True Meaning and Right Interpretation of Dream About Octopus

Dreams about octopuses are quite rare. However, these dreams often bring a significant meaning that could impact your waking life. An octopus is known as a symbol of mystery, intelligence, goals, and defense. This animal usually hides, but it becomes a vicious predator when threatened or disturbed. Knowing its symbolism and characteristics will give you a hint about what it means to dream about an octopus. 

General Meaning Behind Dream about Octopus


Many people believe that octopus dreams are always a bad sign. However, dreams about an octopus often signify positive thoughts and events in your waking life. It could mean any success, happiness, and achievement. Dreaming of an octopus symbolizes triumph over failure, overcoming challenges and problems in your waking life. 


Although dreams about an octopus are viewed positively, they could also bring negative energy to every dreamer. It could mean someone may try to harm you or get in your way to stop you from achieving your goals and desires. More so, it could be the fears you are trying to neglect, and thus, they start to haunt you through your dreams. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream about Octopus – 9 Common Octopus Dream Occurrences and meaning

1.Dream about a giant octopus

A giant octopus in dreams can be a symbol of your strength or weakness. Typically, a dream about a giant octopus is a reflection of your solid yet reserved personality. You are observant and ready to jump into action once you see the need to do so. You also tend to distance yourself from other people. In this sense, dreaming about a giant octopus is not a bad thing. 

However, when the giant octopus in your dreams starts feeling anxious, restless, or even doing something strange, then this dream might be hinting at an obstacle that you have to face. It can be peer pressure, work struggles, or family issues. The best thing to do is not to feel overwhelmed when problems arise in your waking life. 

2.Dream about an octopus on the ground

Dreaming about an octopus on the ground suggests focusing on your present actions. Know the people around you because someone may stop you from achieving your goals. People may feel envious of the things you obtain in your waking life, and they might try everything they can to hinder your success. 

On the other hand, an octopus on the ground means unfinished projects or plans. You may be starting a new project or business, but you will be forced to pause for a while. This may not have a bad meaning because an unfinished project might lead you to a new project that will bring you success. 

3.Dream about an octopus in a body of water

Dreams about an octopus in a body of water, either sea or ocean, usually carry positive interpretations. It could mean a new job and opportunities that you desire. Additionally, it shows that you will be able to solve all your problems at work or school. On the other note, it could signal the start of meeting a long-time friend that you haven’t seen for a while. 

4.Dreams of eating an octopus

Eating an octopus in dreams is typically a good sign. You may be facing problems in your waking life at the moment, but you can, later on, survive and win over them. Devouring the octopus denotes that you are strong enough to surpass any struggle you face shortly. 

5.Dreams of catching an octopus

If you dream that you are catching an octopus, then good things may come your way. This means that you have regained your composure and strength, leading you to make the right decisions in your waking life. More so, catching an octopus suggests that you will be successful in everything you do. This can also be a signal to start a new project, hobby, or business. 

6.Dreams of an octopus attack

These dreams are pretty horrifying as these may appear in many ways, like an octopus strangling you, an octopus pulling you into the ocean, an octopus chasing you, or an octopus biting you. Whichever scenario you have, an octopus attack dream denotes threats and manipulation. You may come across someone who will try to do anything to pin you down. 

Alternatively, dreams of an octopus attack symbolize your guilt. You may have done something unjustifiable, and you are running away from it. This is the time to face your fears and to take responsibility for what you did. It can be saying sorry to the person you hurt or paying someone what you owe. 

7.Dreaming about a baby octopus

Dreaming about a baby octopus means you are flexible or adaptable. You can survive any environment, but you can’t control things. This could mean that you have to be careful of your actions at work or school because those actions may either strengthen you or ruin you. Regardless, a baby octopus tells you that you can bounce back from any situation you face. 

8.Dreaming about a dead octopus

A lifeless octopus in your dream shows that you can overcome the hardships you are currently facing. You may be under stress and pressure, but don’t worry, as you will solve your problems soon. On the other hand, it could mean facing a problem with your partner or loved one. So, try to be patient and work things out. 

9.Dreams of an octopus squirting ink

These dreams signify overwhelming problems that may come your way. Brace yourself for their impacts and set your mind to overcome such issues quickly. Focus on your strength as you find the roots of these issues and solve the problems one by one.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Octopus

Your perspective changes the moment you wake up from a dream, either good or bad. Experts even say that dreams influence a person’s behavior. Some may feel sad or mad after dreaming about something scary or bad, while others may act otherwise. On that note, dreamers always try to find out the meaning of their dreams. 

In this case, not all dreams about octopuses fall on the opposing side. Some octopus dreams suggest something bright. Hence, learning the interpretations of your dreams about an octopus opens the door to assess your current situation. You need to know why you have such dreams. 

Examine your environment and look for potential threats, but do not overthink and complicate things. Use the meaning of your dreams as a guide, but do not depend on it. After all, dreams are products of your subconscious mind and, primarily, reflections of what you think or see before you sleep. 

Real Dreamland Scenario and Interpretation

A man swimming with an octopus, which gradually grew bigger, started strangling him.

This dream is telling him to be cautious of the people around him. He should also assess his current situation because he is not aware of the threat brought by someone in his circle. Swimming with the octopus is a good sign, but when it grew larger than he thought and harmed him, it was a sign that someone around him may beat him. Hence, this dream suggests knowing the people’s intentions and removing every negative energy that will cause his failure. 

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