True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of Dreams of Elevators

Elevators commonly appear in dreams and are usually associated with the ups and downs of the dreamer. Elevator dreams have various representations and interpretations depending on the context. Keep reading to find out about your elevator dream meaning.

General Meaning Of Elevator Dreams

According to Aisling Ireland, an elevator dream is connected to your actions and emotions that can go up (positive) or down (negative). Dreaming about elevators may be an indication of great and significant opportunities that will come your way. Sometimes, elevator dreams symbolize your desire, fantasies, fears, and life details that you must not ignore. 

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Elevators?- Common Dreams About Elevators Interpretation

There are many dreams about elevator that you may encounter and each elevator dream bears different meanings. It is important to remember your exact elevator dream for an exact interpretation. Here are detailed elevator dreams and their interpretations.

Dreams Of Elevators That Are Not Working 

If you dream of elevator that is not working, it is an indication of feeling unsecured or losing your confidence. Aside from that, if you dream of a broken elevator it can show that your feelings and emotions are getting out of control. Also, you may be feeling stuck with your current routines in your waking life.    

Dreams Of Elevator Arriving At The Wrong Floor

Pushing the button of an elevator and arriving at the wrong floor in dreams suggests that something will happen that will cause you to delay all your plans in life. These delays are short and little but can actually help you in moving forward. The negative side is if you get off the wrong floor because it denotes a wrong decision you may make in your waking life.

Dreams Of The Elevator Moving Up And Down

An elevator moving up and down in dreams is a reflection of your positive and negative thoughts in your conscious life. You may be in the middle of different situations where your perspective will be changed either for better or worse. These dreams also mirror your state of mind, which probably is changing constantly in reality.

Dreams Of The Elevator Moving Side To Side

Dreams of elevators moving sideways represent your instability. You are focusing on little and unnecessary things in your waking life. Apart from that, you may also experience getting off track or you may feel that your plans are not going your way. There are things happening in your life that cannot be changed, no matter what you do.

Dreams Of The Elevator Falling Down

A falling elevator dream symbolizes a crisis or situation that may be pulling you down in real life. You are also losing control of the things happening around you and you have the tendency to act destructively or impulsively. Also, you may be in the middle of an argument or conflict with someone either from home, school, work, friends, or partner.

Dreams Of The Elevator Slowly Moving Up

An elevator that is slowly rising in your dreams indicates success, wealth, or fortune. You are about to experience fulfilment and happiness in your waking life. You are also in the period of harvesting the fruits of your hard work. 

Dreams Of A Still Elevator

Seeing a still elevator in dreams is a sign of feeling lonely. If the elevator is not moving because it is stuck or broken, it shows that you are feeling static or bored with your daily routine or current lifestyle. If the still elevator is filled with people inside, then you must be feeling threatened by other people.  

Dreams Of Being Trapped In An Elevator

Being trapped in an elevator in dreams denotes frustration that you may feel in the near future. On the other note, dreams of being trapped in an elevator are connected to feeling trapped by something in your waking life. You may be feeling claustrophobic from your career, relationships, or other things.

Dreams About Going Inside The Elevator

Dreams about going inside the elevator are associated with your desires and situations in real life. If the elevator goes up, then you desire for something better than your current status. However, if the elevator goes down, it shows that you are currently facing challenges or difficulties.

Dreams About Escaping The Elevator

Escaping from elevators in dreams shows that you are able to get outside your box and continue to move on with your current situation. However, failing to escape in dreams symbolizes sufferings that you may experience in your work or career. If you dream about escaping the elevator, you are being warned to assess your plans for your future.

Dreams About The Elevator Slowly Going Down

An elevator that is slowly going down in dreams has positive and negative meaning in relation to your life. On the negative side, you are trying to hide something from your past or something that you think is unacceptable by other people. Also, you may experience an impactful situation that will change your perspective in life. The positive side is that these changes or situations will help you in moving forward and as well as elevating in life.

Dreams About The Elevator Ascending Fast

Dreams about a fast rising elevator signify that you are undergoing lots of pressure in your waking life. You may also be feeling unprepared for all the things that are happening with your relationship or work. On the other hand, you are trying to protect a friend, family, or relative by keeping their secrets in your consciousness.

Dreams About Not Getting Inside The Elevator

Dreaming about not being able to get inside the elevator is a symbol of having to overcome challenges in order to succeed in life. You must solve all your problems to reach your goals and accomplish your plans. Also, if you can’t get inside the elevator in dreams then you can’t move on from your current situation.

Dreams About An Elevator Out Of Control

Dreams about elevator going out of control reflect your fears of losing control of your emotions and the things happening in your conscious life. You may also feel afraid of some possible changes that may take place and come your way. There is also a possibility of not being able to think clearly about your current situation in reality.

The Conclusion  Of Dreams Of Elevators

To dream of elevators signifies your positive and negative feelings towards the good or bad situations that may happen in your waking life. Elevator dreams may both have positive and negative interpretations but most dreams are waking call dreams to pay attention to details of yourself and your life. Know your elevator dreams to unlock your elevator dream meaning.

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