True Meaning and Right Interpretation of Dreams of Explosion

Dreaming about explosions often appears when you are stressed or overwhelmed by certain situations, which affect your feelings and emotions. So, is it a bad thing to dream of explosions? Learn more about your explosion dreams and find out what it really means when you dream about an explosion. 

General Meaning Behind Dream About Explosion

In general, dreams about explosions represent tragedy, hardships, and uncertainty. However, explosion dreams could also be a symbol of turning over a new leaf. To dream of explosions is usually related to events that are beyond your control and power. Thus, symbolizing your ability to handle your feelings and emotions in reality.

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream About Explosion –12 Common Explosion Dream Interpretations

1.Dream about surviving an explosion

Dreams about surviving an explosion, in general, mark the start of a new beginning or journey in life. If you are able to escape by yourself, then it symbolizes your determination to overcome any challenges that may come your way. However, if you are saved by someone else, it means you will be indebted to a specific person in your waking life. Meanwhile, saving someone from an explosion in dreams suggests going through an unexpected obstacle in reality. 

2.Dream about explosion and fire

To dream about explosion and fire shows your passion that will ignite anytime soon. The good thing in this dream is when you feel happy and calm during the explosion. It means you know how to deal with major changes in your waking life. However, if you feel frightened when you dream of explosion and fire, then it shows that your decisions will make you irritated and depressed. 

3.Dream about causing an explosion

Dreaming about causing an explosion means you will do something bad and the people around you will remember you because of it. Moreover, your actions and words may negatively impact various individuals in your reality. Hence, it would be wise to think twice before communicating. 

4.Dream about being hurt during an explosion

Dreams of being hurt during an explosion signifies various things depending on what part of your body is damaged. If you hurt your hand during the explosion, then it is related to your decreased productivity in reality. Hurting your legs or feet foretells obstacles coming your way as you pursue your goals in life. Meanwhile, injuring your face during the explosion is closely related to your reputation in your waking life. Be careful of the people around you as they will try to tear you down. 

Furthermore, damaging your ears during an explosion in dreams suggests pretending to be deaf as you approach your goals in reality. Listening to the opinions of others, at this time, will only hinder you from succeeding. Thus, take steps the way you think is right. 

5.Dream about explosion and smoke

If you see smoke after an explosion in dreams, then it is a sign of unforeseen mistakes. You may create decisions in your waking life that will cost you a lot more than you think. Therefore, if something is going through your mind lately, it would be best to avoid making plans and decisions as of the moment. 

6.Dream about nuclear or atomic explosion

To dream about nuclear or atomic explosions denotes being overwhelmed by certain situations in your waking life. You have so much stress and anxiety bottling inside of you. However, you can’t think of ways on how to calm yourself. At this time, it would be helpful to meditate and rest. 

7.Dream about volcanic explosion

Dreams about volcanic explosions are symbols of uncontrollable events that may happen in your reality. There are times when you can’t solve the problems of other people, no matter how hard you try. In times like this, just have faith that everything will be alright. 

On the other hand, volcanic eruption dreams symbolize your hidden or restrained anger and emotions towards the people around you. If the eruption destroys your home, then it means your repressed feelings and emotions are ruining your relationship with your family. 

8.Dream about explosion ruins

Witnessing the ruins or aftereffects of an explosion in your dreams is a negative sign concerning your relationship with the people around you. You may experience misunderstandings as you come across various individuals in your waking life. Moreover, dreams about explosion ruins may indicate health problems and financial difficulties. 

9.Dream about hearing an explosion

Hearing about an explosion may not be a visually bad dream. However, this dream is directed to the impact of your words and actions towards other people. It would be best to be tactful and controlled to avoid hurting other people’s feelings and emotions. On the other note, hearing about an explosion in dreams warns you to avoid things that negatively affect your physical health in reality. 

10.Dream about gas explosion

Dreams about a gas tank explosion are waking call dreams to remind you to have some time off yourself. Don’t over exhaust yourself because of your professional and personal life. Taking breaks in between is a good way to check if you can still keep up with your goals. Having a happy and healthy mind will help you handle unexpected and difficult situations in your reality properly.  

11.Dream about car explosion

Car dreams are interpreted as your journey and direction in life. If you dreamed of a car explosion, then this shows that the things you do in your waking life may be halted, postponed, or completely destroyed. Dreams about car explosions foretell obstacles you may come across as you drive towards your goals. 

12.Dream about an airplane explosion

Airplane dreams are related to your aspirations in your waking life. You are determined to go big or go home. However, when you dream about an airplane explosion, that’s where your problems come in. You have set your standards too high, which leads you to huge disappointments in reality. Failing to achieve your goals may make you feel depressed at the moment. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Explosion

You should always prepare yourself to advance towards your goals in life when you learn the meaning behind your dreams about explosions. No matter what circumstances you are in, it would be helpful to stay focused on what you want to achieve. At the same time, do not forget to take some time to relax and motivate yourself. 

Real Dreamland Scenario and Interpretation

A man felt an explosion while hearing news about the phenomenon. This dream tells him to be careful of his environment. He may be surrounded by dishonest people. These individuals may take him for granted or deceive him in any way possible. Moreover, this dream is a sign of receiving bad news, which could either be related to his personal or professional life. Therefore, it would be best to take his time planning for his future and be wary of the people around him.