Real Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams Of Lizards

We sometimes dream of lizards. You may wonder what does it mean to dream of lizards? Is it a good omen or bad omen? Let’s read the following article to find out

10 common dreams about lizards and their interpretation

Dream of lizard biting me

A woman dreams of a lizard biting herself forbode that you may suffer from gynecological diseases.You should pay attention to your health and go to the hospital for regular physical examination. 

A job seeker dreams of a lizard biting connotes that he has been confused about job hunting and can’t find good one.

Dream of lizard in house

A man dreams of a lizard in house means that your property has been monitored by bad guys, You must always be careful of the villains around you. It also indicates that you are hostile to your rivals or competitors at work.

Dream of lizard chasing me

If you dreamed of a lizard chasing you, it means that you and your family may encounter disaster or bad luck.  If you fast and the lizard can’t catch up in your dream, It implies that you will finally overcome bad luck in your waking life

Dream of lizard running away

Dream of lizard running away is a good thing. It indicates that your troubles and difficulties will pass away quickly.

Dream of Lizard jumping on you

A married woman dreams of a lizard jumping on herself or crawling on her skirt indicates that you will encounter misfortune. Your husband will get sick and you may become a widow , living alone in this world.

Dream of lizards and snakes together

Both lizards and snakes are reptiles and cold blooded, but one slithers while the other one crawls. Your dream could mean that your spouse has cheated on you and you have cheated on your spouse as well . You two will do it again at any cost.Someone might get caught, red-handed .The truth prevails.

Dream of lizard in water

A person in love dreams of lizard in water, indicating that you will encounter twists and turns in your love, and your relationship will be opposed by your family. If you can persuade your family, you can enter the palace of marriage with your lover.

Dream of a crawling lizard

To dream of a lizard that was crawling on your body implies that you will recover your health and be strong. It also means that you will make small mistakes in you daily life. Perhaps the mistake of misremembering the day of the week , mixing salt in coffee, etc. Most of the mistakes are caused by negligence.

Dream of Killing a lizard

To dream of killing a lizard indicates that you will regain the reputation or wealth you lost before. If the lizard successfully escaped from being killed, it indicates that you will suffer troubles and torture in love or career.

Dream of lizard falling on high place

To dream of falling lizards from a roof or high place will lead to bad luck. You should be careful about car crash, airplane crash,etc. You’d better not play the phone while walking in case of falling or bumping on something unexpected.

Pregnant woman dreams of Lizard

Dream of seeing a lizard

A pregnant woman dreams of a lizard indicates that you have not been in a good mood recently. It is recommended that the pregnant mother to go out appropriately to relax herself.

Dream of holding a lizard

A pregnant woman dreams of holding a lizard indicates that the baby in your arms is being taken care of by you, and reminds you not to worry too much.

Dream of lizard chasing

A pregnant woman dreams of a lizard chasing herself, indicating that you are under a lot of psychological pressure. Under a state of genuine tension, remind you that it is not good for you or your baby. You must learn to adjust your mentality in time. It is recommended to spend more time with friends Chat and communicate.

Dream about many lizards

If you dreamed of many lizards, it implies that you have a lot of friends, and they will bring you a lot of help.

Catching lizards in dream

A pregnant woman dreams of catching lizards indicates that you are a particularly hard-working person and that the fetus is healthy under your care, but it also reminds you to rest more and not to work too hard.

Dreams of lizard crawling

A pregnant woman dreams of a lizard crawling means that what you are trying to do has been blocked by external forces. It reminds you to stop first. It’s not too late to continue when the time is right. 

If the lizard in dream is crawling slowly , it means that what you are trying to do has been obstructed by external forces. It reminds you to stop what you are doing and wait for a good time to restart. 

If the lizard is crawling fast, it implies that your life is going smoothly, and the things you want to accomplish can be achieved quickly.

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