What does the horrible cemetery dreams really mean?

Cemetery dreams are one of the most unsettling dreams that a person can dream of. Dreams of cemetery occur in many ways and each dream has its own interpretation. In this article, you will find out about some common cemetery dream encounters and the meaning of having a dream about cemetery

 General Meaning Of  Dream Of Cemetery

According to Joi Sigers, a dream of cemetery indicates the fear of illness or a catastrophe that is related to the dreamer or someone they love. It can mean many things such as an ending relationship, lost job, or things that are sucking your energy out. However, not all dreams about cemetery bring negative omen but a warning to let yourself to be at rest. 

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Cemetery-Common Dreams About Cemetery Mean

Not all cemetery dreams foretell death or misfortunes. There are also positive meanings when you dream about cemetery. Here are some common dreams about cemetery and their interpretations. 

Dreams Of Passing By A Cemetery

Passing by a cemetery in dreams represents your feeling of getting caught up with the rapid changes in your environment. You are overwhelmed by how fast time flies. You try to speed things up because you think that time is not enough to do all the things you want to do. 

Dreams Of Exploring A Cemetery

Exploring a cemetery in your dreams signifies being lost in your own spirituality. You may have doubts about certain situations about your beliefs and you are confused about the things you have to believe in. This is the time for you to seek truth and spiritual guidance. Once you find the truth, believe in it and start to develop and share your spirituality to others. 

Dreams Of Going To The Cemetery

Going to the cemetery in dreams both have positive and negative interpretations. If you go to the cemetery feeling sad or in pain, it indicates your mistakes, wrong decisions you have made and a bad attitude that you need to change to avoid problems. If going to the cemetery in dreams makes you feel at peace, it is an indication of new opportunities that will open due to some fortunate changes that may take place in your waking life. 

Dreams About Visiting Someone’s Gravestone In The Cemetery

The meaning of these dreams depend on the gravestone you are visiting. If you know the person you are visiting, it indicates your desire to spend more time with that person. If in reality he/she is alive, make sure to give attention to the person so that you will feel no regret no matter what happens. If you visit a mysterious gravestone, it tells that others’ opinion is more important than your own and you tend to please other people because you are afraid of what they will think about you. 

Dreams About Being Buried In The Cemetery

Dreams about being buried in the cemetery are reflections of your own thoughts about death. Something about the afterlife is causing you to feel curious. You may start to question your spiritual beliefs. It is best to believe in what is right to avoid facing problems in the near future. 

Dreams of Meeting A Loved One In A Cemetery

Dreams about meeting a loved one in a cemetery shows a negative sign for dreamers. These dreams are indications of difficulties and threats on your relationship. You may be in the middle of a dying relationship that needs severe attention to be fixed. Try to assess your relationship and look for possible problems that may lead to the ending of your relationship. 

Dreams About Seeing A Deceased Person In A Cemetery

Seeing a deceased person in a cemetery in a dream tells that you are still in the period of mourning. You may have experienced losing someone you love in the past and you are still lost in the feelings of depression. In order to overcome this stage, talk things through with someone you trust to release all your pent-up negative feelings and start to move on with your life. 

Dreams of Bringing Fresh Flowers To A Cemetery

Bringing fresh flowers to a cemetery in dreams symbolizes sound health of all family members. You and your family may experience promising recovery from illnesses in your waking life. Aside from that, fresh flowers possibly denotes a sudden meeting with a long lost person.

Dream Of Walking Down The Alley With Graves In The Cemetery

Dreaming of walking down the alley with graves in the cemetery suggests that you are surrounded by friends who truly love and support you. However, you may be able to experience sadness, sorrow, and depression in the near future but unfortunately, your friends won’t be much help at this time. They may attempt to help you but it is only you who can help yourself and successfully go through this phase of your life. 

To Dream Of Having A Wedding In The Cemetery

Dream of having a wedding in the cemetery is a bad omen for the dreamer. It possibly means that something bad may happen to your partner. This is the time to be careful and be alert at all times in your consciousness.

Dream about Children Playing Near A Tomb In The Cemetery

Children playing near a tomb in the cemetery in your dreams represent positive changes that may occur in your family. Good fortune, hope, and renewal is just around the corner for your family. This dream also represents health abundance, happiness, and a good relationship with your family and friends. 

Dream Of Digging A Hole In A Cemetery

If you dream of digging a hole in a cemetery, it means that someone may cause you harm. This certain someone is definitely from your surroundings and knows you too well. This dream warns you to be cautious of your actions and the people around you. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Dream About Cemetery

A dream of cemetery can be viewed both negatively and positively depending on the dreamer’s point of view. A dream about cemetery may mean problems and challenges for others while a chance to take a moment to relax and rest for other people. So, don’t be afraid the next time you dream about cemetery

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