Dreams That Foretell Wealth、Pregnancy、 Love And Health

Precognitive dreams can be puzzling sometimes. They seem to be connected to what we were thinking before going to sleep, and make us wonder if the dreams are telling us something about the future.

In the following article, you can find different dream scenarios that translate to varying meanings. You might get answers to those weird and mysterious dreams, and also to the ones you appreciate and never want to wake up from.

What dreams indicate Wealth?

1.Dreams about Rice or Grains

Dreaming about rice or grains is a sign of rich harvests. It is an indication of reaping the fruits of your labor . Keep on hustling and your efforts will be rewarded.

2.Dreams about Water

Dreaming of water means you will receive money soon. How and where water flows in your dream indicates the different ways that money will come your way. For instance, a vast ocean or river could mean that you will be prosperous in your career soon.

What dreams indicate Pregnancy?

1.Dreams about Seeds

To dream about seed is a sign of being pregnant. Like a seed which will soon grow, you too have your own seed planted  in the form of a fetus, which will soon come out and grow into something beautiful.

2.Dreams about White Pearls

Dreaming of white pearls can be a good indication of a new life sprouting. Like a pearl which is pure and clear, babies are also considered innocent and pure. Try to notice different changes in your body because you might already have a bun in the oven.

3.Dreaming about Fish

Dreaming of a fish swimming in the water can be likened to an embryo in its mother’s amniotic fluid. If you dream of a fish, you’d better take a pregnancy test in the morning.

What dreams indicate a baby boy/ baby girl or twins?

1.Dreams about Colors

Dreams about different colors when you are pregnant can be an indication of your baby’s gender. Generally, if you see pink in your dream, you may be carrying a girl . If you dream of blue ,you are going to have a baby boy. If you dream of both black and white, you could be having twins just like a Yin and a Yang, which symbolizes duality.

2.Dreams about Babies

An obvious sign of being pregnant is dreaming about babies. The gender of the baby in your dream can also be the gender of the one you are carrying in your tummy.

What dreams indicate marriage?

1.Dreaming about Wedding Rings

Dreams about wedding rings can be an obvious indicator of marriage, although not all the time. When marriage is involved, the dream signifies strong commitment between the husband and spouse. However, a diamond ring could mean an end of a relationship, so be careful.

2.Dreaming about Coins

Coins appearing in dreams may have a correlation with marriage, but it still depends on the details of the dream. Dreams of seeing a coin means that someone in your family will get married soon.

3.Dreaming about Rainbows

When a rainbow appears in your dream, it can be a sign of an early marriage. If you are still young and unmarried, it could symbolize you or your partner’s desire to marry at a young age.

What dreams indicate divorce?

1.Dreams of Broken Glass

A broken glass is hard to fix. When you see a broken glass in your dream, it means you are having a hard time fixing your problems with your partner, which could eventually result to  a divorce.

2.Dreams of Being Alone

Dreaming about being alone even when you are married is an indication of your desire to find yourself. Your marriage may be on the rocks, that is why you wish to have some space and time alone.

What dreams indicate illness?

1.Dreams about Dying Bees

Dreaming of dying bees can be a cause of worry. It is a bad omen which means you will soon face an illness and you will find it difficult to recover. Immediately seek help from health professionals before it’s too late.

2.Dreams about Fighting for Your Life

Dreams wherein you are fighting for your life is a sign of an impending illness. Assess how you are currently taking care of yourself and slowly end the unhealthy habits.

What dreams indicate success?

1.Dreams about Soaring Eagle

An eagle is known as a symbol of courage and fearlessness. Dreaming about an eagle soaring high is a good indicator of success. It means you are ready to take new heights and face new challenges in order to succeed.

2.Dreams about Doors

A door can lead a person to a different room, unfamiliar place, or a totally new dimension. To about an open door is an invitation for success. Hence, if a door opens for you, you should take the risk of going in and find out what’s on the other side.

What dreams indicate good luck?

1.Dreams about Number 8

We consider number 8 as a lucky number because it resembles an infinity sign, which means it doesn’t have a beginning and an end. In dreams, it symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

2.Dreams about White Horse

Dreams about white horses signify luck in the aspects of personal or professional finances. When you dream about it, you should accept opportunities given to you because you will definitely succeed.

What dreams indicate bad luck?

1.Dreams about Snakes

Snakes are known as treacherous creatures and dreaming about them could be a sign of bad luck. Be careful who you trust because they might betray you in future, which can cause your downfall.

2.Dreams about Fog

Dreaming about a fog is a bad omen. Since a fog can hinder your sense of sight, it means that you will not be able to easily spot danger heading your way, which can cause a huge misfortune.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream

Dreams may vary in meaning but remember that the interpretations still depend on how you live your life. Just be cautious always and don’t depend everything you do on luck, because hard work pays more.

Real Dreamland Scenario

A man in her early 20s is in a 4-year relationship with a woman who is the same age as him.

One night, he dreamed about witnessing a majestic rainbow, while sitting outside his girlfriend’s house. He tried to extend his arm and pretended to hold the beauty in front of him, when it suddenly disappeared.

Dreaming about rainbows is an indication of a romantic desire towards marriage. The man will soon realize that his current partner is whom he wants to spend his whole life with, and he is ready to marry her even at an early age. The sudden disappearance of the rainbow, however, symbolizes his need to tell his partner about it before it’s too late. Maybe a simple but heartfelt proposal will do the trick.