True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Dogs

Dogs are one of the most popular domestic animals in the world. They are often treated as pets and have accompanied humans for centuries. Dogs, also called Canines, have different breeds of which some will not survive in the wild.

Throughout the world, dogs are well-known not only for the physical appearance but also their qualities and traits. They are widely called as “Man’s Best Friend” for their unwavering companionship and faithfulness. Also, they have become the symbol of friendship, protection, loyalty, and love.

Some people have dreamed of having a dog, while others just literally dreamed of dogs. Have you ever had an experience of dreaming about dogsDreaming of dogs can be your happiest dream in life, but it can quickly change into nightmare. Keep reading to find out what does it mean to dream about dogs.

What Does A Dog Mean In A Dream?

Dogs in dreams symbolize intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity, says Aisling Ireland. A dog in dream is usually a good sign for you, the dreamer, but depending on the type and attitude of dog you have dreamed of, your dog dream meaning may vary. Below talks about what does a dog mean in a dream.

1.Domestic Dog

Domestic dogs are considered as pets. They are treated with utmost care which in return, gives humans love, protection, and their loyalty. Seeing a domestic dog in your dreams can be viewed as a symbol of happiness.

In some parts of the world, dogs serve as guardians of homes and their owners. Domestic dogs are often calm and peaceful, so this dream may be associated with the inner feelings of the dreamer. You may be feeling safe and enjoy comfort and security in your waking life.

2.Wild Dog

Just as the above mentioned, dogs are often considered as guard dogs. Not all dogs are domesticated and can be treated as pets; some are practically living in the wild. If you dreamed of a wild dog, it can mean the need of guidance.

Wild dogs are not tamed. They are usually aggressive and aloof. Dreaming of a wild dog serves as a warning. You may be facing lots of difficulties in your life, in which you are needed to seek advice from your support system.

3.Multi-colored Dog

Dreaming of a multi-colored dog means that you are feeling isolated, and unimportant. It can represent your dissatisfaction in a person or a situation in your waking life. A dog in dream usually symbolizes you, as a person, or sometimes it represents another person or circumstances.

Multi-colored dogs may be appearing in your dreams because of your mixed feelings. It can be a representation of your uncertainty in everything you do, or towards someone you currently met, or known for a very long time. Sometimes, the interpretation of a multi-colored dog depends on the colors of the dog in your dreams. So, it is better to remember the details of your dream.

4.White-colored Dog

White as a color is a symbol of innocence, purity, and calmness. Just like that, a white dog in your dreams may indicate your good intentions. You may see a white dog in your dreams if you have a sense of honesty. Building a relationship with your friends and to other people will be successful.

A white dog may represent you. You are an honest and true friend for your circle. On the other hand, white dogs may indicate that you have found a friend who has pure intentions towards you. This dream serves as a reminder to cherish your friendship, as it will be impossible to replace it if you end up losing it.

5.Mythological Dog

Dreams about mythological dogs can sometimes be scary, and uncanny. As unpleasant it may appear, mythological dogs in dreams actually indicates your feelings towards life and friendship. Your dream may be connected to the friendship you value the most, or to the situation you are currently in.

Mythological dogs are usually black in color, but have different purposes in life. Some mythological dogs are for protection, and some are for guidance. In line with that, people who have this dream may have different opportunities waiting in your life.


A dachshund in your dreams represents your ability to succeed hurdles in life. You are passionate with what you do. You think rationally and have sense of loyalty. The problem is, you tend to take longer time in making decisions. The more rational you think, the more time you need to decide.

7.Golden Retriever

Having a Golden Retriever in your dreams indicates a good sign about your relationships in life – family, or friendship. Golden Retrievers are considered to be the friendliest and most gentle breed of dogs. Dreaming of them symbolizes a strong family bonds and friendships you have.

8.German Shepherd

Seeing a German Shepherd emphasizes your attentiveness to a situation. You also have the tendency to follow your protective instincts. This is your time to relax and be worry-free. A German Shepherd in your dreams means that you can control different situations in life.

Dreams like being bitten by a German Shepherd means that you are reminded to be on guard. It serves as a warning to get back on track for you let your guard down. Be aware of the people around you.


You may dream of a pug if you are a quirky person in general. It is an indication of changes and new people coming your way. You may not accept them all at once but you have to learn to embrace them.

Seeing a pug in dreams mean that you need to change something in you – an attitude towards someone, or how you perceive life. Changes in your life are necessary for you to fully enjoy life. Pugs are reminder of social balance. It is good to have time for yourself but interacting with others will give you enlightenment.


