An In-depth Look into the Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius is the most free-spirited among the 12 zodiac signs! With no fixed ideas and a broad perspective, they are often respected by those around them. This article will explain Aquarius’ personality characteristics, tendencies in love, views on marriage, suitable jobs, etc., based on the horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs. If you’re an Aquarius or interested in one, keep reading!

Aquarius Personality Traits

A Free Spirit Full of Originality 

Aquarius is full of individuality and originality. They often surprise those around them with their unique ideas. Moreover, they are very free-spirited; their ideas and actions are not bound by conventional rules. They always think and act at their own pace. They value their circle of people and are not selfish. However, because they think outside the box, people around them may secretly consider them a ‘weirdo.’ For Aquarius, who enjoys being different from others, being considered an oddball is a form of praise.

Very Open-minded and Friendly 

Aquarius loves freedom but that doesn’t mean they dislike people. In fact, they are interested in everything, including humans. They take the initiative and interact in a friendly manner. They are generally generous and kind, treating everyone amicably. They are not shy and can communicate without hesitation even when meeting someone for the first time. They may even have long conversations with strangers if the timing is right.

Sensitive and Emotional 

Aquarius has great sensitivity and is easily moved by even the smallest things. They have a particular sensitivity to the arts and love beautiful things and music. Their rich emotional sense allows them to notice, be moved by, and enjoy beautiful music and scenery in their daily lives. However, their sensitivity also reacts strongly to sadness and anger.

No Fixed Ideas and a Broad Perspective 

Aquarius has no fixed ideas. Judgments about right and wrong are made based on standards that have been cultivated within themselves. Except for cases that violate the law, they do not rely on majority decisions but value their own feelings.

A Liberal Person Who Respects Themselves and Others 

Aquarius is a free person who respects other people’s freedom because they want to be free themselves. They could be considered ultimate liberals with the idea that ‘as long as we don’t do anything that makes each other uncomfortable, we can do whatever we want.’ However, they never disturb their circle; they try to stay in harmony with their surroundings while avoiding excessive conformity.

 Very Independent-minded 

Aquarius is very independent-minded, with their motto being “I can do my own thing.” They believe that independence is necessary for freedom. They are characterized by their strong sense of independence, especially when it comes to work, and dislike unsolicited interference. They seek independence not only for themselves but also for those around them. They dislike being overly pampered or relied upon. While Aquarius is a good-natured person, they can feel stressed in such situations.

Good at Being Fair and Objective 

Another characteristic of Aquarius is their emphasis on fairness. They believe that equality is a prerequisite for freedom. They are careful to ensure that they do not cause harm to others. They have an objective perspective and are aware of not only their own actions but also those of others around them. If they notice inequalities, they take action and make efforts to rectify them.

Strong Sense of Duty and Humanity 

Despite their free-spirited nature, Aquarius is very loyal and affectionate. They try to repay kindness received twice over, and once they become close to someone, they cherish that relationship forever. However, their relationships are not clingy. They rarely communicate regularly, but in times of emergency, they rush to help.

Dislikes Lies and Struggles with Social Etiquette and Formality 

Aquarius has an honest personality and dislikes lies. The problem is that they struggle with social etiquette and formality. Even if they understand that something is just a social gesture or formality, they end up taking words seriously and expecting more from them.

Feels Loneliness Deeply 

While Aquarius values freedom, they dislike being alone. In fact, they can be very lonely. They believe that true freedom can only be found through connections with people. It may seem contradictory, but the situation that Aquarius wants to avoid the most is being free yet ignored by everyone.

Characteristics of Aquarius Men

Aquarius men have the following characteristics:

  • Friendly, sociable, and approachable
  • Operate at their own pace
  • Individualistic and original
  • Quick decision-makers
  • Possess a strong and stubborn side

They are friendly and can quickly become friends with anyone. However, since they are not always with others and operate at their own pace, they may often seem to disappear before you know it. They are diligent in their work, but in their private life, they do whatever they feel like. The best way to avoid stress for both parties is to adopt an open-minded approach and accept that ‘if they disappear, they’ll just contact me later.’

Trying to fit an Aquarius man into a conventional framework is futile. If you try to restrict their thoughts or actions, Aquarius will quickly distance themselves and the relationship will become strained. Instead of just respecting their freedom, it would be better for you to also embrace your own freedom and find balance. Aquarius men will make decisions and act on their own even if left alone, so it’s best to keep an eye on them from a distance.

Characteristics of Aquarius Women

Aquarius women have the following characteristics:

  • Comfortable being alone
  • Tend to be passive in relationships
  • Pacifists with big hearts
  • Good at staying unnoticed
  • Can seem aloof among other women

Unlike men, Aquarius women are often passive types who do not take the initiative to join a group, so they tend to be thought of as ‘lone wolves,’ which is rare for women. Especially in a group of women who seek sympathy and exert strong peer pressure, they tend to remain detached.

