Everything You Need To Know of Dreaming of Hands

Wow, hands!!! They are essential parts of the human body because they help us do much more. They are important in communication, and a deaf person can communicate with the help of their hands. What about when you see hands in your dreams? In this excellent article, let us find out more with several interpretations of hands’ dreams.

Is There a General Meaning of a Dream About Hands?

Yes, depending on what the hands are doing, you can choose from two options the meaning. Hands in a dream can either mean hard work or relationships. The number of hands is also important in these dreams. You should also consider if it was a left arm or the right hand. Below are specific interpretations of dreams about hands

11 Unique Meaning of Dreams About Hands

1.Dream of a handshake

This is a sign that you are about to be recognized by the person you were shaking hands with. If it was a stranger but looked special, a famous person would recognize you. The handshake will also come with great opportunities in life. Sometimes a handshake means agreeing with someone, like a business deal.

If you are going through a conflict, it is time for peace and coexistence. It means the disagreements in your relationships will soon end and start to flow. When great leaders shake hands, it means the solution to the current political situation is coming. All economic problems will be out, and new investments will start.

2.Dream of dirty hands

For many years, dirty hands show hard work, and this dream tells you to continue with the struggle because soon it will give you wonderful results. The dream gives you hope that nothing worthy to work for goes without appreciation.

On the other hand, dirty hands can also mean that you should be careful with people because some are not trustworthy. Walk with your friend but watch their moves so that they do not disappoint you. Sometimes it can be a warning that your partner in business or life is about to disappoint you hence soldier on carefully.

3.Dream of holding hands

This dream is highly associated with a romantic relationship, and you are going to start one of the best relationships in life. This relationship will develop into a serious life decision; hence you should focus on it. You will have a lot of feelings towards the person you are holding hands with. Apart from a romantic relationship, it can also mean great personal relationships with others, leading to better connections.

4.Dream of old-looking hands

This is a warning that you are about to pass through some hard situation in life or you are already experiencing the hard times. The elderly hands mean that you will work hard to pass through such moments. Even when you succeed, it would have taken you a lot of time and resources to achieve your objectives.

5.Dream of burning hands

This is not a good sign, and it means that you are not taking the time to make decisions; hence the results will be bad. Your brain is telling you to reflect on your methods and actions so that you do not make impulsive decisions. Any small mistake you make will burn like fire and will kill your workforce and resources.

6.Dream of your hands in handcuffs

Such a dream is your subconscious telling you that you have the potential to achieve your goals, but something is pulling you back. Most of the time is just the fear of failure, and you should give yourself the courage you can succeed. Also, watch out for your close relationships that might be rolling you down.

If the handcuffs are on another person’s hands, then it means that you are very possessive of that person. Hence you are the one limiting his/her success. It is time to open ways for other people to move on. For example, sign the divorce papers so that the other party can start a fresh life.

7.Dream of rough hands

Rough hands symbolize that you do not consider other people’s feelings, and many of them are hurt by this behavior. You should change your actions and choose to relate well with others. Moreover, it is also a warning about the way you behave towards yourself. You should also be kind and gentle with yourself. In general, love yourself and also love others.

8.Dream of bloody hands

As the statement goes, dream of bloody hands means that you feel guilty because of something bad you did to an innocent person. On the other hand, you can feel guilty because something is beyond your control. Such dreams also appear when you feel like people close to you are trying to exclude you from the circle.

9.Dream of cutting hands

This is a sign that you feel lonely in your current or future life. It shows that you are going to lose your close friends and family. Furthermore, it is a warning that you should take care of your current wonderful relationships to remain stable for a long time. Your brain says that you have many problems, but no one is there to listen to them; hence, you must solve them yourself.

10.Dream of itching hands

The good news is that this is a sign that you will soon receive money, and your hand is prepared to take it. The source of the money is not known, but it is sure that you will receive it. It can be a legal or illegal source. Some cultures and religions interpret the opposite that it is a sign you will lose money. So do more research and understand what your religion or culture says about this dream.

11.Dream about making a fist

This is an encouragement that you have to make a major decision in your life, and it will lead to excellent outcomes. However, if you square your fist, then it means you have high levels of aggression against someone and can be dangerous. Try your best to solve that conflict without a fight. It is a warning that your anger does not have any valid grounds or purpose, hence useless.

Final Thoughts

A dream about hands is highly associated with your hard work and relationships. It can be a romantic relationship or a family relationship. So understand the type of relationship you can be affecting. Hands work hand in hand with your brain, so most dreams about hands can mean feelings in your mind like guilt and love.