True Meaning and Right Interpretation of Dreams of Computer

 A computer is an electronic device that manipulates data or information and has the ability to process, store, and retrieve data. It can be used to type documents, search the internet, visit the web, and send emails. Accounting, spreadsheets, database administration, gaming, and presentations can all be handled using a computer. 

But do you have any computer-related dreams? Surely, these dreams will leave lasting impressions. More so, computer dreams can make you wonder about their meaning. Therefore, continue reading this article to go over the most common interpretations of your dreams of computers.

General Meaning Behind Dreams About Computer 

A computer in your dream represents access technology, retrieval of information, and modern lifestyle. To gain a deeper understanding and interpretation, consider the sort of computer you are using, how you are using and connecting with the computer in the dream; and your feelings inside the computer-related dream. From a personal point of view, it represents an effective portal for you to reach the outside world. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream About Computer – Common Computer Dream Meaning

1.Dream about computer virus

Computer viruses in dreams are often symbols of destruction in your waking life. It could be someone close to you trying to harm your reputation. Computer viruses are like pests that suck out the goodness of something. Therefore, if you dream about computer viruses, you should start examining your waking life and don’t neglect the potential threats you notice. 

2.Dream about computer not working

When your computer is not working in your dreams, this usually suggests issues that you need to resolve in your waking life. Internal or external factors could cause these problems – either battling with yourself unnecessarily or letting others’ opinions bring you down. Knowing the root of these issues will help you avoid or solve regressions happening in your reality. 

3.Dream about computer being hacked

If you dream about your computer being hacked, then it possibly tells you that you have no control over the things happening in your life. You are put under a situation where you have to go with the flow to achieve what you need. More so, this dream tells you to be on guard as people will try to lock you out of your circle. 

4.Dream about computer keyboard

In dreams, a computer keyboard is usually viewed as a positive dream as it signifies your strengths and ability. You have the power to control your feelings and emotions. Moreover, you know how, where, and when to voice your opinions to avoid hurting other people. However, dreaming about a computer keyboard, wherein you act harshly or violently in dreams, like destroying the keyboard, usually means you are careless or tactless and tend to harm someone’s feelings easily.  

5.Dream about breaking a computer

Dreaming about breaking a computer is a sign of exposure anxiety. You are evading or refusing to accept responsibility for something. You believe you can let go of your inhibitions and disregard cultural norms. Your dream represents clarity and the need to think more clearly about a subject. In some situations, you are overreacting.You must undergo some sort of change.

6.Dream about computer being stolen

Stolen computers in dreams indicate that you feel lose  of something important in your waking life, such as a career or a relationship. It also denotes your fear of exploring new paths as starting from scratch is so overwhelming. Alternatively, a stolen computer in dreams is an indication of privacy invasion – either you are the victim or the culprit, who crossed the line and gone a bit overboard. 

7.Dream about a computer room

 If you dream about a computer room, which signifies technology and modern culture. This is a sign informing you that fresh opportunities will soon come your way. It can also alert you if you are hesitant to be yourself. You may not feel the urge to be an outcast in mainstream culture. You may even look down on individuals who challenge the status quo.

8.Dream about computer shops

Computer shops represent your wish to start over. You are in a state of rebellion against society or the government. You have a tendency to give in to the wishes of others. It is a message for your individuation process and your search to meet some spiritual demands. You’re looking for a shoulder to cry on.

9.Dream about a computer monitor

 Dreaming about a computer monitor is a symbol of good fortune and pleasure. To discover your hidden sentiments and desires, you must delve deep into your subconscious. You wish for things to operate more smoothly in some aspect of your life. Your dream is a reminder for recollections and longing. You desire to deviate from your significant other.

10.Dream about fixing a computer

Fixing a computer in reality normally requires extreme attention to detail. Therefore, when you dream about fixing a computer, this dream tells you to focus on the things that will always keep you on track with your goals. Don’t be afraid of exploring new aspects of life as it will teach you many lessons. Along the way, you will encounter problems and get stressed about them, but don’t be swayed to overcome these challenges. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Computer

Almost everyone has dreams, whether or not we recall them. Dreams can be joyful, joyous, terrifying, infuriating, peaceful, dull, strange, or plain uncomfortable. A computer in a dream reflects the brain and how you think. What you do or view on a computer represents concerns or interests that you are interested in. When you dream about computers, recognize how you think and drive yourself to investigate difficulties, and make attempts or plan to change yourself.

Real Dreamland Scenario and Interpretation

A man had a dream about gazing at his computer. He was very concentrated in his waking life on monitoring his regular cognitive processes and thinking skills.

A woman had a dream that her work computer was on fire. In her waking life, she was dissatisfied with her job and desired a change. The computer catching fire may have reflected troubles at work, making professional thinking impossible, or it may not have become so awful that it ruined any desire to work there again.