1255 Angel Number Meaning And Influence You Need To Know

angel number 1255 meaning

If you keep noticing a certain series of numbers, then these are universal hints being given to you. You check the time and it’s 12:55 pm. You get on the bus and it’s bus number 1255. You pass by the convenience store and your bill adds up to $12.55— then you know that your guardian angel is giving you a message.

Why we should listen to our 1255 angel number

The angel number 1255 is asking you to rethink your life choices and encouraging you to make the necessary changes. You are being guided to discern and tune in to the higher vibrations of the Universe. You are being asked to take action and not to give up.

The number establishes that change will occur and you must be ready. You must create and see the opportunity for change around you.

The first thing you must do is to reflect on what is holding you back, let go of resentments and hidden anger, and how to move on positively. A well-thought-out plan is also important.

The number 1255 also cautions that it will not be easy and you must have patience as you navigate these changes. Moreover, these angel numbers caution you that you might lose your way because of doubts, discouragement, lack of effort, ill-preparedness, or lack of commitment.

1255 Angel Number Meaning

The 1255 angel number meaning is composed of 12, the number of groups, change, and intuition, while 55 is the doubling of the creative powers of 5, passionate and divine inspiration. If you are dragging your foot about making a decision, then now is the right time.

Combined together, 55 magnifies the impetus for change, especially a life-changing one. The 12 in the combination calls for a deeper commitment to change and a precaution that it will not be a peasy-easy endeavor. You have to be mindful to prepare well and stay the course.

Your guardian angels are reassuring you that they will be with you as you make these changes and that you will be given the divine arrangements to help you to make the transition.

The Secret of 1255 for Your Inner Being

New esoteric knowledge calls for you to practice discernment with 1255. That is simply the beginning, it calls for inner meditation on what must be changed and to think through your decisions. Moreover, you are being asked to find a path to the Universal Spirit, the creative force, and to open yourself to new knowledge and new experiences. It’s time to move on with new thoughts and beliefs that embrace all of humanity and the divinity of each human. You are being called to a higher consciousness that embraces the opposite qualities of the numbers: individualism vs. altruism, positive vs. negative, and activism vs. passivism.

Remember, the Universe operates within the Law of Balance, we get what we take and we receive what we put out to the world and it will return to us seven-fold.

How can you apply the 1255 angel number to the different aspects of your life?

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

1255 has the spiritual meaning of awakening us to the spiritual aspects of our physical lives. 1+2 is the duality of humans (ego and altruism, good and evil, sun and moon, etc.) while 5+5 symbolizes God’s presence in our life. Remember, that our own humanity is predicated on the harmonization of opposites and the 1255 symbolizes that we are more than just our physical bodies. Spiritually, we must consider the karmic consequences of our actions.

1255 Angel Number Love Meaning for Relationships

If you are making changes in a love relationship, 1255 warns you to be careful and brace yourself for upheavals. If you are amid a breakup or divorce, your guardian spirit is encouraging you not to lose hope. After the storm, there will be peace and calm.

If you are thinking of making a commitment, the 1255 angel number is a sign of taking stock of whether your choice is for your good, especially emotionally and spiritually. Are you settling or ignoring red flags? If yes, then change your old emotional habits.

If you are mired in an unhappy relationship, your guardian spirit is asking you to let go of self-harming mindsets, and let go of resentments and attachments that are stifling your higher sense of being. Then when you have overcome them, the Universe will give you the arrangements to renew your relationship or make a new relationship.

Foremost, love yourself and the divinity within. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of respect. Others are worthy of love. Others are also worthy of respect. This is very important in the changes you are about to undertake or in the midst of happening.

You will be able to overcome the difficulties you are facing now. The number 55 is giving the vibration of staying true to yourself. Be pure in your intentions and your thoughts.

Believe in yourself. If you feel alone, your angels are there and sending you strength as the representatives of the Divine. You are loved no matter what. And you are being asked to return that love — to yourself and to others.

What does 1255 Angel Number Mean for Work or Business

Don’t give up on your ambitions, stay true to the track of your career goals. If you are having a hard time at work or at a loss about how to proceed with a business, your spirit guides are encouraging you to persist. You are very near a breakthrough point, so you must endure.

