True Meaning and Right Interpretation of Dream about Makeup

Makeups are women’s way to enhance their appearances. There are different types of makeup for every part of the face, it just depends on you what you want to cover or enhance. Maybe you want to emphasize your eyes, your lips, or maybe your cheekbones.Putting  makeup on is like painting,  your face is your canvas. Dreaming about makeup can bring both positive and negative meaning depending on its details. Keep on reading next paragraphs to know more.    

General Meaning Behind Dream about Makeup

Hiding from Your Past

Dreaming about makeup means that you’re in denial of your true self. You’re afraid that if you show your true colors to others, they won’t be able to understand and accept you. So, you try your best to cover your past mistakes, even if it’s difficult.

Lack of Confidence

Dream about makeup indicates you don’t have confidence with what you’re doing, even if you’re actually capable of great things. Take the dream as a sign that you must start believing in yourself because you’re more than what and who you think you are.

Need for Change

Dreaming about makeup represents your desire for change. You try to imitate someone else. However,you are your own and you  have unique traits that people adore you for. It better for you to focus on that instead.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Makeup –12 Common Makeup Dream Meaning Explained

1.Dream about Makeup in General

Generally, dreaming about makeup represents your desire to hide your real appearance and identity, but it can also represent the beauty you have within. Just like  wearing a makeup can either accentuate an asset or conceal blemishes, your dream can act similarly.

2.Dream about Makeup Brushes

Dream of makeup brushes, or makeup tools in general, means that you will have difficulty in making decisions. You might have to consider many factors and the only way you won’t regret your final choice is to think well and weigh the pros and cons.

3.Dream about Makeup Breaking

Dreaming about makeup breaking is a good dream. It means you’re ready to show the world the real you. Maybe your confidence is already slowly building up, hence, you dream about makeup breaking. Keep it up and soon you’ll realize that you won’t need makeup anymore to face the world. 

4.Dream about Makeup with Someone

If you dream of makeup with someone, it means that the person you’re together with in your dream is your ride or die buddy. Be grateful that you have someone whom you can call loyal and trustworthy and take care of them.

5.Dream about Doing Makeup

Dreaming of doing makeup means that you care for others too much that you prioritize them first before yourself. This trait may be good and they’ll appreciate you for it, but be careful and remember to leave a little for yourself, because you need caring too.

6.Dream about Buying Makeup

To dream of buying makeup means that you will experience good luck related to money in your waking life. You might win in a raffle or get a bonus at work, but you must be careful because if you mismanage your money, you will lose them in an instant. Hence, don’t get too overwhelmed with what you will receive.

7.Dream about Putting Makeup on Someone

Dreaming of putting makeup on someone foretells an enjoyable reunion with an old friend. Maybe you suddenly remembered this person that’s why thoughts of them creeped in your subconscious and into your dream. Always cherish your moments with them because what you have is a precious bond.                                                        

8.Dream about Bad Makeup

Dream of makeup ruined or a bad makeup is a positive dream. It means that you’ll be able to spot betrayal and deceit before you even deal with it, which means you get to avoid being in deep trouble in the near future. However, remember to still be alert because you might get another stab in the back after the other.

9.Dream about Getting Makeup Done

Dreaming of getting your makeup done is a negative omen. It means that you’re too concerned about what others think and you see them as a competition instead of an ally. Be careful because you’ll be collecting enemies without even realizing it.

10.Dream of Makeup Artist

Dreaming about makeup artist is a warning that you’ll have a disagreement with one of your colleagues. It may only be minor but if ignored, it might worsen and become hard to resolve. So, however small the problem could be, be sure to give it enough attention and don’t drag it for too long.

11.Dream of Makeup Kit

The dreaming of makeup kit meaning varies depending on how you handle the situation. Generally, it can mean that you need a number of attempts to finally impress someone. That person could be your boss, a person you admire, or a family member. It could also mean the same when you dream of makeup bag.

12.Dream of Makeup on my Face

To dream about makeup on your face represents your attempt to hide your real identity. Is there something that you’ve done that you now regret? Or maybe you have a certain attitude that you don’t want others to discover? Whatever it is, remember that the people who really love you will accept you no matter what, so don’t be afraid to show your true color.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Makeup

Your dream about makeup can be a good indicator of how you can prepare and deal with the things in your life. However, the meaning will still depend on your current situation. Assess carefully which of those meanings can be applied to your life and use it as your guide to carry on. No matter what, your trust and belief in yourself is still the most valuable thing, so use that to your advantage.

Real Dreamland Scenario

A workaholic woman, one night, dreams about buying makeup at an expensive store. A few days later, she received good news about her boss giving them quarterly bonus. Instead of spending the money on shopping, she decided to save it in the bank.