What does the horrible funeral dreams really mean?

What does it mean to dream of attending a funeral? Is it okay to dream of attending a funeral? Dreaming of a funeral usually symbolizes the end of something or a new beginning. If you are confused by dreaming of a funeral, the following explanation can help you answer your questions.

12 common funeral dreams, what does it mean?

1.Dream of the funeral of a stranger

You will lose fortune if you dream of the funeral of a stranger.If you pay respect to the dead during the funeral, it either indicates that you are going to have a child, or that someone close to you is going to have a child.

2.Dream of the funeral of someone alive

To dream of attending the funeral of a certain living person symbolizes the end of a certain relationship, or that you wish to end a certain relationship.

3.Dream of funeral procession

When a man dreams of a funeral procession, a major event may happen at his home. The event brings good opportunity to make fortune. If he grasps it properly, it will be of great benefit to the family.When a woman dreams of a funeral procession,it indicates that the dreamer’s love relationship is not stable ,it may end finally .

4.Dreaming of attending the funeral of a loved one

To dream of attending the funeral of a loved one means that everything will go as you wish. The lost things  may reappear.You are going to reconcile with your friend.Everything will just be fine.

5.Dreaming of receiving news of funeral

To dream of receiving news of someone’s funeral or to hear the cry of a funeral indicates that you may receive news of someone getting married or the birth of a baby.

6.Dream of your own funeral

It is a good omen if you dream of your own funeral. It symbolizes that you are determined to say good by to your previous life and  start a brand new one.

7.Dream of funeral of someone already dead

Dream of funeral of deceased person is a very good omen .It is the harbinger of wealth. It indicates that the dream will make big fortune. Making money opportunities will come into your life in a natural way , you just need to accept it.

8.Sick people dream of funeral

Patient dreamed of a burial indicates that the dreamer’s body will soon heal. He will be healthier than before, and won’t get sick easily.

9.Students dream of funeral

If a student dreams of a funeral,it implies that the dreamer’s academic performance will increase.Keep working hard, you will do even better and be recognized by everyone.

10.Pregnant women dream of funeral

Pregnant woman dreams of a burial indicates that the baby of the dreamer will soon be born, and the birth process will be safe and sound.

11.Business men dream of funeral

The businessman dreams of a burial indicates that the dreamer’s business is prosperous, and his wealth is growing. He will soon be able to make a lot of money and improve his life.

12.Workers dream of funeral

A staff member dreams of a funeral indicates that the dreamer will have a chance to be promoted, but whether he can succeed depends on his personal connections and his own abilities.

psychological analysis of funeral dreams

To dream of funeral indicates that you are sad for a certain thing or for a certain deceased person subconsciously. Only by experiencing this sad time can prompt you to forget about it and go for the future. If you dream of your own funeral, it implies that a certain part of your personality has been paralyzed or even died.

Real case study of funeral dream

Dream scenario

I dreamed that I was wearing a black dress to attend the funeral. The scene of the funeral is vivid. I expressed condolences to the deceased at the funeral. The people attending the funeral around are very strange and I don’t know the dead.

Dream interpretation 

This dream is a harbinger of getting rich. You should be feel happy about this. The fortune will be very strong recently, so don’t let go of some good opportunities to make money.You expressed condolences to the deceased in your dream indicates that you or someone close to you are going to have a child.

Other funeral dreams interpretations you may want to know

Dreaming of someone being cremated indicates that you may get inheritance or other benefits.

To dream of being cremated reminds you to be independent and not to be manipulated by others.

A businessman dreams of a cremation plant indicates that your business is prosperous and your wealth is prosperous.

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