Right Interpretation and True meaning of Dream about Unicorn

Unicorn means one-horned in Latin. They are beautiful mythical creatures with a head and body of a horse. The only difference is the single horn unicorns have on their heads. The world could have been extra wonderful if they happen to exist today.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Unicorn

Your Hidden Power

Dreaming about unicorns may represent your desire to have magical powers, similar to what you see in the movies. Why not try to take a look within yourself and you might find out a hidden skill or ability that is unique in you.

Your Fantasies

Dreaming about unicorns may signify the fantasies you have in your waking life. For instance, if you are an avid collector of toys, an online gamer, or a social media influencer, then unicorns will surely visit you in your dream.

A Beacon of Hope

A unicorn looks innocent and pure always, that’s why it symbolizes as a beacon of hope. You might dream about them if you are feeling demotivated and down lately, because it’s your subconscious’ way of telling you to stand up and move forward.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Unicorn – Common Unicorn Dream Meaning and Occurrences

Dream about Unicorn in General

Generally, dreams about unicorn symbolize faithfulness, purity, kind-heartedness, tenderness, and grace. It could also represent strength and power, especially if you’re to consider the horn and the lion’s tail. On rare occasions unicorns can fly, hence, they also signify your love for travel and exploration.

Dream about Owning a Unicorn

To dream of owning a unicorn means that you will soon be successful in different aspects of your life. For married women, the dream is telling you that you’re lucky for having a loyal and understanding husband. If you are still in search of your significant other, take the unicorn as a sign that you will soon meet the one destined for you.

Dream about Unicorn Chasing Me

Dreaming of a unicorn chasing you could be a bad omen. The dream may be a warning of the danger that you will be facing in reality. The best you can do is to avoid making hasty decisions and to always think before you speak. It is never wrong to be too careful.

Dream about Unicorn Attacking You

Dreaming of a unicorn attacking you is another bad sign yet, at the same time, it could act as a helpful warning. The dream is telling you that you must be vigilant of the people within your circle because there is someone who will betray and use you for their own advantage. If you sense something is off, stay away from that person immediately before it’s too late.

Dream about White Unicorn

Unicorns are usually white, hence, dreaming about white unicorns is not new. Remain calm and at peace because this dream symbolizes good luck and abundance. Consider those white unicorns as your guide. They appeared in your dream to tell you that you’re taking the right path towards your goal, so keep on going.

Dream about Fighting Unicorn

Unicorns don’t usually fight. Therefore, if in your dream they are clashing, it means that there is an unusual happening in your life. Are you being bossed around even if you should be the one giving the orders? Are you always sad and tired even if you are not that busy? The dream is letting you know that you must examine your inner being to find out what areas you should change or adjust.

Dream about Dead Unicorn

Even if they are just living in our imagination, dreaming about a dead unicorn can be disheartening. However, this dream actually foretells joyful moments in your life. Have you been wanting a promotion? Were you and your partner praying for a baby? What life-changing goal have you been working and praying on lately? The dream could be a sign of the realization of that aspiration.

Dream about Talking Unicorn

Unicorns are already mythical creatures, so if you dream about a talking unicorn, then that’s even more magical. You have nothing to be afraid of about this dream because it’s a good omen. It means that fresh ideas and concepts will come to you soon, and you must take those into fruition before somebody else does.

Dream about Flying Unicorn

Dreaming about a flying unicorn symbolizes your desire to travel to new places or start something new. If you have been putting your plans to rest and recuperate because of work, then the dream is telling you that now is the perfect time to finally do it. Don’t push any further or you will never be able to do it in the near future.

Dream about Blue Unicorn

Dreaming of a blue unicorn is a good one because it connotes loyalty and fidelity between you and your partner. The dream is a sign that you have nothing to worry about your significant other because he is whole-heartedly faithful to you. What you can do on the other hand is to tell him how grateful you are for his existence.

Dream about a Baby Unicorn

Dreaming about a baby or small unicorn symbolizes your tight relationship with kids. You may always see kids on a daily basis – as a teacher, a nanny, a parent – but you are not complaining because you love them. Baby unicorns in dream may also signify an important opportunity that you will receive soon, so be prepared.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Unicorn

Unicorn dreams, like any other dreams, vary in their interpretation and meaning. What’s important is you finally know the meaning behind yours. Now you use your dream about them as your guide in your waking life, and you will soon achieve your ambitions.

Real Dreamland Scenario

A woman is doubting her suitor’s loyalty to her because of the hurtful experience she had from the past. One night, she dreams about seeing  a blue unicorn outside her house.

The dream is a sign telling her that she has nothing to worry about because her suitor’s intentions are pure and he never had a bad blood in his past relationships.