True Meaning And Right Interpretation Of dream about Tattoos

Tattoos are works of art. Their origin can be traced back to hundreds of years and they represent various meanings depending on one’s culture and tribe. Getting a tattoo is not an easy decision to make. You must be sure it’s the design and meaning you want as it stays on your body for good. You may be able to erase or cover it up, but a scar will always remind you of its presence once.

A dream about tattoosmeaning may or may not be positive. The particular part of your body where the tattoo can be found is a huge determining factor of the meaning behind your dream. Try to remember even the littlest details for a more specific interpretation, and read on the following paragraphs to decipher your tattoo dream.

General Meaning Behind Dreams about Tattoos

It Symbolizes Your Commitment

Dreams about tattoos reflect your faithfulness towards your partner, your job, and your family. You dedicate your time and effort whenever you find something that you value.

It Connotes Your Freedom over yourself

Dreams about tattoos connote freedom over your own body and yourself. You are not afraid to be who you are. You still continue being yourself, even if people have their own opinions about you.

It Is A Reminder Of Important People Or Event

Dreams about tattoos act as reminder of a person or an event you want to be keep in your memory. When you constantly think of a particular thing, you can’t help but dream about it as well, this time it could be in a form of a tattoo.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Tattoos – Common Tattoo Dreams Meaning and Answers

Dream about Getting a Tattoo

Dream about getting a tattoo can signify either a success or a downfall. It could indicate success when you feel entitled and empowered during a particular phase in your dream. However, a dream about getting a tattoo could also signify your impulsiveness in your waking life. You must not rush your decisions and actions as you cannot take them back once they’re made and done. Take the dream as a warning and avoid doing things you’ll regret in the future.

Dream about Tattoo on the Arm

Arms are quite a popular choice for people to have tattoos. A tattoo on the arm is easily seen by people, especially when you held out your hand to introduce yourself or offer help. Hence, a dream about having a tattoo on the arm can signify solidarity, power, intimacy, or security. If the tattoo is on your own arm, it means you have authority over your own life. If it’s in someone else’s arm, be careful because you might have a rival on your business endeavors. If a woman dreams about having the tattoo on the arm, it’s a good omen as she will finally get the attention of the person she admires. If a man dreams about this, he will fail in the love department.

Dream about Tattoo Coming Off

Since a tattoo represent freedom, to see it coming off in your dreams could mean losing your sense of authority and control over your life. Take a moment to assess your current situation. If you think you are letting something or someone order you around without your permission, maybe it’s time to stay away from that person or thing. For instance, you might be unaware of how your phone is controlling you. Try to rest for a bit and have a social media detox. You might be surprised with its positive effects.

Dream about Tattoo on Face

A face is not a common place to have a tattoo, hence, dreams about having a tattoo on the face signify your desire to show your unique and artistic side. The dream also mirrors your attempt to look well and fine in your waking life, amidst the problems you are currently facing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it’s totally okay to show your weakness to the people you trust.

Dream about Tattoo on the Back

A tattoo on the back can symbolize a memory you want to be reminded of but only when you turn your back on a mirror. Dreams about a tattoo on the back is a reminder that you need to follow up on your loved ones. Neglecting your family will drive you farther away from them, hence, you must visit and check them often. On a different note, the dream can also represent a bad omen, so you must be careful. It means that you will need the help of a person you trust to save you from a great adversity .

Dream about Tattoo on the Neck

Dream about a tattoo on the neck symbolizes risk, vulnerability, and dependence. You know there is misunderstanding between you and your loved one, but you never make an effort to amend it. The dream is  telling you to make the first move and fix the situation before things get worst.

Dream about Tattoo on Chest

Dream about tattoo on your chest connotes your emotions towards the events in your past. You shouldn’t invest too much feelings on everyone around you, because not all of them are going to reciprocate the love you offer. Leave some for yourself, so you won’t break into pieces when they hurt you.

Dream about Tattoo Removal

Dream about tattoo removal indicates the feeling of guilt and remorse towards yourself. You desire to take wrong doings  back is strong, and is creeping in your dream. You may not be able to take things back, but you can always say sorry and make up for your mistakes.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Tattoos

As tattoo designs have different meanings for different people, so are the dreams. Find and apply only which interpretation suits you best. Remember, you still hold your present and whatever happens to you solely depends on how you react upon it. Don’t restrict your life too much and live freely.

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