CORTEX Conference by J. Smallwood and M. Bonnefond

Friday, November 24, 2017 - 10:30am

Double session for the next CORTEX conference featuring Mathilde Bonnefond (invited by Henry Kennedy) from the DYCOG team, who just got an ERC and Jonathan Smallwood (invited by Antoine Lutz).

10.30am - Investigating the role of nested oscillations in cognition - Mathilde Bonnefond (DYCOG)

There is a growing interest in the literature regarding the role of nested oscillations in brain computations and communication. In the present talk, I will present both Human and Monkey data showing the importance of the coupling between slow and fast oscillations in anticipating and processing (ir)relevant information in the visual system. Finally, I will present a framework that synthesizes the role of nested oscillations in selective brain communication." 

11.30am - Searching for the elements of thought: a topographcial perspective on the role of the default mode network in cognition - Jonathan Smallwood (University of York)

Although it is now recognised that the default mode network plays an important role in human cognition, the precise processes that it serves remains a matter of debate. This talk will adopt a topographic account of this system that emerges from the observation that this system is located in regions of cortex that are functionally distant from input and important for memory retrieval. Focusing on both studies of task based and spontaneous thought, this talk will argue that the regions of transmodal cortex, that include the default mode network, are important for states that are relatively unconstrained by input signals and this allows information from memory to play a more important role in cognition. 

ISC Amphi from 10.30am, registration for the lunch buffet.