Register for a Workshop on Oxytocin
Tuesday, May 22, 2018 (All day)

The purpose of the Workshop is to highlight new perspectives on the role of oxytocin in modulating brain activity in relation to behavior and cognition. The workshop will cover a number of issues related to the brain mechanisms regulating its synthesis and release, and its effects on different aspects of behavior. The precise neural mechanisms of oxytocin are still debated, and it is therefore important to understand how its action could impact different neural circuitry related to reward, anxiety, attention, social perception and bonding. 

Organisers: Larry Young (Emory University, Atlanta, USA), Pier Francesco Ferrari (CNRS, Lyon, France), Jean-rené Duhamel (CNRS, Lyon, France), Angela Sirigu (CNRS, Lyon, France)

May 22nd til 27th 2018 - Erice, Italy - Registrations are open