Real Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dream Of Angels

The origin of angels

The word angel is derived from the Greek word “angelos”, which means messenger. In Christianity , Muslims , Judaism and other theology, angels often act as messengers, followers, and agents of God. The will of God is usually communicated by angels in the Bible. Angels are pure spiritual bodies, possess outstanding intelligence and great power, and are very sacred. Angels are composed of matter light as air, so that they can be transformed into the most suitable material forms according to their needs.

14 Common Angel Dreams-what do they mean?

1.There are usually disturbances deep in your soul if you dreamed  of angels. If you were happy in the dream, it indicates that you will hear good news about your friends’ prosperity and health, and you will receive gifts from unknown relatives.

2.They have a desire to correct the wrongdoings if evil or guilty people dreamed of angels.The lofty side in their hearts will overcome bad thoughts such as private thoughts.

3.If a kind-hearted people dreamed of angels, It indicates that your spiritual world is rich and comofort.

4.People whose relatives have just died dreamed of angels means the dreamer wish the dead to continue live a good life in another world.

5. If aged people dreamed of becoming an angel, it foretells that the old man will die soon but in peace.In Christianity, to dream of angels when you are dying means that you will live in heaven in your after life.

6.To dream of talking with an angel means suffering or misfortune.

7.Dreaming of a silent angel indicates that you will be lucky.

8.If an angel warns you in  your dream , it implies that you will encounter ups and downs in your relationship or finances.

9.Dreaming of a baby angel indicates that you desire purity and compassionate in your heart.

10.To dream of seeing angels from a distance may warn you to stop certain bad deeds and sins as soon as possible, otherwise there will be disasters and you will be punished.

11.If young people dream of becoming an angel, it implies that the dreamer will get promoted. He will have the opportunity to be among the decision-making level in his company, and he will repeatedly make extraordinary achievements. You must understand the meaning and seize the opportunity when you have this transfer-to-angel dream.

12.A girl dreams of seeing an angel is a good omen, which means that she  will be rewarded and may marry a rich man. This is not only a reward for herself, but also a reward for her husband. He will get rid of worries and live better life.

13.To dream that you fall in love with an angel indicates that rich and charming people will appear in your life at any time. This dreams is to remind you to seize the opportunity and show your unique charm. You will have a perfect romantic relationship if you follow the guide of the dream.

14.A pregnant woman dreams of an angel indicates that you will give birth to a son with superior ability, and the child will have great achievements. This child will become a saint or a religious spiritual leader or a millionaire in the future.

Psychological interpretation of dreaming about angels

If you dream of a baby angel incites arms and legs to fly everywhere,it means that you are seeking unconditional maternal love in your romantic relationship . It also means that you must pay attention to the development of your own personalities and characteristics. 

The spiritual meaning of angel

Angels mean the power and clarity of the gods. To dream of angels  symbolizes the openness and pureness of the dreamer’s spirit.

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