True Meaning And Real Interpretation Of Dream About Police

The police are a symbol of security and protection in the real world. However, what does it mean when you dream about the police? Is it something you need to worry about? Or is it just one of your ordinary dreams? Find out more about the meaning and interpretations along with various encounters of your police dreams. 

General Meaning Behind Dream About Police

The general meaning of your dreams about police is you feel restrained in your waking life. You think that someone or something is controlling and watching you too much.In addition, dreams of the police are signs of power, authority, conflict, injustice, and incompetence. However, some dreams about the police means you will be victorious and fair in your waking life. 

What Does It Really Mean When You Dream About Police – Common Police Dream Meaning

1.Dream about police chase

Dreaming of a police chase symbolizes feeling traumatized or overwhelmed . Maybe something happened recently at home, school, or in your workplace that keeps you up all night. Plus, you may feel like you are constantly subdued in your life, causing you to give up your plans or goals in life. On the other note, you may feel like you don’t belong to the circle you are currently in, and that you have overstepped your limits. 

2.Dream about police officer

If you see a specific police officer in dreams, then it shows your ability to recognize rules, regulations, and obligations in your life. A male police officer in dreams is a sign of coping up with the norms of the society. Dreams about a female police officer is a symbol of courage. You dream of a foreign police officer when you are insecure and belittled in your waking life. Whereas an armed police officer is a sign of knowing when to strike and defend yourself. 

3.Dream about police arresting you

Dreams about the police arresting you is a sign of feeling respressed . Maybe a family member, friend, colleague, partner, or certain situation is suppressing your emotions. Plus, you can’t do things you want to do. On the other note, you dream about being arrested by police when you feel threatened in your waking life. If this is the case, be wary of your surroundings and try to stay alert at all times. 

4.Dream about police brutality

Police brutality is a serious matter and it means a consequential situation when it appears in your dreams. If you suffer from the police in your dreams, then it is a sign of being treated unfairly in your life. However, if you were hit by a cop because you did something wrong, then it means you need to observe your behavior. Your actions will cause you trouble in your waking life. 

5.Dream about police in your house

Dreaming about a police in your house shows that you admire someone in your life, probably your role model. This person could be someone close to you and this individual influences you too much. Most of the time, you look up to this person, however, things get rough and you think that her power or control can be too much sometimes. 

6.Dream about hiding from police

Dreams of hiding from the police are signs of dealing problems your way. You believe things will eventually work into your favor as long as you keep your profile low or take a break from things. However, that’s not how the world works. You can’t run away from your responsibilities. You may also dream of running away and hiding from the police when you are guilty of your actions. 

7.Dream of police looking for someone

If you dream of a police looking for someone, a criminal maybe, then it means you are frustrated in your waking life. You know that there’s something wrong going on and yet you can’t do anything except to wait until a higher force tells you to do so. You want to do things you think are right but you honor rules and hierarchy. 

8.Dream of a police approaching/stopping you 

Dreaming of a police stopping you shows that you need to be courageous in life. It is normal to fear something or someone you think you cannot handle alone, but that fear becomes a major problem in your life. You’ll start to avoid important matters. Therefore, this dream reminds you not to run away anymore. Learn to conquer your fears and face the necessary battle to succeed. 

9.Dream of police car

If you see a police car with working lights and siren running through your dreams, it means you are currently chasing something you believe would be an advantage for you. Maybe a person, career, or hobby. If the police car is chasing you, then it is a sign of your fears. You could be running away from something or someone. Dreams of a police car suggest that you need to think things through. Be it you are the chaser or the runner. 

10.Dream of police helping you

Dreams of police officers helping you are symbols of receiving assistance from the people around you. Maybe you are having problems financially, personally, or emotionally and your support system could be of great help. Plus, building connections with them would be beneficial for you as you can relieve stress and probably find solutions to your problem. Remember two is better than one. What more if it’s plenty, right? On the flip side, if the police are unhelpful to you in your dreams, then it means you find it hard to approach others to ask for help or advice. 

11.Dream of police station

Dreaming of a police station shows that you are facing a difficult moment in your life, which urges you to find refuge from someone close to you. You may feel isolated at the moment, causing you to turn away from your family and friends, even if you actually need their support. If you are going through this period, it is helpful if you clear your mind and take the courage to approach them and build your own support system. 

12.Dream of being a police

To dream of being a police is a sign of taking huge responsibility even if you feel like you can’t do it. You are burdened and stressed out but you have no choice but to bear with it. The problem is you will suffer a critical moment or an emotional battle when you just shake these stressors off. Plus, you are probably guilty of something you did in the past, which is why your sub consciousness reminds you of the rules and regulations you need to abide by. 

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Police

What you need to do when you learn about your dreams of police is to close your eyes and relax. Think of all the things you have done. Ask yourself, did I do something wrong? Am I feeling overwhelmed? Am I doing the right thing? Do I need to do such thing just because they told me so? Be wise and try to take responsibilities of every action you do in your waking life. 

A Real Dream Interpretation

A man dreamed of killing a police officer. This dream tells him to stop what he is doing for what he’s doing may not be the right thing. If he doesn’t, he will face countless problems and will be miserable for quite a long time.