True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams about Hair

People say your hair is your crowning glory. Indeed, a shiny and beautiful hair, may it long or short, can give you a confidence boost. Hence, when you dream about your hair or someone else’s, the dream is usually related to your passion, pride, strength, and determination.

Take into consideration how hair is presented in your dream. It is important to recall the details for you to be able to get the right interpretation. Read about the possible meaning behind your hair dream in the next paragraphs.

What Do Dreams About Hair Mean? General Meaning Behind Dreams About Hair

The Reflection of Your Confidence About Beauty

Dream about hair is a reflection of your confidence in your waking life. You are aware of the beauty you possess, and you know how to use it to your advantage. Not a day goes by that nobody notices your charm, hence, you could probably dream about hair often.

Your Fear of losing Power

Hair can symbolize your authority. To dream about hair, specifically one that is thinning or falling, could signify your fear of being nabbed of the current position you hold, particularly in your job.

Your Worry About Your Health Or Fear Of Losing  Friends

Dream about hair, specifically hair loss,It could simply mean that you are worrying about your health. And hair loss is similar to losing someone you cherish in your waking life. You may be fear of losing  the person when you dream of hair loss.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Hair – Common Hair Dream Meaning Analysis

Dream of Hair Falling Out

Falling out hair can sometimes be a cause of worry, especially if it’s an excessive amount. Dreams about hair falling out signify the deterioration of your health due to aging. The dream also pertains to your current lack of interest in the things you used to find joy before. If you’re a woman, then the dream of hair falling out speaks about the end of your relationship with your partner. It connotes an impending conflict that will result in a break-up.

Dream of Someone Else’s Hair Falling Out

Dream about someone else’s hair falling out is a sign that you should make peace with your loved one whom you had a misunderstanding. Learn to forgive that person even if they didn’t initiate the first move of asking for forgiveness. You’ll feel relieved in the long run because you’ll realize that you made the right move.

Dream about Pulling Hair Out

In reality, you have the tendency of pulling out your hair because of frustration or, sometimes, due to habit. Its interpretation is similar when you dream of pulling your hair out. It means you are experiencing an unsettling and difficult situation, which can result to mental stress in your waking life. Pulling your hair in the dream is your attempt to control and shift the circumstances to ease the emotional burden.

Dream of Pulling Hair Out in Clumps

Dream about pulling your hair out in clumps is disturbing. However, its meaning in dreams isn’t actually as bad. This particular dream is an indication that you must have more confidence in yourself, especially since you have inner potential and strong capabilities.

Dream of Bald Spot on Head

Dreams about having a bald spot on your head can be terrifying and unimaginable. Having that bald spot dream is a negative omen. Generally, it means that you will be experiencing an event in your waking life which you don’t have any control over, hence, making you feel helpless and useless. For ladies, the dream could signify a loss in terms of finances. Always be careful in making decisions that involve money.

Dream of Cutting Hair

Oftentimes, the act of cutting the hair short is a sign of moving on from a previous heartbreak. To dream about cutting your hair has a similar connotation. You may have experienced loss and brokenness before, and your dream is a sign you are ready to move forward and forget the past. Unfortunately, the dream also brings a negative meaning. It could mean that someone you know has plans of harming you. Do not easily trust anybody, observe their actions and motives towards you first.

Dream of Having Long Hair

Having a long hair is usually an option one makes, similar to having a haircut is also an option. Dreams about having long hair can be interpreted in two ways depending on your feeling towards your hair. If your long hair in your dream doesn’t bother you, it means you think carefully before coming up with your decisions. On top of that, you’re also an organized person. Alternatively, if you find your long hair as a burden, it means that you overanalyze the events happening around you, which causes you to get stuck in a situation.

Dream about Hair Growing

Dream of hair growing can mean that someone’s love and protection is enveloping you. On the other hand, your growing hair can also be a manifestation of your heightened confidence. Be cautious though because too much confidence might make you come out as too proud and arrogant.

Dream about Someone Pulling My Hair Dream

Someone pulling your hair in your dream connotes your defensiveness towards someone. A family or a friend is against your actions or your attitude recently, and she made you aware of that. However, instead of correcting or changing your demeanor, you became more disappointed and oversensitive. Remember that she’s just trying to help you, do not be too harsh on her and take a moment to assess yourself as well.

Basic Dream Of Hair Meanings For Christian and Hinduism

Dream of Hair for Christians

For Christians, the spiritual meaning of hair in dreams represents one’s toughness. It is also a good representation of a person’s wisdom. Seeing hair in the dream could also be a warning sign of upcoming challenges and disappointments in one’s personal or professional life.

Dream of Hair Falling Out in Hinduism

In Hinduism, dreams of hair falling reflect different kinds of losses between men and women. For a woman, the dream signifies a loss of their prestige and confidence as they age. For a man, it symbolizes the people’s loss of admiration towards him.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Hair

Your dream about hair may have showed you a meaning or two about your hair. Of course, you can use it as a guide in reaching your full potential, but don’t depend on it solely. Whatever your dream is and however you want your hair to be, the choice remains yours.

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