True Meaning You Need To Know About Miscarriage Dreams

A dream about miscarriage is a frightening dream, not only for women but also for men. It normally triggers sadness, depression, and anxiety, stopping you from doing your daily routine. However, what is the real meaning of your dreams of miscarriage? Read on to find out more about your miscarriage dream. 

General Meaning Behind Dream About Miscarriage

Failure, Setbacks, and Downfall

Dreams about miscarriage is a representation of a sudden defeat, delay, and breakdown in your life. You may experience something that will interrupt your journey towards success. What’s more is the obstacles you face may seem hard to overcome, causing you to feel depressed and burdened.

Emotional Battle

In some cases, dreams about miscarriage show that you are currently struggling with your feelings and emotions. Perhaps there’s something in your waking life that causes your pain, anxiety, and insecurities. 

Significant Changes

Usually, dreams about miscarriage mean you are bound to experience a major transition in your life, either positive or negative. Sometimes, you need to experience pain in order to heal and be happy with your life. While some need to know what success and happiness is in order to appreciate life. Thus, you need to embrace the changes you encounter and move forward . 

Anxiety and Fear

Some dreams of miscarriage embody your worries in life. Be it your fear of disappointments or your worry about your unborn child, if pregnant or married. In order to counter your anxieties and fears, learn to relax and take good care of your overall wellness. 

Really Mean When You Dream About Miscarriage – Common Miscarriage Dream Meaning and Interpretation

1.Dream about having a miscarriage

Two things you need to look into when you have a dream about a miscarriage—are you pregnant or not ? If your answer is yes, then this dream symbolizes your fears and worries about your upcoming childbirth. You are also afraid of your unborn child–how you’re going to support or take good care of him/her, and etc. It’s like having jitters before your wedding–you’re unsure if you’ll do a great job when your child is born. 

Alternatively, having a miscarriage dream when you’re not pregnant in real life signifies troubles and stress. You may experience something like a roller coaster ride in your life. Anxiety will also follow your footsteps, and thus, be prepared. Personal and professional loss are also something you can expect when you have this dream. 

2.Dream about someone else’s miscarriage

Your dream about someone else’s miscarriage when you feel restrained by outside factors in your waking life. In your dream, you may see someone you know or even a stranger who is pregnant then suddenly have a miscarriage. This happens as a result of being bothered by other people. Their opinions matter to you. On the other note, you feel stressed because a family member or a close friend is having a hard time, which causes you to feel emotionally-drained, unmotivated, and unproductive. 

3.Dream about miscarriage in a car

Dreaming about having a miscarriage in a car foretells significant obstacles that will come your way. Your journey in life may not be as smooth as others, but the reward after it would be great. Moreover, this dream is a symbol of facing difficulties that will make you feel hopeless. Always remember that the struggles you face are only an interruption. It will still be your choice whether to stay impeded or not. In this case, changing your unpleasant habits might go a long way. 

4.Dream about stillbirth

To dream about stillbirth forewarns drawbacks and failure. Your plan may not go the way you want it to be. So, don’t celebrate too early. This dream could be a sign of feeling lost amidst the struggles you encounter because of a failed project that you’re working with ages ago. On the other hand, dreams of stillbirth remind you that there’s always a chance to try again when all else fails. You may also be guilty of something you’ve done and you’re currently showing remorse in your waking life.

5.Dream about painless miscarriage

A dream of a painless miscarriage suggests a problem involving your romantic life. How ironic, isn’t it? You may not feel any pain during your dream but the pain you will feel when you learn about the trivial issues that cause your partner to drift away from you is something you cannot imagine. This dream could be a sign of an argument with your partner. However, don’t try to jump into conclusions just because of the heat in the moment. Learn to control your temper and talk things through. If it doesn’t work, then it’s time for the both of you to decide where your relationship should go.

6.Dream about miscarriage at home

Dreaming about a miscarriage inside a house is often related to your emotional struggles, usually a part of your inner circle. To dream of yourself having a miscarriage in your house reflects your dismay towards your family. Perhaps you are having arguments and misunderstandings that are hard to get over with. Consequently, you get stressed and face an emotional battle because your family is breaking apart. In this case, it would be best to cool down and make amends when the time is right. 

7.Dream of miscarriage on the streets

Dreams of your miscarriage on a street denote your insecurities and fears. You have the desire to be in the spotlight but you are afraid of being judged and used by the people around you. Alternatively, dreams of having a miscarriage on the street show your worries about every single thing in your life. You also tend to overthink, which causes a lot of troubles in your reality. 

8.Dream of multiple/repetitive miscarriage

It rarely happens to dream of several or recurring miscarriage. But when it does, this dream indicates your fear of disappointments. You may have experienced different and multiple failures that you become afraid of even trying. Consequently, your self-esteem and self-confidence have hit an all time low. This is the time to step up your game. Get out of your comfort zone and change the way you live. 

9.Dream of miscarriage in the hospital

Dreaming of yourself having a miscarriage in the hospital is a warning for you to take good care of yourself. Perhaps you are too busy or stressed out lately that you tend to overlook your overall well-being. As a matter of fact, this is your mind’s way of telling you to relax. Have some break and let your mind and body heal.  

10.Dream of miscarriage and blood

You may be having a hard time coping up with your responsibilities in your waking life when you dream of a miscarriage with lots of blood. Dreams of blood and miscarriage are commonly interpreted as a sign of feeling exhausted, hurt, and lost. Frequently, seeing lots of blood while having a miscarriage in your dreams signals you, as a dreamer, to learn when to stop. Acknowledge your weaknesses and use your strengths wisely. 

11.Dream of painful miscarriage

A painful miscarriage in your dreams carries various meanings, however related, depending on how you feel in your dreams. Being hurt emotionally by the miscarriage in your dreams signifies breakdown, sufferings, anxiousness, and loss. Next, physical pain while miscarrying in your dreams are signs of your fear of setbacks and failure. You may have big plans ahead but you’re having doubts whether you’ll succeed or not. 

12.Dream of having a miscarriage while being alone

Dreams of experiencing a miscarriage when there’s no one around symbolize feeling lonely or secluded. You tend to isolate yourself from other people because you believe that being independent is the key to peace, success, and happiness. In relation to that, you dream of having a miscarriage while you’re alone as a symbol of your worries and anxieties. You set yourself apart from others because you are afraid of betrayal, cheating, and manipulation. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Miscarriage

You need to remain calm despite the problems you face when you learn the meaning behind your dream about miscarriage. Take the meaning and interpretation of your dream as a guide, so that you can come up with a plan to at least manage the drawbacks, if not prevent, you may encounter in the near future. More so, be wise and optimistic, even when it’s hard to be so. 

A Real Dream Interpretation

A married man dreamed of his wife having a miscarriage with twins. This dream represents his worries about the upcoming responsibilities and changes that are underway. Additionally, he could experience a potential loss of assets, business, or a project. What’s ironic in his dream is that it’s a twin miscarriage, and this dream shows that he is about to encounter healing, growth, and abundance. Perhaps the failure he may experience is the stepping stone of letting go of his burdens in his life.