What Does the Scary Dreams about Tornadoes Really Mean

Weather dreams are among the common dreams humans have. One of these weather dreams are dreams about tornadoes, which can be quite frightening because these dreams are usually related to danger and destruction. Even humans who have not witnessed tornadoes in their waking life can still dream about this phenomenon.

Tornado starts from a thunderstorm. They may vary in colors and sizes but one thing is sure about these fast-spinning air, they destroy everything in their path. You would hope you will never witness one, ever in your life.

Although when it comes to dreams, not all dreams of tornadoes are to be scared of. Meanings of these dreams actually depend on what happened during the dream and your current state in your waking life, hence, be mindful of every detail.

Tornado dreams usually act as warnings. You might have to assess your emotion in the dream, as it will somehow tell you if your dream is geared towards the negative or the positive side. Take note of how the tornado appeared in your dream as well, because there are times that the meanings contradict each other, depending on the tornado’s activity.

What Does Dream About Tornadoes Symbolize In General?

1. Stronger than Ever

To dream about a tornado could mean that you are becoming stronger in your waking life. You could be experiencing minor setbacks here and there, but as the quote by Malcolme S. Forbes goes, “Victory is sweet when you’ve known defeat.”

Your tornado dream could be telling you that those small defeats are actually your stepping stone towards self-victory – a tougher and happier self. Be that someone who is not afraid to fall a few times, because you know you’ll still reach the top.

Maybe you are an aspiring singer. You join a lot of singing competitions only to end at the second or third spot. However, never give up because your constant practices actually make you better each day.

In the end, when the right moment comes, you’ll realize that all those efforts and small defeats happened for a reason, and that is to prepare you to become the champion.

2. An Immediate Change

Tornadoes bring about uninvited change, especially when they wreck human’s houses and livelihood. Most of the time, when you are in the situation wherein a tornado ruins properties, the only option left is to build a new life and start fresh.

To dream about a tornado causing rapid destruction in its surroundings could pertain to your own emotional change. Those sudden changes could be happening soon and they might require some adjustments in your usual routine.

Changes could be related to your personal life. If you are a female, maybe you are going to be pregnant soon. That would require you to change your eating habits since you will be feeding your baby inside you.

If you are a male with a corporate job, maybe your boss will assign you to move to a different city to cater diverse clients. This sudden transfer will force you to adjust to a new place and a new neighborhood.

You do not have to dismiss those changes immediately, because sometimes those are the things that actually lead you to your real purpose.

3. A Destructive Attitude

Your dreams can sometimes reflect your subconscious in your waking life. If you have a lot of worries or problems at the moment, that could be one of the reasons why you are dreaming about tornadoes.

However, the destructive attitude could also pertain to yourself and the habits you have which could destroy you in the long run.

For instance, maybe you like to smoke and drink a lot, or you are an adrenaline junkie who loves to do deadly stunts and dangerous activities.

Those self-destructive habits might harm you in the future and your dream could be telling you that you need to stop them before it is too late. Ask help from a professional or reach out to your friends and think of other ways to keep yourself occupied.

4. Feeling Unsafe

To dream of tornadoes could also mean that you feel threatened and unsafe in your waking life.

For instance, there are lucky people who earn their status and title with ease. If you are one of those people who is protected by his/ her family’s wealth, without working too much, then you should be careful. Maybe you inherited a huge amount of money or a great company from your parents.

Just like how the tornado in your dream swiftly took away your property and the people you love, the dream could be warning you that those things you treasure so much could also disappear in an instance.

You should not be too dependent on the things which you did not work diligently for. You can work hard, instead, to improve yourself. You can also focus on how to manage everything that were given to you, make it prosper but do not rely on it alone. If, unfortunately, you lose those things, at least you know how to get back on your feet and start anew.

5. A Hurdle to Success

You could be working hard to attain your goals. True enough, your strong conviction and belief in yourself could bring you great success. However, there are external factors that could hinder you from achieving those ambitions.

Your dream about tornadoes could be telling you that there are people around you who are jealous of how you handle your life. Instead of striving on their own, they would rather do everything to take you down with them.

