True Meaning and Right Interpretation of Dreams about Dating

Dating is opening yourself up to someone and allowing that person to get to know you while you are doing the same. However, when it comes to dreams, dreaming about dating is more about getting to know yourself, learning how to communicate with others, and embracing new relationships, whether it’s a friendly, romantic, or familial one.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Dating


Dreaming about dating means you have a strong self-love and that is wonderful. Remember that before you start loving others, you must learn to love yourself first.


Dreaming of dating represent your current worries in life. You may be in your 30s already and you’re still single, and the people around you are already pressuring you. Don’t be too bothered about what other’s think because your own happiness must be your top priority.

Changes in the Future

Dreaming of dating symbolizes the changes you are about to embark in the future, which excites and scares you at the same time.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Dating –13 Common Dating Dreams Interpretation

1. Dream about Dating in General

Generally, dreaming about dating says more about knowing yourself deeper. The dream tells you that you must be aware of your capabilities and hidden skills. The dream also symbolizes your worries about dating and getting into a new relationship because of your previous experiences.

2. Dream of Dating a Celebrity

If you are in a relationship while dreaming of dating a celebrity, it means that you must address an issue with your partner. One of you may be giving too much and getting too little in return, while the other one receives all the love and doesn’t give back what the other deserves.

If you are single, it means that the qualities of the celebrity reflects your new and improved personality. You are now someone whom people look up to and consider as their role model.

3. Dream of Dating a Friend

Dreaming about dating your friend doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in love with them. The dream just suggests that you wish to be accepted by that particular person amid causing them bad things in the past.

4. Dream of Dating Someone Else

Dreaming about dating someone else who is already taken by your friend, symbolizes your jealousy towards the achievements and possessions of that person

5. Dream of Dating an Old Friend

Dreaming of dating an old friend is a double-edged sword. The good meaning it brings is related to money which you will receive in the near future. However, the bad meaning pertains to your behavior of spending more than what you’re actually earning, therefore, you must be careful in handling your expenses to avoid this.

6. Dream of Dating Someone I Don’t Know

Dreaming of dating someone you don’t know symbolizes your loss of connection to the people around you whom you are very close with in the past. This could even mean loss of ability to connect to your inner self. Hence, you must pause and take a moment to look at where you’re headed because you might have not given yourself enough worth by doing things you are not passionate about.

7. Dream of Dating a Cop

Dreaming of dating a cop connotes your capability of overcoming life’s challenges, amidst all the difficulties it presents. It means that even if life gives you lemons, you exactly know how to make a lemonade out of it. You are not afraid to start anew and learn new things.

8. Dream of Dating a Rapper

Dreaming about dating a rapper represents your arrogance. While it may be good because you have something to brag about, the people around you will just see it as nothing but pure boasting. Therefore, you must be humble and helpful towards others instead for people to change their perception towards you.

9. Dream of Dating a Dead Celebrity

Dreaming of dating a dead celebrity is warning you because you are veering away from your original goal. You must be careful because you might be surprised one day that you are not taking the right path anymore. You are instead taking on someone else’s road because of envy.

10. Dream about Dating the Same Gender

Dreaming of dating the same gender is a positive dream. It means that you’re responsible and hardworking when it comes to your career and your employer is lucky to have you. Keep up the good work because your efforts will soon be rewarded.

11. Dream about Dating Your Crush

Dreaming about dating your crush is a sign that you must not be afraid in taking a risk especially when it comes to expressing what you feel towards someone. Remember, if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no, so do now what you must do.

12. Dream about Dating Someone New

Dreaming of dating someone symbolizes your dependence on that person, like your parent or your partner. Take the dream as a sign that you are ready to be independent because you are actually stronger than you think.

13. Dream about Dating Two Guys

Dreaming about dating two guys reflects your anxiety in your current relationship. If something is bothering you, always tell your significant other and ask for help in sorting the issues that are bothering  you.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Dating

Dreaming about dating brings different interpretations but you must always keep in mind that these are just guides to help you carry on with life. You are still the one who makes final decisions, so you must always think carefully before making them.

Real Dreamland Scenario

A woman, who’s having relationship problems, dreams of dating a celebrity one night.

The dream is a sign that she must acknowledge that her current relationship is on the rocks. Hence, she must be brave enough to talk about it with her partner because it can still fixed if they both want it to.