True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams About Lions

In all parts of the world, lions are best known to be the symbol of courage, authority, pride, wisdom, and even royalty. They are the sign of might and being above the rest during the ancient times. Until now, they are marked as being powerful and a symbolism of spiritual aspects.

Lions are widely known as the “King of Beasts” or “King of the Jungle” for their presence of nobility and ferocity. Typically, they live in prides of which the lionesses hunt for their meals, and the males defend their territory. They are also most active at night as they do their hunting during this time.

A lion will always be the epitome of power, leadership, and strength. Since the earliest times, lions are treated as wild animals as they are large, muscular, and majestic cats. Its physical appearance and qualities will automatically send shivers down your spine when you see it face to face.

Now, are you ready to dig deep into your minds? Explore the meaning of your dreams about lions as you read this article further. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Are You Dreaming Of Lion?

Your brain is more active when you are asleep than when you are awake, thus it creates images, emotions, and stories you have encountered of which are sent to your subconscious. Dreams are most likely reflections of yourself, and/or your experiences which sometimes can be amusing, relaxing, terrifying, or even uncertain. You can dream almost anything, including animals like lions.

When you heard the word lion, what comes into your mind? Is it being powerful or strong? Is it wild, scary or proud? Any descriptions you think of about lions are related to why they appear in your dreams, and here are reasons why you are dreaming of lion.

Having a Lion type Personality

Most often than not, people who have this type of personality tend to dream about lions. Being a lion type means you are someone who is dominant, assertive, open-minded and a leader-type person. Your dreams reflect your true self, a side which nobody can really see but yourself.

Your Inner Desires

Seeing a lion in your dreams mirrors your deepest desires, which can either be personally, professionally, or even both. Lion is a predator and a symbol of aggressiveness. Usually, lions appear in your dreams when you badly want to achieve something – a person, an object, or an accomplishment.

Current or Future Life Situation

Lions can always be dangerous and tricky. Dreaming about lions can sometimes pertain to an event you have encountered or may encounter in the following days, weeks, or even months. It can be threatening in a way that your life or career is at stake.

Influence on the people around you

A lion symbolizes dignity, and pride. Once you dreamed about lions, it must mean that great influence on the people around you. Lions mean that you may became a leader and have domination over the people around you. This marks their respect, and loyalty towards you.  

Love Relationship

Lions want to take control of everything. Dreaming of a lion when you are single means, you are suffering from sadness because you are not in a relationship. You are constantly hoping and looking for a partner who will submit to your ways. When you are in a relationship, you tend to be uneasy when your partner is away.

Your Greatest Fears

Dreaming about lions are sometimes your greatest fears which are your weaknesses. Lions are territorial; this reflects your attitude of being tyrannical. Even though you are a risk-taker, problem-solver, and passionate, there will always be a tendency of being cold, argumentative, predictable, and worst is you may run over people easily.

Something related to your Career

Having a lion in your dreams can be related to anything about your career. Lions are symbol of power, and authority. So, one is about leadership. This must mean that you will probably have a great leap in your career, a promotion or a salary increase.

Another is your relationship with your colleagues. You tend to be controlling and directive. Lions in your dreams mean that you should learn to control your temper and aggressiveness.

Religious Symbolism

A lion is not only a mere symbol of human personality but also a symbol of Jesus Christ. In the Revelation, Jesus is said to be the Lion of Judah, and lions are mentioned in the different parts of the Bible with different symbolic. For Christians and Believers, a lion represents God. Lions in your dreams may signify that you are walking away from Jesus Christ, and needed to take the courage to embrace Jesus Christ again.

Different Lion Dream Meaning

You may encounter different lions in your dreams which bring you various messages and interpretations. Get to know what your lion dream meaning is. Listed below are the most common lion dreams you may have and their meaning.


When you see a lion in your dreams, this tells you that your wisdom will overflow. You will surpass negativity and remain strong in the midst of various hardships and challenges. Be aware of your actions and emotions for there are various consequences you may face and some are not in your favor.


