True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Rape

Rape is a cruel and sensitive issue not only in reality but also in dreams. Rape dreams forebode a warning to prevent serious problems in the waking life of the dreamer. In this article, you will find out about the meaning and interpretation of your dreams about rape. 

General Meaning Of Dreams About Rape

According to Gordon Miller, dreams about rape may be connected to your feelings of losing control over different aspects of your life. Rape dreams can also be associated to the acts of violence, aggression, power, humiliation, or exploitation that were done to you or you did towards other people. Dreams about being raped also symbolize that someone or a situation is forcing you to act in a way that you do not want. Aside from control issues, you dream of rape when you have related traumas or you have actually experienced being raped in real life in the past or just recently.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Rape:Common Dreams Of Rape Interpretation

Sexual abuse in dreams carries different meaning depending on your dream context. Read further to understand more about your dreams about rape. Here are detailed rape dreams and their interpretations.

Dreams About Being Raped

Dreams about being raped symbolize your feeling of being violated or deprived in any way in your waking life. Someone or a certain situation is trying to take away your self-esteem or is using you for their own advantage. You dream of being raped when you also try to give everything to other people for them to like you.

Dreams About Witnessing Rape

Dreams of witnessing someone being raped mirror your own desires towards a person, especially if you know him/her, or situation. You may want to take control and easily influence the decisions of that person in real life. On the other note, seeing someone being raped is a warning that someone close to you may need your assistance.

Dreams About Marital Rape

Marital rape in dreams is a reflection of a situation that seems to have no solutions, which you may encounter in your waking life. A wife being raped by the husband is a sign of your aggressive behaviors dominating your decisions and actions. Otherwise, you are completely losing control over things in your waking life.  

Dreams About Being Abducted Then Raped

A dream of being raped after being abducted suggests that someone is trying to take advantage of you. The people around you are sucking or draining your life energy out of you. These dreams can also be interpreted as entering a new phase in your life wherein you may experience a loss of control in your conscious life.

Dreams About Gang Rape

Gang rape dreams symbolize your negative feelings and emotions that you want to hide but cannot control. You tend to act recklessly causing destruction towards other people. If you are the victim of gang rape in dream, it shows that you are mentally and emotionally weak.

Dreams About Committing Rape

Committing rape in dreams is a sign of taking control over different aspects of your life, work, or relationships. Carrying out rape in dreams suggests that you are authoritative and dominant in your waking life. On the other hand, these dreams are showing your hidden anger or aggression towards someone or a situation.  

Dreams About Escaping From Rape

If someone tried to rape you in dreams but somehow you managed to escape or run away, it means that conflicts or problems may arise in your waking life. The good thing is, you have the ability to overcome these obstacles and fight back. Dreams of being raped and survived warns you to always be on guard.

Dreams About Saving Someone From Being Raped 

Helping someone against rapists in dreams brings positive omen for the dreamer. You are in the period of luck, good fortune, and everything will come your way in reality. Dreams of saving someone from being raped is also an indication of your maturity. However, there are times when you focus on others too much in reality. 

Dreams About Being Raped By The Same Sex

Dreams about being raped by the same sex signify your deepest and true desires. Sometimes, these dreams are signs of your strong sense of femininity or masculinity. However, there are times when these dreams signify your worries and insecurities. 

Dreams About Rapists

Dreaming about rapists tells different things to the dreamers, whether the rapists is someone familiar or not. If the rapist is wearing a mask or the face is not seen, it shows that trouble is just around the corner, so you need to be cautious of your environment. On the other hand, if you are able to recognize the rapist, it can be a sign that you need to beware of that person because arguments may arise between you.

Dreams About Family Rape

If you dream of being raped by your family members, it indicates that your family has complete control over your life. You may also be feeling suffocated and wanting to be rescued from hard situations or people in your life. Dreams about family rape is sometimes a sign that you are in need of protection from the people around. 

Dreams About Wanting To Be Raped

Liking to be raped in your dreams doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to be raped in real life. If you dream of wanting to be raped, it denotes your desire for someone else to help you overcome your struggles in your waking life. You wanted someone to take control over the things that make your life challenging or hard.  

A Few Things You Need To Know About Dreams of Raped

Rape dreams are not always associated with sex but with control. So, when you dream of rape, or dream of being raped, and the like, do not fret for it is connected to your feelings of being used or exploited in any way. Interpretations of dreams of rape may also depend on the role of the dreamer, whether you are the rapist, victim, or just observer.