How to harness the power of the 1255 angel number

Reflect and combine opposites while actively looking for opportunities. If you feel unhappy with your job, ask yourself an in-depth why? Is it the nature of the job, the compensation, the risks, or is it the people around you? Make a personal inventory of what internal changes you must make to accomplish your goal. Once you start making these changes, you will see the external changes happen such as a new job offer in a related field, a promotion, a change in your work environment, or even a new insight into what you want to accomplish.

If you are studying and rethinking your study course, note down your difficulties. Is it the course itself, a difficult professor, or maybe you’re having a study burnout and need a change of pace?

The 1255 angel number resonates with balancing personal ambition and service to humanity.

Take a short hike, walk in the garden or grow a plant. This will help you create the inner momentum to power yourself.

What 1255 Means for Family

Remember that 1255 is also a practical angel number that resonates with stable institutions: 1+2 and 1+2+5+5. Do nothing without planning first and making a spiritual inventory, not only of your needs and wants, but also of your partner and your family in general.

If you keep on seeing 1255 and you are having family issues, it’s time to rethink roles and duties. Remember that there are 12 apostles, 12 in a dozen, 12 months, 12 ancient Biblical tribes, and 12 Olympians. There are also 12 petals in the heart chakra of a human.

We all have roles to play within the familial setup, it’s time to think if you are fulfilling yours or if your family members are fulfilling theirs. It’s also time to recheck how you are communicating with your family and the love languages that you have in common.

In some numerological circles, 5 is the number of chaotic creativity and thus a double 55 may mean imbalance and conflict. However, 5 is also a beautiful divine number that calls us to return to the Core of what makes us human, what makes us family. Thus a 1255 angel number in the familial setting means to return to the love that binds a family together.

Open communication lines, talk to a family member you have stopped talking to, and time to rethink forgiveness. Forgiveness to others and forgiveness to yourself. Believe in yourself and your capacity to make changes. Believe that you can overcome your tribulations.

Let go of resentments so happiness can enter your life. Let go of attachments so you can rebuild, if not make, new bonds.

Influences of the 1255 Angel Number

Sometimes, we are not necessarily undergoing a dramatic upheaval. Just chilling in our routines and the ordinary. How will the 1255 angel number influence your daily life?

Volunteer for a cause

Your angel number is encouraging you to make a change and volunteering is a good way to make your life and world better. It needs not be a long-term commitment, simply opening yourself to a new experience is enough to plant the seed of Light in your life.

Take up a new hobby

You are not a static being, you are constantly changing and evolving. However, there are times that you would need to give yourself a little nudge and exposure will certainly give you that. Sign-up for a painting class, learn a new language or even check out a new movie genre.

Take a more active role in your sphere of influence.

1255 angel number is a number denoting activity and movement. If you are inclined, this is the best time to play a more dynamic role in whatever capacity you have. Institute movie nights with family across the country, bring vegan snacks to the office or even ask friends to try out a new local coffee shop instead of a branded one.

Warnings of 1255 Angel Number

We are after all human, and we make mistakes and give in to temptations and wrongdoings. This angel number also gives a warning, and if you see them, take heed.

You have fallen into old and dangerous habits that will mire you deeper into trouble. Also, you could be tempted by power or popularity. Our decisions have consequences, both major and minor.

The daily small decisions we make can easily be magnified and snowball into a self-made pit that we cannot escape. Check if you are being reckless in your relationships or careless at work. Don’t take anything for granted.

Also, beware of illicit relationships, connections, and vices.

1255 Angel Number Meaning Twin Flame

Soul mates are twins of our eternal flames, which in this lifetime have been divided from us. In some esoteric circles, soulmates are referred to as twin flames and that we are always yearning for them. For seekers of their twin flames, 1255 signifies hope that you will soon meet them.  However, you must be in spiritual readiness to meet the person, so both your eyes and heart are open to recognize your soulmate.

1255 Angel Number Round-up

  1. Change is coming. Be prepared.
  2. Reflect and make a self-inventory to attract the positive aspects of change.
  3. Do not be careless or impatient.
  4. Let go of resentments and anger.
  5. Create opportunities and be creative.