Hidden Meaning and Right Interpretation of Dream Of Nails

dream meaning nails

Fingernails or nails might appear in dreams as representations of your overall perspective in life. Be it pleasant or terrible, the meaning of your outlook and attitude depends on what you are doing with your nails in your dreams. 

Meanwhile, nails are used to fasten or join pieces together to create a finished product. You can either drill or hammer them into the materials you use. Thus, dreaming of such nails symbolizes your ability to hold onto things and keep them intact. However, you must keep in mind that the way you work with the nails and the types or condition of the nails in your dream carry a different meaning.

In this article, you will read about different scenarios of dreams about nails along with their interpretations. Read on to know more about your nail dream meanings. 

General Meaning Behind Dream About Nails

Dreams of nails in your hands and feet are images of self-confidence. In some cases, these dreams also mean stability and self-development. Similarly, dreams about nails as fasteners embody your ability to combine and maintain a relationship in reality. Nail dreams are usually pictures of unwavering commitment and strong grip towards success and happiness. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream About Nails – Common Nail Dream Meaning and Occurrences

1.Dream about nails falling off

Dreams about nails falling off foretells major transitions in your reality. You might need to give attention to the people you have neglected in the past years or days. More so, you need to learn to prioritize. Know what’s good and bad for you. As a result, you might build a strong and lasting relationship with the people around you. 

2.Dream about nails breaking

If your nails are breaking in your dreams, it suggests your low self-confidence. You let your other half dictate the things you do because you don’t believe in yourself. Moreover, you have experienced various challenges in life that crushes you until now. This dream is a sign of waking up from your nightmare and stand up for yourself. 

3.Dream about cutting nails

Cutting nails in your dreams symbolizes your ability to admit mistakes in your life. You know how to make amends with your partner. Further, you are aware of your boundaries. You know when to stop and what to do in critical moments of your relationship. Thus, you maintain and keep your relationship healthy. 

4.Dream about biting nails

Dreaming about biting nails signifies a period in your life when your smile falters. Problems and responsibilities will make you quiver, which later on leads you to a significant downfall. However, if you make decisions carefully and take things one at a time, you might not lose the things that you cherish the most. 

5.Dream about painting nails

To dream about painting nails forewarns possible drawbacks that may take place in your waking life. Your love life might be at stake because of the decisions you make. Inversely, painting your nails in dreams is a sign of making small steps to progress. This development is usually connected to your relationships in reality but can also be related to your financial status. 

6.Dream about fake nails

Dreams about fake nails denote an unfavorable situation caused by any malicious opinions about you. You will appear as someone pretentious in the eyes of many people. However, do not fret because your true self will be known eventually. Fake nails in dreams shows your skills to help those who are in need. You have the ability to provide temporary support and comfort for the people around you.  

7.Dream of rusty nails

A dream about rusty nails symbolizes a relationship at risk. Perhaps a friendship, romantic relationship, or business connection might be on the verge of failing. Therefore, look for the wedge that drives the link apart quickly before it gets too late to save.

8.Dream of hammering nails

Dreaming of hammering nails means you are taking some aspects of your life the hard way. You may face a tough course as you go on, but you will find ways to solve your problems nonetheless. If you find yourself hammering the nails with ease, this shows that you are getting the hang of life. Additionally, you are taking the right path towards your goals when you have this dream. Conversely, if the nails bend as you hammer them in your dreams, this shows that you might face some issues in your relationship in the coming days. Try your best to resolve the case before it gets hard to straighten it. 

9.Dream of nail gun

You dream about nail guns when you have the ability to fix things effortlessly. You tend to decide quickly while giving accurate and satisfying results. However, your actions might sometimes be ruthless, which in turn, hurt you or the people around you. In contrary, dreams of a nail gun portend to your strong physical or sexual desire. You also have this sense of urgency that allows you to act quickly. In short, you are burning with passion and commitment.  

10.Dream of wall nails

To dream about wall nails signifies your capacity to withstand pressure and pain to hold different aspects of your life in place. You can also socialize with other people effortlessly. More so, no matter how hard it gets, you know how to stabilize and support any relationship you have. However, if you dream of protruding nails in the wall, it is a sign of committing yourself to impractical or useless activities. You might realize you aren’t fit for the job you picked or you might feel like you don’t belong in your current circle. 

11.Dream of stepping on a nail

Dreams about stepping on a nail foreshadow painful events in your waking life. However, this doesn’t mean that you might also step on a nail in your reality. What’s bothersome in this dream is you might get hurt because of someone else’s fault. If you are in a relationship when you have this dream, beware of possible betrayals. You might not notice your partner falling out of love, which will hurt you in the long run. Alternatively, dreaming of stepping on a nail shows that you are going to get busted in the near future. You might experience downfalls such as failed exams, getting fired, arguments with a loved one. These scenarios will give you discomfort. 

12.Dream of pulling nails

Pulling nails in a dream suggests that you realize your mistakes in reality. Perhaps you made a decision recently that impacts your life significantly. However, the results are not what you expect, and therefore, you find ways to reverse its effect. Alternatively, pulling off nails using a plier in dreams points to your unsteady commitment. You act rashly and pursue your goals aggressively. However, in time, you will discover that you are not doing the right thing and are not going to the right path. Consequently, you go back and forth, which causes delays in your success. 

This dream signals you to be careful of your actions and decisions. Do not involve yourself with different activities and networks when you are not entirely ready for the possible process and outcome. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Nails

Learning the meaning behind your dream about nails is not enough when you don’t take the necessary actions to lead a better life. Nail dreams are usually positive but when it represents something negative, it is normally a warning to change your lifestyle and way of thinking. 

A Real Dream Interpretation

A man dreamed of being pierced with a nail on his mouth. This dream reminds him that the words coming out of his mouth will cause a serious misunderstanding between him and his partner. If he’s not careful with the way he talks, he will inflict pain towards his loved ones and hurt himself eventually.