True Meaning and Right Interpretation of Dream About Condoms

Condoms are rubber tubes that prevent direct physical conduct during sexual intercourse. For men, they are worn over the penis, while for women, they are inserted in the vagina before sex. They protect us from sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS. A dream about condoms is personal, and here are the interpretations of these dreams.

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General Meaning of Dreams About Condoms

The general meaning is that you are trying to hide some main characters from your family and close friends. You are pretending to be someone you are not so that others can be happy. When such a dream appears to a man, he is trying to act differently to impress a lady he is attracted to. The continued struggle will make the guy miserable, and the girl will not love him. So it is a message to take precautions and show your true self.

When a dream about condoms happens to a lady, she is anxious to get something great, but one little barrier is holding her. She should get rid of the barrier to achieving her desires. The lady wants bigger things in life other than the usual activities.

10 Common Interpretations and Meanings of Dreams About Condoms

1.Dream about buying condoms

It is a sign that your brain is tired of keeping a big secret. The huge secrete is becoming a burden to your heart, and you have to find another way to release the feeling. Buying a condom denotes the protective way you have to hide a secrete from your loved ones and friends. Try and solve the issue as soon as possible before it weighs you down.

Another interpretation is that you are buying your financial security so that it can become an investment in the future. You should go on with the idea of having a great financial future. It is an encouragement to continue saving and use little money on your desires.

2.Dream about many condoms

Dream about many condoms indicates that you have a great idea, but you are scared to launch it because of intimidation. Many condoms want to remain poor like them, but you should get out of the cocoon and show that you are strong enough to work out. On the other hand, it means that you have a romantic attraction to someone, but you are afraid of heartbreaks. So you are using many condoms to protect your emotional side.

3.Dream about searching for condoms

Dream about searching for condoms means that your emotions are becoming stronger towards a specific person. So it is time to speak out your heart so that the other party can understand your mind and soul. Your emotions will become stronger once you say all ideas in your heart. You will have a new beginning with great romantic success.

4.Dream about broken condoms

The meaning of a dream about a broken condom or condoms is that you have to take control of your sexual desires. Ensure your sexual needs are in line, or else you will fall in love with the wrong person. Carefully move on with your relationship and appreciate all moments with your lover so that the relationship can be fruitful.

5.Dream about condoms full of blood

Any dream with blood in the context is a bad sign, and here also, it means that you are feeling guilty from a betrayal activity. Most of the time, the betrayal is romantic; for example, maybe you stole your friend’s girlfriend. Your subconscious says what you did is wrong, and the relationship will not last.

Moreover, if a woman has this dream, she is anxious about getting pregnant, but it is not happening. For a man, he is scared of contracting sexually transmitted infections. Or he is not sure if he is infected.

6.Dream about huge condoms

This dream denotes that success is waiting for your, but you have to be careful with your daily decisions. It means that one simple miscalculation can put you in a ditch that will be hard to escape. The dream is highly related to your romantic relationships; hence be extra keen when selecting your partners because a bad selection can affect your future.

7.Dream about colored condoms

When you dream about colored condoms, it means that you will have successful endeavors in your current relationships. The colors mean that you enjoy the relationship and want to advance to a higher status like marriage. This dream is a message from the future that you should be prepared to handle success.

8.Dream about used condoms

This is a bad sign, and it shows that your lover will betray you and take away all of your achievements. Moreover, it warns that your partner does not love you but only wants money from you. Once he/she has enough, you will be left alone to suffer and regret. So watch out and study the behavior of your partner.

Another interpretation says that you are facing some challenges in your relationship and the source of the problems is poor communication. The visions are telling you to improve your communication skills so that the relationship can move on. Understand the feelings of your partner and acknowledge her presence in your life.  

9.Dreams about golden condoms

Having such a dream means that you will move out of your comfort place so that you gain a specific goal. Most of the time, the goal can be a special person that you have a crush on. It is a sign of personal growth that requires a lot of commitment and hard work. So open up your emotions and ask out the person that you want.

10.Dreams about female condoms

When a man dreams about female condoms, it symbolizes that he will soon get bad news from a woman very close to him. It can be your mother, wife, or daughter. So prepare your psychology in advance. On the other hand, when a woman has such visions, it is a sign that she is anxious to receive good news. She has been expecting it, and she feels it is very close.


Dreams about condoms are weird and funny, but they have a special meaning. They mean you act the opposite of your true nature to make others smile. Just like condoms protect us from infections and unwanted pregnancy, it is the same way you are protecting your emotions. Such visions appear to a woman when nervous or anxious to receive something.