Be very careful of these people, they could be someone you know well, hence you never thought of doubting them. However, in this day and age, you should always be vigilant. Let people earn your trust, do not just give it away easily. That way you can protect yourself from total loss.

What Does Dreaming About Tornadoes Mean – Common Tornado Dream Meaning

1.Dream about Witnessing a Tornado from Afar

When dreaming about tornadoes,it is important to note the distance of the tornado from where you are standing. Is it nearby or are you looking at it from afar?

If in your dream you are witnessing the tornado’s wrath from a great distance, then you do not have anything to worry about. You are safe from the damage that it might bring.

This could mean that in your waking life, whatever problem you are having at the moment will not cause a major blow. Instead, it will bring you peacefulness for a long time.

2.Dream about Multiple Tornadoes

To see multiple tornadoes in dreams could cause panic in your state of sleep. Dreaming of a single tornado is already destructive enough, imagine what multiple tornadoes can do.

Those tornadoes in your dream represent the people in your waking life who are moody to the extent of becoming violent. When those tornadoes merge, similar to how those toxic people unite, it will create a volatile situation which you do not want to be involved in.

Your dream about multiple tornadoes could be giving you a warning. If you see yourself getting caught between those kinds of people, learn to stay away from them immediately. Toxic people should be avoided as much as possible for your own safety.

3.Dream about Spinning Inside the Tornado

To be spinning inside the tornado is a terrible thing to experience. No one knows what could happen to you after the tornado is gone and the spinning stops.

Dreaming about being inside the tornado is somewhat related to having this whirlwind of strong emotions. Just like a tornado which you do not have the control over, you will have a difficulty manipulating your own emotions as well.

Maybe you found out that your boss is grooming someone else for the position you have long been eyeing for. You are disappointed and angry. You feel betrayed but you can’t show those emotions because that’s your boss.

So instead of letting your negative feelings overpower you, try your best to understand every angle of the situation and all the possible reasons behind why this is happening. You might just get the answer you need, then you can start working from there.

4.Dream about a Tornado Destroying Your House or Your Livelihood

Your house, your properties, and your livelihood are worldly things you consider precious to you. Those are things which took you years to build, and to see them being destroyed by a single catastrophe, such as tornado, is surely devastating.

Dreaming about the tornado destroying the things you treasure the most is not something you would want to experience at all. However, this dream could be giving you a warning about a certain event that will have grave repercussions in your waking life.

That particular event might have or might have not occurred yet, hence, the consequences are still about to happen. To avoid a huge amount of damage, assess your surroundings and think carefully. Ask yourself what situation could result to something unfortunate?

It could be a situation at work or an event with your loved ones. Check with the people around you, ask their opinions and reactions, as they might lead you to answers you still haven’t thought of.

5.Dream about Surviving a Tornado

Although seeing a tornado or Tsunamis in your dream can elicit fear, surviving it brings great relief. Getting over a destructive force in your dream, such as a tornado, also bears a positive meaning.

To dream about surviving a tornado means that whatever challenges you are going to face in the future will only be fleeting ones, and you are going to overcome them all. Aside from that, those small challenges are there to prepare you for the wonderful things you are about to experience in your waking life. Whatever roadblocks you are going to encounter will not waver you anymore.

The dream is also telling you that you will come back stronger and happier than your old self. So, cherish it because you are heading to the right direction.

6.Dream about Being the Tornado

To dream of being the tornado could mean that, like a tornado, you are destroying whatever is in your way. This could be a negative thing and you could harm the people around you, especially your loved ones.

Maybe you are being insensitive with your choice of words whenever you get upset. Maybe you are being too harsh, instead of giving a constructive criticism, you are giving a destructive one.

Be always mindful of your actions and learn to adjust your behavior, if needed, to avoid hurting the people who genuinely care for you.

What Action Should be Taken When You Learn About the Meaning Behind the Tornado Dream?

Tornado dreams can be interpreted in different ways, just like any other dream. If you already know the meaning behind your particular dream, work your way from there.

You could look at your dream as a warning to be more afraid or you can look at it and be thankful. Be grateful because you are given a heads up before experiencing total wreckage, at least, you have time to prepare.

These dreams does not always have to be scary, sometimes they can be a good sign of a newfound strength and a wonderful beginning.

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