Real Meaning and right interpretation of Dreams Of Bats

What does it mean to dream of a bat ? Is it okay to dream of a bat? If you want to know the answers, please read the following detailed explanation of dream about bats.

What Does Bat Symbolize ?

Bats are mammals of the order Chiroptera  with their forelimbs adapted as wings, they are the only mammals capable of true and sustained flight. Bats  come out at night and sleep at daytime.For Westerners, the bat is a terrifying animal. As a nocturnal animal, it can symbolize the subconscious content related to the early traumatic experience. On the other hand, bats can also symbolize intuitive wisdom. Because bats can fly in the dark without using eyes, which is similar with intuition, that is , knowing something without relying on  logic or wisdom.

Bats give people the impression of blindness, stupidity, darkness and evil because it lives in the dark。 Dark and chaotic scenes symbolize the hidden self deep in the heart, and the uncontrollable impulses in the subconscious.

What doe it mean to dream of bats?-6 common dreams about bats interpretation.

Generally speaking, dreaming of bats is not very lucky. But In China, “bat” and “Fu” sounds the same. Therefore, sometimes dreaming of bats implies happiness In China. However, there is a widespread legend that bats are vampires in the West. so sometimes bats also represent blood sucking things.

1,To dream of bats chirping indicates that your destiny is miserable and you will encounter ups and downs.

2,To dream of a bat flying towards you implies that you may encounter a villain’s plot, so beware.

3,Dreaming of swarms of bats indicates that you may encounter successive troubles at work.

4,Dreaming of white bats is usually a sign of death and often the death of a child.

5,To dream of bats flying into the cave is a good thing, indicating that the difficulties you are facing will finally pass.

6,To dream of bats flying from the sky indicates that the gods give blessings to the world, so everything goes well, and there is no disaster. The descendants are also virtuous people, and they will live long.

Dreaming of bats  analysis from Psychological point of view

Dream interpretation

The bat is a scary animal in folk beliefs. Seeing bats in your dreams means that you often suffer from unexplained fears.


If you are attacked by a bat in your dream, it requires you to analyze your fear and try to understand the reason. Bats are nocturnal animals, symbolizing darkness.

Spiritual symbol

From a spiritual point of view, dreaming of bats may indicate inner anxiety and spiritual ambiguity.

Real Case study of dreaming about bats

Dream description: The nightmare I had last night was so terrible, countless bats attacked me and I woke up because I was too scared in the dream.

Dream analysis: Bats in dream foretell disaster becuase they are nocturnal animal and only come out at night . Therefore, dreaming of bats implies that you are going to be unlucky. You are going to be sick or any other disaster is coming very soon.

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