Real Meaning and Right Interpretation of Dreams about Trains

Trains, given their capability, capacity, and speed, can take people and heavy loads from one place to another. There are even different types of trains – the passenger train, the freight train, the old-fashioned train, and many more. Trains are part of peoples lives, may it be in the urban or rural area.

Having a dream about trains symbolizes a new adventure or expedition in the waking life. However, most of those journeys are already pre-determined ones, like how a train already has its own fixed track.

In interpreting train dreams, always take into consideration every single detail you remember. Dream about trains can vary in meaning depending on the train’s activity in your dream. To know more about the significance of your dream, keep on reading the next paragraphs.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Trains


Trains become longer by connecting the cars together allowing them to carry hundreds, and even thousands of passengers. Therefore, dreams about trains can mean that you are longing for someone to talk, relate, and share your problems to.

Lost Opportunities

Dreaming about trains can pertain to lost opportunities, especially if you missed the train in your dream. It is telling you that you will not be able to achieve your goal at your designated timeline.


Dream about trains symbolizes the responsibilities you must face in your waking life. They may burden you, however with a proper plan, you will eventually overcome and manage everything. You just have to keep a positive attitude towards those challenges.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Trains – Common Train Dream Meaning and Occurrences

Dream about Train in General

Generally, dream about trains may represent a journey you are going to partake in your waking life. However, just like any other train rides, the road to the end might not be smooth. You may encounter blockage along the way or can also experience wreckage – circumstances which can hinder you from approaching your destination at the time you desire.

On the other hand, seeing a train in your dream also signifies that you are an orderly individual. You like things being organized and well-planned out.

Dream about Train Ride

Dreaming about riding a train and realizing that you are enjoying it is a good omen. The dream may be telling you that you are on the right direction, and the path you have chosen will lead you to your success, may it be in your career or your personal life. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried if you are doing the right thing or not because, indeed, you are. Keep up the good work and you will eventually reap the benefits of your effort.

Dream about Train Station

Dreaming about train station signifies a change in your current life. Take this as an advance warning, but not in a bad way, that you need to pause and reevaluate your situation. Reflect and reassess your ambitions if they are still aligned with the path you want to go for.

Dream about Train Crash

To dream about train wreck can be frightening, especially if you are part of the accident. Dreaming of trains crashing or car crashing to each other can signify an event in your life which you cannot seem to control. Be careful with your actions, especially since you cannot manage and manipulate everything.

Dream about Train Tracks

To dream about train tracks symbolizes a path that you have been delaying to take for quite a while. Is there something in your career or studies that you are afraid to pursue because you do not want to fail or disappoint yourself in the long run? Or are you holding up to a problem you are scared to face because you don’t want to hurt other people, especially your loved ones?

The dream is telling you that now is the perfect time to do what you should have done before. Aside from that, it could also be a chance for you to clear out your tracks and continue reaching for your endeavors with a contented heart and a peace of mind.

On the other hand, dreaming of a rushing train that is not on its tracks pertains to how people perceive you. You might need to allow them to know you better because there is a tendency that they getting the wrong impression about you.

Dream about Train Leaving Without You

Dreaming about a train leaving, without you in it, connotes an opportunity that is not meant for you. You might think that it is your only ride to success, but it is actually for someone else. It may be tempting to follow others’ path because it is where they thrived and it is what’s popular, however, it is not the path paved for you. Take the dream as a reminder to stop imitating other people because what worked for them might not work for you. Just be yourself and who knows, the next train might be for you, and this time it will stop to welcome you.

Dream about Missing Trains

If in your dreams you missed a train because you arrived at the station a little too late, then it could be a sign that you are pushing yourself into something or someone, which in return didn’t result well. You must assess your relationship, job, habits, and finances, because they might be too exhausted already due to what you are trying to achieve or retain. The dream is warning you to let go of the individual or the thing that is making you a different person or vise versa.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Trains

Indeed, dreams about trains have different meanings ranging from negative to positive ones. Your train dream’s interpretation may be the former or the latter, but whatever it is, just keep in mind that you still hold the final key of where you want to lead your life, and not the other way around.

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