Dreaming of Chow-Chow means that you have a sense of loyalty. You also tend to be overprotective of your most valuable possession. Having a Chow-Chow in dreams indicates your unwavering personalities which will help you overcome challenges in life.

11.Siberian Husky

Huskies in dreams are symbol of your journey in life. It indicates the path on how to make right choices in life. You should know your strengths in life in order to avoid conflicts and obstacles hindering your way.

When you have dreams of Siberian Husky, it means that you will meet a friend who will stay by your side to the very end. Seeing a Husky in dreams is a reminder of your ability to succeed any difficulties in life. Just don’t forget to follow your intuition and instincts.


Dreams about Bulldogs indicate that you may appear tough outside, but deep inside you are  soft. You may take time in learning things, but once you do you will not forget what you have learned. Just like a Bulldog, you prefer to sit and relax at times.

If a lazy bulldog appears in your dream, it could mean that you need to work hard in order to achieve your goals in life. Dreaming of Bulldogs is a warning of your stubbornness. It also reminds you to stop being judgmental and remain focus in life.

13.Black Dog Dream Meaning

Dogs are symbol of friendship, trust, and loyalty whereas black is associated with fear, mystery, death, evil, aggression, and rebellion. Dreams about dogs are often a good sign for you, the dreamer, but in some cases there are negative meanings as well. Generally, seeing a black dog in dream is related to something bad that is bound to happen.

According to Dreaming and Sleeping, there are many situations you may encounter in dreaming of black dogs. Dreams about black dogs in general represent your fear that something might happen to your loved ones. You may be able to sense danger or threats in their lives.

If you have friendly black dog in dreams, this means that you are aware of the negative aspects of your life, and you are looking for improvement. If you are dreaming of a fearsome black dog, it is possible that you will be put into lots of bad situations. You just have to find your strengths, and be optimistic in life.

Dreaming of a black dog watching you indicates that you are surrounded by disloyal and fake friends. A black dog approaching you is a sign of bad luck following you. A chasing black dog means that there are some bad thoughts and feelings lurking inside you of which you cannot avoid.

If you have been bitten by a black dog, this means that conflicts will come your way, either with friends, colleagues, or your partner. If you became a black dog in your dreams, it means that you are feeling bad because you seem to be bringing negativity upon the people around you. You may feel that you are a disappointment, and can sometimes bring danger for other people.

Generally, black dogs in dreams are symbol of disloyal and unworthy friends or relationships. You may experience betrayal, depression, and struggles. Traditionally, seeing a black dog in dreams means death of your most beloved, or one of your friends.

14.Puppies In A Dream

Usually when you dream puppies, it indicates a good sign. To dream of a puppy emphasizes your joyful and happy nature. It could also mean that you are improving a relationship or friendship with someone.

In some instances, dreaming of puppies could represent growth, feelings, and responsibilities. If you dreamed of playing with puppies, it could mean that you might receive a present soon. Also, it indicates your parental desires or you could be pregnant anytime soon. If you are a man and you dream puppies, it means that you and your partner will be expecting soon.

Another is feeding puppies in dreams symbolizes growth – a friendship turned romance, a progress in career, work promotion, and the like. If you are nurturing a puppy, it means that you are being a good friend to others. Also, you have the tendency to take responsibility of supporting your family or loved ones.

Common Dream Scenarios About Dogs Meaning

Below are some common dreams about dogs and its meaning.

1.Dog biting you – means that you may experience disloyalty and betrayal.

2.Dog trying to rape you – means that a close friend is trying to take advantage of you.

3.Dogs sleeping quietly – indicates a delay in something you do at work or school.

4.Dogs chasing you – represents your feeling of anxiety and worry about a lot of things.

Do Dogs Dreams?

According to Arden Moore, dogs dream just like humans. Dogs may suddenly move and quiver during their sleep. It is important to know what to do when you experience seeing your dog twitch while sleeping.

Dogs tend to act on their dreams by twitching. A dream of dog can be caused by a happy dream or nightmare. So, if you see your dog twitching in sleep, do not panic.

Try calling out his name as he will respond to it even when dreaming. Do not touch him for he may be having nightmares which can cause you to be bitten. Talk to him in a calm manner once he wakes up.

Dreams about dogs meaning Conclusion

Dream about dogs are usually a good sign and serves a reminder to the dreamer. It is important to remember every detail such as the type, manner, and actions of the dog in dream. Do not be frightened, and be attentive of your surroundings, especially the people around you.

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