Seeing a lioness in your dreams may mean many things. You will definitely succeed in life for you are driven and consistent in achieving your goals. As the saying goes, always keep your eye in the prize. No matter what happens, keep reaching for your goals.

Another is your maternal instinct. A lioness gives birth away from the pride, and raises her cub on her own. Seeing a lioness in your dreams, means that you are overprotective towards your loved ones, family, friends, or even career. You are afraid of losing your most valuable person or thing in life.

The lionesses always do the hunting and let the male lions to eat their prey first. This means that you want to take control of your relationship but always let your partner take the benefits. You are doing this instinctively, and always have the feeling that you should be the strong one in your relationship.

Lion Cub

Dreaming of lion cubs are symbol of pride and tenderness. It represents someone in your life who you treat as invaluable or something you are proud of. Also, lion cubs are your choices in life that may bring you success or destruction, so be wary.

Brown Lion

This is the most common type of lion you may encounter. Generally, brown lion is a symbol of control, power, and strength. This lion may appear in your dreams to tell you that you might be able to overcome extreme challenges or difficulties you may face in life.

Dreaming of a brown lion is usually a good sign as it represents your strengths and superb qualities. However, this may be a warning for you to take control of your life as you have the tendency to go all out and be controlling.

Golden Lion

When you have a dream of golden lions, you should be happy but be wary. This brings you success and many golden opportunities in life that may be your turning point towards wealth and fame. However be careful, because you might encounter people who will do everything in their power to stop you from achieving your goals and create mischief or misfortunes in your life.

White Lion

A lion is a symbol of royalty, dignity, and prudence. Having a white lion in your dreams emphasizes your regality. It highlights your power, and authority which can be related to career, family, or peers. You may encounter great success and new beginnings in your waking life.

Black Lion

Typically, black lion is a symbol of negativity. Seeing this type is usually a sign of harmful situations or persons in your life. This lion alerts you to be aware of your surroundings, as well as the people around you, because you’ll never know when will danger strikes and cost your life or most valuable possession.

Common Dreams About Lions Meaning

When you dreamed of something unusual or out of the box, you became curious of its meaning. Therefore, listed below are some common dreams about lions and their meaning.

A lion is chasing you in your dreams

This means you’re fearful of your own weaknesses which you couldn’t control. You struggle to break free from your negative emotions and personality.

Being attacked by a lion

It represents someone has completely overpowered you. Also, this means that you will be able to meet new friends. An aggressive lion means powerful affiliation, and a friendly lion means you will meet free-spirited and loyal friends.

You turned into a lion

When you became a lion in your dreams, this means that you are a loyal and passionate person. You will do everything in your ability to provide for and protect your loved ones.

A lion was sleeping beside you

This is a positive dream which means you are handling a difficult situation very well.

5. Seeing a dead lion

It represents that you have succeeded the most difficult hurdle in your life and success is on the way.

A lion eating in your dreams

This is a representation of your hidden personality or feelings. There are feelings you don’t want to share because you might appear as vulnerable. It can also represent your aggressive feelings or frustrations towards someone.     

A lion killing your loved ones

There is no need to worry when you dreamed of something like this. This only means that you are afraid of something bad might happen to them which may result to losing them.

Built friendship or relationship with a lion

This represents that you have completely taken control over complicated things and difficult situation.

Lion with wings

A winged lion is a very good sign as it marks your dominance. There will be no hardships that can stop your way.

A lion is watching you while you are naked

This naked dream is about suppressing yourself and doing what the entire opposite of what you want so that you will not be misjudged or mistreated.

Fighting with a lion

Fighting with a lion means you will do the right thing about a certain issue but ends up feeling overpowered, helpless and lost.

12. Dreaming of a lion with a beautiful mane

Dreaming of this scenario is related to your spiritual feelings and emotions. This is a way of showing you that you are to experience bountiful and blessed life.

Dreams about lion Conclusion

There are times when you don’t fully understand your dreams, but somehow manage to remember details of it. These details are messages you need to be aware and take control of. Always remember the Turkish Proverb, “A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man.”

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