Real Meaning and right interpretation of Dream about Moths

Moths are nocturnal creatures, therefore they function well in the dark. They may not be as likable as butterflies, but moths are actually considered a powerful symbol in different cultures.

When it comes to dreams, its interpretation depends on the context of your moth dream. To know more about what the moth symbolizes, continue reading the next paragraphs.

General Meaning Behind Dream about Moths

Positive Mindset

Dreaming about moths can bring positive omen as it could reflect your optimistic view of life. Even if you experience hardships, you always find a way to smile knowing that there will always be solutions to your problems.


To dream about moths may connote your feelings of discomfort towards the person who is trying to control you in your waking life. He or she could be your boss, your business partner, or maybe your parent. Assess the situation you are in, so you’ll know how to deal with it.


Dreaming about moths can reflect your envious nature. You tend to get jealous of other peoples’ successes and end up wanting it badly for yourself as well. The dream is telling you to control your insecurity and focus on developing your own skills instead.

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Moths – Common Moth Dream Meaning and Occurrences

Dream about Moths in General

Generally, seeing a moth in your dream can be slightly frightening because of its relation to night and darkness. However, your moth dream is simply your subconscious telling you that you should reunite with your inner self. The moment you are in tune with your own feelings, that is the time that you will find peace.

Alternatively, the dream is also warning you that should be careful with whom you give your trust. Get to know the people around you first and try to find out their real agenda.

Dream about Moth in Hair

Dreaming about moths landing on your hair symbolizes the people in your circle who are pretending to be your friends but in reality, they actually speak ill behind your back. Be cautious with these types of people, do not trust them easily. Stay away from them, so you won’t be affected by their opinions.

Dream about a Moth and a Butterfly

A moth may be a total opposite of a butterfly in many aspects, but they also have similarities. If both a moth and a butterfly appear in your dream, it means that like these insects, you will be going through a metamorphosis in your waking life. It might be a transformation in your current job, which can be a promotion or a re-shuffling of position.  

Dream about Moths Eating Your Clothes

Moths surprisingly love making holes in clothes. Dreaming about your clothing being eaten by moths connote fear, particularly in losing something valuable to you. It could also mean that you are afraid of experiencing emotional or physical pain.

Dream about Killing Moths

Dreaming about killing a moth means that you are worried about something in your waking life. You may be expecting for a result of a project you have long been working on, hence, your anxiousness. Alternatively, it could also mean putting an end to the issues which have been bothering you, by accepting your fate.

Dream about a Giant Moth

Dreaming about a giant moth reflects a phase in your life wherein you feel confuse and uncertain. The size of your concern equates to the size of the moth in your dream. Nonetheless, do not be too worried about this because you will eventually overcome that particular obstacle.

Dream about Many Moths

To dream about many moths means that you are busy and preoccupied about other people’s needs that you forgot to cater yours. It is okay to lend a helping hand but you must learn to draw a line, so you won’t end up neglecting your obligations for yourself.

Dream about Moths in Mouth

Dreaming about eating moths connotes your vulnerable side, although you are probably still in denial that you have that behavior. Therefore, consider the dream as a sign that you must evaluate and accept your flaws, so you’ll find a way to work on it.

Dream about a Swarm of Moths

Dreaming about a swarm of moths reflects your feeling of being chocked by other people’s assumptions. You always have the need of putting your best foot forward just to meet their expectations of you. Take the dream as a sign that you should stop hiding your true self and be more authentic. It’s up to them to accept you, at least you are free from pretentions already.

Dream about Black Moths

To dream of a black moth symbolizes a death of a person close to your heart, who is most likely a family member. On the other hand, it could also mean a fight you recently had with a friend whom you value. You might have not solved it, hence, your subconscious creeped in your dream. The moment you wake up, muster the courage to apologize first.

Dream about White Moths

Dreaming about white moths pertains to your attitude of hiding away from situations at hand. There are times that you are not greatly affected by the issue, so you tend to delay finding a solution for it. However, the dream is telling you to start facing your problems head-on to avoid them from piling up.

Dream about Dead Moths

To dream about dead moths connotes a possibility of a break up in the future. He or she could be your lover; however, it could also mean a loss of connection between you and your partner in business. The reason could be your obsession towards yourself, which you must reassess. If you deem the person as important, you must be willing to lower your pride and ask them for a second chance.

What You Should Do Upon Learning the Meaning Behind Your Dream About Trains

Indeed, dreams about moths can be good or bad, depending on the circumstance. Whatever the interpretation may be, always remember that the moth in your dream is a representation of your inner and real self, and you must be brave to show it to the world. Let the people around you choose which side of you they are willing to accept. What matters most is you already accepted the real you.

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