Right Interpretation and True Meaning of Dream about Raining

The rain brings wonderful blessings to the living things, but too much of it can cause floods which are damaging and harmful to humans.

In dreams, seeing the rain  has its own positive and negative connotations,. It all depends on who dreamed about it, where it took place, what kind of rain it was, and what emotions were involved.

Indeed, there are many factors that you have to consider in interpreting rain dreams. This article has focused on the meanings behind different types of dreams about rain, especially the ones which are rare.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Raining

Ray of Hope

Rain symbolizes hope for others, especially to those who do not have instant access to potable and usable water. Too much rain may not be good, but it always followed by a beautiful rainbow.

Dream of raining can mean that you may be full of troubles now, but you are aware that you will eventually overcome them all, one at a time. In the end, you will become victorious and strong because of what you will go through.

Abundance in the Future

A gentle rain in the dream connotes a happy and content life in the near future. As long as you maintain a positive outlook, you will attract wealth and fortune. So, always think of the brighter side of things, even if it means brushing off a bad situation.

Art of Acceptance

The dream of raining is also telling you that you must accept that problems come and go. Experiencing a lot of issues at the moment does not necessarily mean that you are being punished. Hence, you must learn to accept that you will always go through hardships, the good thing is there are solutions to those, you just have to figure them out.

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream about Raining –10  Common Rain Dreams Meaning interpreted

1. Dream of Raining in General

Generally, dreams about raining can represent good harvest and success. On the other side, it can also mean depression, sorrow, or deep emotional issues.  However, if the details of your rain dream are vague, then it is simply telling you that you have a bright and positive outlook in life.

2.Dream of Raining on Me

Dreaming about rain falling on you means that there is an issue that you are taking too lightly when you should have given it more focus. It could be related to your career or your business, so you must find a solution to resolve it as soon as possible before it blows up.

3.Dream of Raining in the House

Dreaming about raining in the house while you are inside, connotes that there is an obstacle you are about to face in your waking life. You may be keeping your emotions to yourself, hence, that incident will push you to be vulnerable and honest to you and to the people around you.

4.Dream of Raining Blood

Dreaming about raining blood is a sign that you will unexpectedly meet an old friend or a former lover after years of not seeing each other. You will be reconnected with him or her and you will be reminded of how fun the old days were.

If you are both still single, it could be the right time to tell your ex-lover those untold stories and feelings. However, if one of you is already in a relationship, you must not do anything that will harm it because it will be unfixable.

5.Dream of Raining Hard

Dreaming of raining hard is a negative omen. It symbolizes a series of unfortunate events which will hit you hard in life. You will have difficulty in facing each obstacle on your own. Hence, you must ask help from your family and the people you trust, because doing it by yourself will only burden you immensely.

6.Dream of Raining Rocks

Dreaming about raining rocks symbolizes a possible downfall in terms of your career. However, it does not necessarily mean that you won’t be able to get back up because the challenge is actually after you fail. On the brighter side of this dream, you will be able to rebuild yourself, and this time you will come out stronger and braver to withstand bigger problems in life.

7.Dream of Raining Fire

Dreaming about raining fire represents the role of money in your waking life. It is your top priority at the moment because you seek of independence and greener pastures. You must then be careful in your spending, so you’ll be able to save enough for yourself when rainy season comes.

8.Dream of Raining Fish

Dreaming about raining fish is a positive sign. It means that you will excel amongst the many who also tried. You will be the lucky person to be given the opportunity to succeed. Your ideas will finally become reality and your works will reach different international crowds.

9.Dream of Raining Frogs

Dreaming about raining frogs symbolizes happiness and prosperity in your chosen path, may it be in your career or your personal life. Opportunities will present themselves to you, hence, you must not think twice in grabbing those because they will give you what your heart and mind desire.

10.Dream of Raining Snakes

Snakes may be mean and scary creatures but in dreams they can be the opposite. When you dream about raining snakes, it actually signifies confidence and resilience. It means that you are now ready to pursue your goals even if it requires leaving your comfort zone.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Raining

Indeed, dreams of rain can have many different meanings which are dependent on the details you can remember. It is up to you on how you deal with the given interpretations, just always keep in mind that dreams are there to guide you and not control you.

Real Dreamland Scenario

A world-renowned gymnast dreams about raining rocks the night before his competition.

The dream is a sign that he will fail in his attempt to win the gold. However, it does not mean that it is the end of his career. In fact, he must take the experience as a lesson that will pave a way to what he is supposed to be, maybe not a gymnast anymore but someone who will still be there to support future athletes – an ambassador or a sponsor, maybe.