True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams Of Peeing

Peeing is a natural way of releasing toxic substances inside the body. It is the act of cleansing the body by getting rid of all the toxic waste stored inside the body. So, what does peeing mean in a dream? In this article, you will find out about different dreams of peeing and their meanings. 

What Does It Mean If You Have A Dream About Peeing?

According to Gayathri Iyer, dreams about peeing mean getting rid of the toxic or negative energies around you in your waking life. You may be undergoing cleansing and releasing of all the negative feelings and emotions that you are trying to keep inside of you. To dream of peeing is also associated with emotional burden, self-worth, and other personal matters. 

Common Dreams Of Peeing Meaning Dictionary

It is quite common to have dreams about peeing and these dreams carry different symbolisms. The meaning of a dream about peeing depends on the circumstances of a person’s dream. Thus, here are detailed dreams of peeing and their interpretations.

Dreaming About Peeing In The Toilet

Dreaming about peeing in the toilet is a positive omen for dreamers. This is an indication of having control in your own life and the ability to protect yourself from possible danger. Also, it indicates recovery and good communication in your waking life. 

Dreaming About Peeing In Bed

Dreaming about peeing in bed suggests a traumatic experience you have in the past. You are still feeling the pain and trauma from your bad experience, which hinders you from moving forward. Knowing the source of pain and fear that haunts you is best to resolve issues and move on. 

Dreaming About Peeing On Someone

Dreaming about peeing on someone is a negative omen for dreamers. It usually symbolizes conflicts and misunderstandings that may arise between you and someone close to you. Try to resolve issues fast in order to prevent simple problems turning into some major fights and difficulties. 

Dreaming About Getting Peed On

Dreaming about someone else peeing is generally a bad sign as you can possibly have low self-esteem and not being able to control different aspects of your life. You may also be surrounded by people who are throwing negativity and burdens in your waking life. You may currently have problems in your waking life and these can be caused by the people you know or by someone close to you. 

Dreaming About Watching Someone Pee

Watching someone pee in dreams is an indication of losing control of yourself because of other people. You may be easily swayed by the things you hear from other people. Your actions often depend on the liking of others causing you to feel overwhelmed and out of control. You need to properly learn to communicate with other people to be able to confidently achieve things in your own way. 

Dreams About Peeing In Unusual Places

Dreams about peeing in strange places carry both positive and negative meaning depending on the place in your dreams. In general, a good sign is underway especially if you follow your intuition to overcome problems you face. On the other hand, the negative meaning of these dreams include being socially detached and always depending on your emotions in every decision you make. 

Dreams About Peeing Blood

Dreams about peeing blood is a bad sign for dreamers. Bloody urine in dreams symbolizes losing your passion in your waking life. Sometimes, these dreams symbolize painful moments that will come your way but in return, life lessons are just around the corner. 

Dreams About Peeing In Public

Dreams about peeing in public are connected to privacy and self-confidence. If you pee in public in dreams, it denotes that someone close to you or maybe you are wanting to be seen under the spotlight. It is fine to be admired by other people but you need to learn to be discreet to avoid facing difficulties in the near future. 

Dreams About Peeing On Yourself

Dreams about peeing on yourself indicate emotional and social problems. You may be wanting to explode because you feel overwhelmed by all the problems you are currently facing. You are trying to keep all the negative energy inside you but you just can’t hold it more any longer. 

Dreams About Peeing And Feeling Pain

Dreams about peeing and feeling pain at the same time signify arguments or conflicts between you and someone close to you, a friend, colleague, partner, or family member. Being in pain while peeing in dreams signifies that there is something wrong with your relationships in your waking life. It is best to resolve issues to avoid further problems and misunderstandings. 

Dream Of Peeing On The Floor

Dream of peeing on the floor represents a difficult situation that you will be put in because of your decisions and actions in the past. You may also be placing yourself in the middle of a bad situation, which you will deal later on. You need to listen to your intuition to avoid being dragged by people who are envious of you.

Dream Of Holding Your Pee

Holding your pee in dreams reflects your inner desires and current situation in your waking life. You may be caught up in a situation that causes you anxiety, stress, and worry. Dream of holding your pee reflects all the tension and stress piled up inside you, which you want to release and let go. 

Dream Of Waiting In Line To Pee

If you are waiting in line to pee in dreams, it shows that you need to focus more on yourself rather than putting all your attention to other people’s needs. You have to be more attentive towards yourself to avoid further mistakes and problems in your waking life. Try to assess yourself and look for possible changes that need to take place in your life. 

Dream Of Peeing Conclusion

Dreaming about peeing is very common and generally leads to either losing or having control of your own aspects of life. It also shows that you have feelings and emotions bottled up inside you waiting to release and explode. Dreams about peeing also involve privacy, which you need to assess to be better in your waking life. 

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