However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in people. On the contrary, they are caring and kind pacifists. When you get into a deep relationship with someone, they’ll show you different facets of their personality and you might find yourself thinking, ‘They’re completely different from my first impression!’

In order to have a successful relationship with an Aquarius woman, it is best to avoid imposing your thoughts and feelings on her, maintain a certain distance, and uphold good manners in your relationship. If you seek common ground and listen to what the other person has to say, you’ll build closer relationships.

Aquarius Love Tendencies

Cautious in Love 

Aquarius is friendly and can easily make friends, but they are very cautious when it comes to love. It takes them a long time to develop a relationship beyond friendship. This is because they devote a significant amount of time to a love interest and need to carefully assess their suitability.

Attracted to Their Type 

While Aquarius is cautious in love, they quickly become smitten with people who fit their type. When they meet someone who perfectly matches their sense of beauty, they tend to lose their usual caution and follow what the other person says. However, a relationship that begins based solely on looks will not last long. Many Aquarians become even more cautious about love after experiencing a failed ‘love at first sight’ relationship.

Single-minded and Passionate When Serious 

Once Aquarius decides they like someone, they become serious and approach the relationship with single-minded passion. They have a great ability to take action and show their sincerity and enthusiasm by actively pursuing their love interest. However, they need to be careful not to act without considering the other person’s feelings.

Long-lasting Relationships 

Once Aquarius starts dating someone seriously, the relationship tends to last a long time. Contrary to what one might think, being a free spirit doesn’t mean they freely fall in love and have many relationships. Aquarius love is slow to heat up but also slow to cool down, often leading to long-term relationships or marriage.

As Aquarius takes time to fall in love, they often consider compatibility with the other person and simulate future scenarios. Many couples start dating after gaining a deeper understanding of each other, resulting in fewer disagreements.

Dislikes Being Tied Down 

Aquarius dislikes being tied down. Therefore, not being bound is an essential condition for them to fall in love. They like to spend half of their holidays on their own terms. Even during a date, they suggest different activities depending on the situation. The length of time they spend together is not proportional to their love.

Many Aquarius partners are open to free movement. Aquarius usually goes somewhere even during a date, so if their partner gets angry every time, they won’t hold back. Aquarius chooses a partner who will accept their freedom and still remain loyal to them.

How to pursue a person of Aquarius

The best way to approach an Aquarius is to start as friends. You’ll quickly become friends with a friendly Aquarius. From there, gradually shorten the distance, observing and asking questions to find out what type of person they prefer. There is no reason not to use the weak points of Aquarius in the appearance of the type you like. Gradually bring yourself closer to the type you like.

While respecting Aquarius’s freedom, it’s important for you to enjoy it as well. Aquarius’ ideal love relationship is one where they are independent but emotionally connected, so do things that will make them think, ‘This person is someone I can enjoy while valuing my time.’

Then, the key is to watch the timing and push hard with pinpoint precision. People tend to be easily pushy, so when the time comes, show your kindness in an easy-to-understand manner. However, if you persist, it will have the opposite effect, so push firmly and briefly, and if it doesn’t respond well, pull back quickly. It takes time for your feelings to solidify, so play the long game.

Aquarius’ View on Marriage 

Aquarius’s desire to get married is not very strong as they perceive marriage as ‘reducing money and time.’ Marriage is not a necessary condition for life; it’s more like ‘I’ll get married if I find the person I want to marry.’

Aquarius will want to get married when they have talked a lot with the person they truly love and their vision for marriage becomes clear. When they think, ‘With this person, I will be able to build a warm family while protecting each other’s freedom even after marriage,’ then the option of marriage comes into view.

They love their family deeply but are not the type to devote everything to their marriage. In fact, even after marriage, they need time for themselves and tend to maintain their own pace. They try to help but when it’s all the time, they end up exploding with stress. Therefore, the ideal marriage partner for an Aquarius would be someone who is free and generous and can switch between thoughts and actions in a smart manner.

Jobs Suitable for Aquarius 

Jobs that allow them to freely express their areas of expertise are suitable. For example, they may want to work as a designer or craftsman where they can make use of their high aesthetic sense. They are also suitable for work in areas such as product development and planning where they can make use of their wonderful creativity. They can think flexibly without being too attached to precedents so working in new fields such as IT or AI would also be a good choice.

They also have a high sense of independence and strong will so they have the option of starting their own business. It comes with a lot of responsibility but they will find the job more rewarding.

On the other hand, jobs that require close attention to people such as sales and customer service tend not to be suitable for them. The reason they can enjoy interacting with people in a friendly manner is because they are free and private. If they choose a job that involves working closely with people, they will have no escape and will be under a lot of stress.

An easy-going, free-spirited person

That’s an Aquarius! A free-spirited Aquarius is slightly more susceptible to stress than others. If they don’t have enough free time, they can easily become depressed and irritable. Although they take their duties seriously, it may be important for them to balance their freedom with a change of pace.