. On the other hand, pink reflects your childish behavior or immaturity. 

Dream About Violet/Purple

If you dream of violet or purple color, it is an indication of wealth, authority, originality, charm, and power. You may encounter situations associated with the mentioned indicators. The negative side of violet/purple in dreams is you have the tendency to think of yourself too highly and start to disregard other people. 

Dream About Silver

Silver is second to gold which is associated with you, being or feeling the second best in your waking life. Also, if you are currently planning a wedding or wanting to have a wedding of your own, you may dream of color silver. Aside from that, silver in dreams means temptation, wealth, justice, or elegant aging. 

Dream About Gold

Gold is closely similar to the color yellow but is considered more elegant than yellow. Gold symbolizes authenticity, goodness, richness, or wealth. On the other note, you dream of color gold when you meet someone or experience something of great value. 

Dream About Brown

Color brown represents the color of the earth or the ground. When this color appears in your dream, it may be telling you not to forget your roots and keep your feet planted on the ground no matter how high you get yourself to in reality. Aside from that, brown is a representation of compassion, practical thinking and being materialistic. 

Color Combination

It is not rare to dream of combined colors. If two or more colors in dreams caught your attention, just remember these colors and details as you wake up. Find the similarities and connection among these colors, and you’ll know the exact interpretation of your dreams. The meaning is usually pertaining to you, dreamer, as a person in your waking life. 

Dream Of Colors, Positive Or Negative ? Its Up To You

Colors in dreams carry both positive and negative meaning but that doesn’t mean that you will experience both meanings. It is because how you view the color in your waking life is how you interpret your dream about colors. If you see that certain color positively, then your dream interpretation is positive. Otherwise, colors in dreams may be viewed negatively and as warnings or waking call dreams. 

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