Walid Hichri

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93, chemin des Mouilles
Researcher - Teacher
Enseignant - Chercheur
Domain of research: 
Experimental economics, public goods, colective action and individual interests, welfare economics, game theory and bargaining theory.
Research interests: 

My work focuses on the study of the evolution of the industrial organization of different markets. Using the experimental approach, the study of the difference between individual and collective behavior is highlighted. Recent work has focused on the settlement of the European financial platform T2S, on the effectiveness of central bank communication, and on privatization and collusion in the telecommunications sector.


Ph. D. in « Mathemathical Economics and Econometrics », at G.R.E.Q.A.M. & Paul Cézanne University Aix-Marseille III, Marseille, France, 2000-2004.